गुरु मिलें खुदा मिलें!

जब स्थूल स्थूल को ही गुरु मान बैठते

तो फिर होती शुरू गुरु शिष्य की लुकाछिपी का खेल!

गुरु के पीछे हम भागते

और वे हो जाते रफूचक्कर चकमा देकर हमें!

फिर हम मुडकर उन्हें देखते

और अपने आगे पाकर खुश हो जाते!

और देखते देखते वे एक ही पल मे ओझल हो जाते!

और हमें बगल से आवाज़ लगाते!

हे गुरू! हे हमारे नटखट बाल किशन! बस! बहुत हो गई तुम्हारी यह शरारत!

अब मैं तुम्हारी इस खेल मे नही फसनेवाली!

क्योंकि तुम्हारे पीछे भागना मैं ने तेईस वर्ष पहले शुरू किया

जब ‘सुदर्शन क्रिया सीखकर हुई दीवानी तुम्हारी!

दीवानी तो मैं अब भी हूं!

तुम तो कभी बडे नही हुए!

और अब भी बालक ही दिखते हो… वो ही लड़कपन और भोलापन मे!

पर अब मैं स्थूल को भी ‘मैं’ मान लूँ तो भी

भाग नही सकती तुम्हारे पीछे !

क्योंकि स्थूल अगर स्थूल के पीछे भागती

तो यह वृद्धावस्था मे जल्दी ही थक जाती!

और वैसे भी अब भागना मैं व्यर्थ समझती हूं

इसलिए करती हूँ रोज़ प्राणायाम, ‘सुदरशन क्रिया’ और सहज!

तब कर पाती हूँ अपने भीतर

लम्बे समय तक पूर्ण विश्राम!

और मैं पाती हूं तुम्हे अपने भीतर

प्यार, आनंद, शान्ति और मेहर की अम्रृतवर्षा मे!

और फिर गुज़र जाता पूरा दिन इसी अनुभूति मे!

मेरे प्यारे किशन! तुम कही और नही!

बस! मेरे भीतर ही हो!

अब मैं भागू तो भी किस के पीछे!

भागने दो जिन्हें भागना हैं तुम्हारे पीछे

मैं तो स्थिर हूं अपने भीतर अपने आप मे!

( मुझको ज़मीन आसमान मिल गये

गुरु क्या मिले भगवान मिल गये!)

(सादर प्रणाम चित्रा जी (Art of Living singer Chitra Roy) ….यह भजन और आपकी हर भजन के लिए जो खुद से खुद की दूरी को मिठादिया! )

(गलतियां माफ करें)

सुदर्शन क्रिया

हे मेरे साथियों! अगर करती नही रही मैं सुदर्शन क्रिया

तो शायद हो चुकी होती कब की मेरी अंतिम क्रिया!

कयोंकि जीवन ने हद से बड़कर मेरी परीक्षा लिया

और मन, अहंकार और बुद्धि को तनाव से भर दिया!

पर उन की मेहर ने मुझे म्रृत्यु या उसकी अनुभव से बचा लिया!

और गुरु माँ ने मेरी पुकार सुनकर मुझे अपने विशाल गोद मे लिया!

आकर मेरे बुरे करमों को ‘सो हं सो हं’ की गंगा मे बहा दिया!

तब मेरा मन प्रभु के चरणों से जुड़ गया!

और ‘सो हं’ की घ्वनि मेरी हर सांस मे जुड़ गया!

मेरे प्यारे साथियों! एक बार आसमाके देख लो ‘सुदर्शन क्रिया’

और मिठाओ अंधेरा भीतर जलाके दिया

और जलादो वे सब जो तुम को तुम से ही दूर किया

क्यों कि इस कलयुग मे खुद को पाने की अद्भुत विधि है ‘सुदर्शन क्रिया’!!!

Negative experiences & Collective Environment


Apparently negative, and, sometimes gruesome and nightmarish life-experiences in personal lives or incidents in society can strike terror in individual minds and in society at large. When this, instead of just one random incident once in a blue moon, becomes too frequent a happening, terror gives way to rage.

It is the most natural phenomenon post these incidents, and, the Mass Media becomes one of the tools to give vent to it and reach across to others so as to find how to deal with the situation and how to prevent it from repeating itself.

It is our birthright – freedom of (conscious and sensitive) expression, and that too, in a democracy. But there is a point of awareness to take note of, here, I think.

When we are in an uncontrollable, agitated and angry state of mind, the mind is not in a calm state any longer. Hence the thoughts that pop up from that the turbulent mind may not be from the conscious, calm state. If we translates these thoughts into words and actions immediately , we may plant such thoughts in others’ minds( especially if they don’t do spiritual practices to cleanse the mind) ,which may, in turn, lose their Mind-power.

Thus,, a chain of thoughts, words and actions in an unconscious state of a passing storm of agitation or anger, affects the collective consciousness at the subtle level,and, manifests in the physical environment also as cross-currents of hatred, riot, and, irrational, words and actions.

Whatever we say or do in such a state of mind may not produce the desired effect, or, it may seem to do so for sometime, but only to end up as ‘damp squib’! In fact, this can even aggravate the situation caused by the incident further and harm all those concerned.

This must be the reason why it is said “If you are agitated, go and sit in a corner and count up to 100”; “take a pillow and go to bed”; “ throw punches into a sandbag till it all gets out of your system”!.

The above has been my personal experience for sometime. And this experience was possible only because of regular practice of pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya. I had not been aware about this till the time the spiritual practices started bringing a transformation in my understanding of my mind so as to be able to handle it and sift and sieve the thoughts that popped up from it and burn some in meditation and kriya and channelise others for the benefit of oneself and others!

Seems to be tall philosophy, doesn’t it? No, it is ‘concrete’ Science that can be proved to one, but, only if one does regular pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya for , say, at least a period of six months at least (exceptions given), to be able to recognise the beginning of a transformation – not in people and circumstances around, but in oneself!

How fortunate are we all that we have the back-up power of breathing techniques and meditation to give us ‘light’ in times of ‘black-outs’!

Hence I reiterate that pranayama, yoga and meditation and Sudarshan Kriya needs to be a one of the topmost on the list of priorities one lists down in one’s calendar for the coming week or month.

Even if one may not start with Faith, it is okay, as long as one just does it as one does a science experiment in a lab. For, an experiment is never done in scepticism and with negative affirmations. There is always a spirit of enquiry, an unconditional joy in just doing it, and not with a ‘conditioned’ mind anxious about the result, whatever it might be.

The one who experiments, is in the present moment.And in that state of mind, pranayama, meditation and Kriya starts working IMMEDIATELY.

But the change that happens by the phenomenon of Sudarshan Kriya can take time to be markedly visible to the one who does regular practice . It all depends on how much one has moved away from one’s centre i.e. how much and for how long ‘vacuum-cleaning needs to happen to bring obvious results!

So, nowadays, I hardly get agitated or depressed as compared to how I used to be, earlier! And even if I do, I do a few extra breathing techniques and meditation (Sudarshan Kriya can be done only once a day) and I get back into ‘my element’ sooner or later, depending on the enormity of the situation as perceived by my mind and the extent to which it has made an imprint in it!

So, whenever I get agitated or angry and want to say something and act upon it immediately, I just observe my mind and my thoughts and just let them be. Mostly they pass by and after that, the urge to say and do whatever I wanted to, earlier, is no longer there. Sometimes , the mind can even contradict its earlier stand!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO REACT IMMEDIATELY TO THE THOUGHTS THAT POP UP IN AN AGITATED STATE OF MIND; TO DO A FEW BREATHING TECHNIQUES etc AND THEN OBSERVE THE MIND FOR SOMETIME, SAY, AT LEAST A DAY OR TWO U(unless the situation requires immediate action)! This can save a possible negative chain polluting the environment and can prevent possible aggravation of the problem.

May HE guide us and show us the way!

A Tribute to Param Poojya Shivani Didi of Brahma Kumaris

Parma Poojya Shivani Didi!

Om Shanti!

I have been watching your videos off and on. Every time, I feel so ‘connected’ ! I see in You that which I see in My Master !

A ‘fountain’ that burst forth from ‘within’ on reading your knowledge on Facebook awakened ‘The. Muse of Poetry’ in me and so follow these verses:-

Diseased minds pulled apart by extremes and torn into pieces
By Your Presence are centred to find within them ‘peace’!
Maya or Illusion and the ego-consciousness can – of love, peace and happiness fleece
But they just invade and cannot stay on rent or on lease!
And can be evacuated by ‘The SELF’ for riot ‘within’ to cease!
And for all that is negative to be transformed into Positivity with ease!
In the Presence (physical and subtle) of Enlightened Souls like Thou who radiate PEACE!
I bow down to You and all the spiritual Masters of yore and Today – humbly, in Gratitude, In Reverence – on my knees!
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!
I end with a prayer to you all for justice for all the rape victims so that their souls may rest in peace!


New scientific theories have been coming up that humans and elephants are not enemies naturally. Elephants encroaching into human habitats and killing them has a deeper implication – it is the detonation of a trauma-created bomb which had been in the making for many years – the trauma caused by their exploitation by man such as encroachment into their habitats by cutting roads through them etc without making an alternate home for them and elephant poaching.

All rogue elephants may not be so by nature. They are said to be victims of trauma caused by insensitivity of man!

Similarly, can the rapists be, most of them, (exceptions given) victims of trauma? Men are not sexual predators by nature. Generally, men are respectful of women and feel protective about them.I don’t believe in the casual comments and generalizations made to the contrary. I would like to believe that it is still safe for women to go around in their Homeland without fear of molestation.

Women molestation is not a recent occurring. It has been happening right from ancient times, but, along with this, respect for women and upholding of women’s rights to equality have also been voiced by men and women alike. In fact, the woman is worshipped by many as an image of the Goddess Mother since time immemorial.

These men, whose lust is aroused at the mere sight of any girl-child or woman unchaperoned and unprotected during the dark hours – are they solely responsible for what they are today? Have their parents, their social circles and the circumstances around them at the tender age of their puberty
been instruments (though may not have been directly so) in the making of these ‘unnatural diseased cannibals’ who are never satisfied with legitimate and licensed sex, and, who,when let loose, can create more havoc in society than lions and elephants and wild monkeys, which mostly (exceptions given are rare-but if it happens frequently one can smell a rat’ and in most cases it has been true) do so but ONLY in self-defence and protest against the injustice of man who doesn’t live and let live?

What must be the reaction of the rapists’ families, especially, the mother, to his going around with his sexual instincts ‘off the leash’!

I believe a study and research needs to be conducted on the life-situations of about 15 to 20 of these sick lot (there must still be enough of them behind bars, or, released and going around scot-free. I don’t want to call them beasts or animals for it will be an insult to the latter) by a group, inclusive of power-weilders at the political and judicial level, physchologists, professional environmentalists, social activists and spiritual leaders from different organizations.

This committee needs to have an equal ratio of men and women. It may bring out some common patterns underlying the factors that led to the making of these pests !
Did the parents of the rapist fail to inculcate human values including respect for women and responsibility to protect every woman at all costs? Must they have neglected the child during those pre-adolescent and adolescent years and not counselled him and leveraged the sex energy that starts manifesting at that age? Could they have checked his abnormal levels of sex hormones by introducing him into and facilitating daily practice of breathing techniques, Pranayama, and SUDARSHAN KRIYA? (I am sure they could have (let us not take the rare examples that have proved otherwise.Exceptions are everywhere in every field – both as good and bad examples.) ‘Law of averages’is the best way).

I believe so – that most of these criminals could have been treated for their abnormalty at an early age . How unfortunate!

When a rogue elephant attacks and kills humans, all possible attempts are made to calm it down . But when all attempts fail, it has to be shot to death as a last resort, for fear of more attacks, and, for the greater fear of more of its herd as may join in the rampage. Similarly, these pests of society have to be punished most severely as that is the only way out now.

But,from now on, pro-active training to all on how to handle the mind and hold the reins on it, how to transform wild unwieldy unmanageable sex-energy into positive energy and be able to handle the emotions such as extreme wild anger and revenge(revenge can be a cause – may be a nightmarish experience given by a woman), fear and jealousy .
This is the crusade against crime, rape and terrorism that we need to start!

May He guide us!


Two embodied souls
Meet and unite in wedlock
Start life together
On a bed of roses!

Supple and vibrant with youth
Pass by ‘spring’ and ‘summer’
And pass through seasons of love and lust
To weave a story of LOVE FOREVER
In good times and adversity alike!

And when ‘autumn’ sets in
It shows wrinkled skin and sagging shoulders
Is their love ended with ‘summer’ gone by
And do they fall out of love?

If it is true love and not just love for flesh
It is uplifted to a higher plane!
So they continue to care and share
To emote and find the same bliss in each other’s company though not always !

They continue to weave tales of romance
With a difference that changes with the season
It’s more of silent communion and sober acceptance
Be it of ‘breathing down each other’s neck’
Be it a ‘roller-coaster’ ride! ‘

Of ‘love quarrels’ and ‘cold war’
But nonetheless it’s Love Forever!
For that’s what makes life ‘thrilling’!
For each to grow ‘within’ – like the lotus in the pond!

If it is not true love but just more of lust
It dies with the passing by of ‘summer’
And when autumn comes
It is a story of a ‘disconnect’ – A lack of communication
And hence a mechanical compromise!

Then autumn goes and winter comes
One writhes in pain and looks up to the Beloved
To hold hands with and to reassure
To apply pain balm and to massage the
head and the back

But where is the ‘Romeo’ who vouched for his Eternal Love?
Yes! Vouched for love in pleasure and pain alike!
Where is the one who kept the other awake on moonlit nights?
But now sleeps through it when the Beloved is in pain and has sleepless nights?

O Lord! May all marriages be made in heaven
So that love doesn’t start with bond and end up in bondage!
So that, children blossom Nature’s Way!
For earthly love can transcend to Divine Love!

May spouses emote and express their love
And the more so as both get older
May they covet their Beloveds
As they did in those days of courtship!

May they not make it a monotony
May they be Valentines
As long as it (the relationship) lasts
Or else till either departs from this world!


What is more slippery – Success or The Eel?

Only a courageous person can aim for and achieve his or her goal – be it that of a mountaineer to climb the Himalayas, or, be it that of a young ambitious individual to reach the top in his or her hobby or profession, or, even, be it to reach the highest n spiritual pursuits.

And any ordinary human being can reach there by his or her hard work and perseverence.

A success story is not one of comparative study and analysis. Every individual has his or her own track to run on, with his or her start and finishing line . For example, a drug-addict who works on himself or herself, and gets out of his compulsive hobbit that might kill him or her, has a story of success to tell us. A lady, who is from the financially weak class, and, is a single parent, who has toiled to give good education for her children and been an instrument for their welfare and prosperity today, is another story of success. So also, is that of the son of a business magnate, who takes over the reins from his father and makes his own niche as an entrepreneur. There is no ground for comparison with one another here.

Many of the success stories are those of playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with success. One is on a search for success , finds it, but loses it again in the sense that one comes down a few or many steps from where one reaches after such hard work, and sometimes, even comes all the way down ‘to start from scratch’ again!

What can be the reason for this I wonder!

Is it that one’s perseverance to the goal was ‘conditioned’ to gain name, fame, prosperity, as a result of which one starts taking one’s success for granted and becomes complacent about it?

Or, is it that what one thinks to be one’s highest goal remains as such no longer as such after one achieves it, and then, one starts looking for, setting and working towards another goal?

Or can it be a combination of both these factors?

The story of true and lasting lasting success is a double-faced one of survival and sustenance. It’s a struggle for survival through circumstances that are a test of one’s endurance and coming out and purer and more ‘shining’ like gold taken out of fire, and more important, sustaining oneself there . The degree of success depends, not only on how long one can sustain oneself there, but also on adherence to the same values as one upheld earlier. According to me, as regards success, the means are as important as the end itself!

On further ruminations on success, I believe that the greatest story of success is not that of one which is worked towards and achieved to be used as a tool for name, fame and prosperity. It is one of a spontaneous, instinctive and passionate urge to pursue a certain path.

It is a story of progress on one’s path for its own sake and the focus is on every step one takes. In such a state of consciousness, no worldly terms of success comes to the mind. This story if success is born out of a sense of fulfilment in the present moment and the courage of conviction that what one wants to do in life is in response to an ‘an inner call’ that never fails to guide one in life. And this bursts forth as tremendous mental, intellectual, and consequently, physical energy to work tirelessly towards progress on the path one chooses in life! How can such a life-story be not one of success, though not as necessarily may be, by worldly standards!


Light of Innocence and Maturity of Wisdom in His eyes!
Light in every step!
Light at heart!
Light as feather in Mind!

Light yet unfathomable in thought!
Light in words!
Light in action!
Light smile for ever on His face!

Light of the Sun during days of His Grace manifest!
Light of the stars during the dark nights of misery!
Light of Hope in devotees’ hearts!
Light of Faith that can move mountains!

Light moments in His Presence!
Light in humour and laughter!
Light yet profound His Pearls of wisdom!
Light but most powerful His spiritual techniques to eliminate stress!

Light He takes both praise and insult!
Light he eats to sustain the mortal body He has embodied Himself as!
Light He sleeps tirelessly as He works for all who need Him!
Light but deft He is as He handles all that a devotee cannot handle in life!

Lighting up homes with love rekindled to unite estranged souls!
Lighting up lives of many with bonds of love in marital bliss!
Lighting up Hope and Faith in those long since lost in darkness!
Lighting up new-found zest in stressed-out young and old alike with Sudarshan Kriya!

Lighting up the power of intuition in budding lives!
Lighting up the will to live in victims of strife, war and trauma!
Lighting up the path of millions all over the world!
Lighting up the environment wherever He goes!

Light Kindly that leads us!
Light Kindly that lights up our lives!
Light Kindly that shines for ever in our souls !
Light Kindly as He is….our Beloved Master Sri Sri!


What must be the true purpose of human life?

Is it meaningless, I mean, its meaning limited to the experiences it goes through, between birth and death – be born, grow up, get married , have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, get old and die and be born again” ?

Is it to find happiness in all this as above?

Is such happiness in the pleasures of the senses – in the beautiful sights outside such as a natural scenery, the angel-like face of a newborn, a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, or, in watching ‘Aquaman’, ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Thor’, ‘The Great Escape’ or ‘The Conjuring’, ‘James Bond’, ‘Star Wars’, or ‘Hum Aap ke hai kaun’? ? In soul-touching music – be it rock or Beethoven or old Bollywood romantic hits , or, a child’s innocent prattle or ego-boosting praise or flatter? In mouth-watering pizzas, burgers, spaghetti and ice-cream that satisfy the taste buds? In the smell of the rose or sandalwood or in the appetising aroma of South Indian sambar or Italian pasta? In the soft touch of breeze on the cheeks or in the pleasure sought for in lust, or, in the ‘Divine Magic touch’ that only an infant or a child can give his or her mother in his or her clasp of her fingers with his or her little ones? Is happiness nothing beyond these?

Is the purpose of life to sit and brood and complain about God, about His injustice and partiality, or, to resort to surrender in prayer for lifting him from experiences of a ‘living hell’ in the world, or, even, to hoard in the mind feelings and emotions of hatred and revenge and translate them into thought, word and deed and commit a crime, manifest as murder , defamation etc., or, unmanifest as hoarded within and all the more dangerous to oneself and others around and the whole environment – to pollute God’s Land – the Earth and the entire Cosmos? Is the true purpose of life nothing beyond this?

Say, for a start to find the purpose of life, let us assume it is to find happiness. It is a strange fact that a human being is not able to find lasting happiness in anything in this world.

He desires for wealth. He acquires it, but he is no longer happy about it as he or she thought he would be. He desires to love and be loved in a special and unique way by someone. He falls in love and marries, or, marries and falls in love and thinks he is the happiest man on Earth. But after a few months or years, the relationship is either a part an parcel of his monotonous life and he takes the relationship for granted, or, he realises that the relationship has come to ‘a dead end’.
Thus the objects of his happiness keep changing as quickly as the seasons of the year .

Why does man do this? What is it that possibly changes in man that he becomes unhappy about the same thing that he was once happy about?

Well, a few things come to my mind when I ponder on it.

Man becomes happy when he gets what he wants as he is still not familiar with it or he is not used to it. It gives a newness, a thrill , a great feeling or emotion out of it. But once he gets used to it or becomes familiar with it, it doesn’t hold any charm for him any longer. He is satiated with it but he is yet not satisfied as his desire which rose up as a want in him still persists. So looks for another source to fulfil his desire.

Man doesn’t find lasting happiness in anything of this world because what thinks he wants are just tools for transient happiness. What he really yearns for is not anything transient. He yearns for Eternal joy, Eternal pleasure. And this cannot be his lot by running after the small pleasures of this world.

But these may be a ‘must’ stage( given exceptions) in his journey towards the SELF to help him to be rid of the yoke of the ego-body and all that it is ridden with…..earthly love or attachment, lust, anger, jealousy, hatred etc. Unless he becomes rid of these, he can’t even get a ‘peep’ into the world of Eternal joy and peace.

A stage comes when he realises this. Mostly all the burning desires that man gets drawn to in youth burn out by the time he starts greying naturally, I mean, by the advanced years. (Exceptions given). No wonder the ancient sages said that elders need to be respected for their age and experience. But it is not necessary to cross the fifties to come to this stage. It can happen any time, at any age and stage of life, for, I believe that the spiritual journey carries on from one lifetime to another; only the body drops dead; the soul or the spirit moves on , assumes a body, and resumes the journey from where it left it with death of the earlier name and form it had assumed.

Man starts looking for something beyond the evanescent joys of this world. All Nature and the Lord respond to his ‘inner call’ and his life-experiences take him ‘deep within’ to ‘the unexplored depths of the SELF’. All his senses, his mind, his emotions and feelings, turn ‘inward’ and he finds that all the wealth of this world, put together, is nugatory, when weighed against the Infinite Wealth ‘within’.

It is an ‘Awakening’ for him.. He is guided by Him to such people and situations as prove conducive to his growth. In such a state of mind, he is not a slave to his mind and is no longer driven by his emotions and feelings to run after the nugatory pleasures of this world. He is able to live in such a state of equipoise that all the joys and sorrows of this life and relationships cannot move him from his centre. He puts his best foot forward in each and every relationship and moves ahead in life. His worldly life, whatever way it is, as a package, becomes a somewhat constant source of introspection and enrichment for him . He is able to wade through relationships from a space of neither giving or taking – but just of ‘being’. This, he feels, is the purpose of life , all joys and sorrows in life-situations that man has to go through.

Human life is worth it. It is a treasure-word of paradoxes that may be seemingly contradictory but with a ‘purpose’ – to lead man to one and the same Truth. Worldly joys or sorrows, earthly love or hatred, mind , the body and the senses, the thoughts, the feelings and the emotions – all are just illusory, or appear to be so, but only as long as man is not ‘awakened’ , upon which happening, they reveal themselves to him as tools supportive to self-growth to lead him or her back to the Eternal Abode – ‘the Source Within’!

Everything in life – all the people we come across, and who travel with us, may be just for a few minutes while travelling in a bus, or may be for an entire lifetime through the journey of relationships; all the good experiences, and even more so, all those people and situations that may be nightmarish to us and which we may want to forget and forgive for but may not be able to ( given exceptions ) , are all BLESSINGS which manifest as so, and which come in disguise , respectively.

GOD LOVES MAN! He has voluntarily bound himself to man to guide him through a journey of lifetimes, to his Final Destination – His Abode of Eternal Joy and Peace. It may be this lifetime or the next , or, after a thousand more . ‘No hurry and No worry’. Man just just needs to ‘sit back and relax’ (but mentally alone) and enjoy the journey, and sometimes, just take it as it comes. He needs to have FAITH that “GOD’s PREDESTINED PLAN FOR EVERY HUMAN LIFE IS PERFECT.”

Is realisation of this the purpose of human life? I wonder! Do you?



Such stress, if neglected, can, over a period of time, become so overpowering that it can lead to mental, emotional and intellectual bankruptcy, and, it is in such extreme cases that a victim of stress falls into bottomless pits of chronic depression, mental derangement, and emotional disorder .

Stress, when manifest, can be checked and treated at an early stage. But it is more dangerous when stress works as a silent killer (which, mostly, it does) in the subtle levels to bring an unprecedented breakdown or traumatic experience on the pretext of some external triggers, which can be easily handled by normal, emotionally- balanced individuals.And the victim at that stage may have no control at all over his mind and his emotions due to which his intellect becomes clouded in deluded understanding of people and situations that he or she feels are hostile . And such victims totally lose control over their mind and emotions and succumb to sudden spurts of anger and hatred.In that moment of frenzy, they can even commit a crime.

Inability to handle one’s mind can put a person under unbearable duress, which may drive him or her to any desperate act such as suicide and murder. Such unfortunate victims get addicted to excessive smoking, drugs, liquor, sex etc. and can go to any extent to get the satisfaction.

Most of the criminals who are the so-called pests of society, and, most of the victims of chronic mental illness ,may be, as perceive it, just unfortunate victims of their own reaction to stress, built up by extremely nightmarish circumstances in life .

I have no proof of this, for, it is not an empirical fact by experiment as done in a Science lab. But it is empirical only by personal experience gained by regular practice of the Sudarshan Kriya.

It is my hope and prayer that yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation become a part of parcel of the curriculum for students 18 years old and above, and not just an Optional Subject.

I fervently hope and pray that the other simple forms of pranayama and yoga at the beginners’ level are integrated into the school curriculum for students from 8 years old onwards. It can go a long way in helping the child to handle stress due to pressure of all kinds, starting from pre-adolescence.

And, Sudarshan Kriya if incorporated as a training capsule in all fields that form the ladders to a healthy, happy society such as colleges, corporates, all medical services and hospices and political circles , may go a long way in building up a strong impenetrable fortress of collective consciousness that can put up a defensive front against all that which creates stress and disharmony among individuals ,among societies, among nations.