Time – In a Nutshell




When we get to ponder on ‘time’

We remember the time ‘by the clock’

We think of the time we take to reach our office, school, etc.

We also think of the time that has passed by, and the time yet to come – the Past and the Future!

When we get bored doing something

Listening to a soporific lecture, or, bored at a social function – an unavoidable social commitment

We keep looking at the time

We feel it’s moving a ‘snails’ pace’!

When the lover waits impatiently for his Beloved to come

When a student waits eagerly for the results to be declared

When passengers wait for a delayed plane to take off

We have a similar experience!

But, when one is in the company of his Beloved

When one doesn’t want to part with his beloved

One feels that time is moving too fast!

One wishes that time would stand still for a while!

Actually, time neither moves slowly not too fast!

It’s the state of mind of a person which makes him feel so!

It goes at a steady pace and keeps moving!

Be it – by the clock

Or, be it – time as defined in calendar terms, lifetimes and yugas!

A man’s life is ‘programmed’ within the parameters of space and time

As, it can’t be otherwise – he has to make the best of it!

Be it the Past, the Present, or the Future!

Be it the ancient or modern times, or, be it time-spans of lifetimes!


When man lives in the present, he will never bother about time!

He will not worry about or regret the past nor worry about the future!

He will re-live the lessons of the Past in his Present

He will plan for the future by sowing its seeds in the Present – not worried about their germination
and blossoming!

He will spend every day, hands-on with time – dynamic every moment

He will achieve time-management at the simplest, hence, the most difficult level

Which is, of course, time-management to reach to the workplace; to achieve a goal

Time-management to get enough sleep and rest!

For, time-management is vital to live a dynamic life

That gives scope to the individual to blossom to the full!

So, one must keep pace with time, and move parallel to it

It’s rightly said – “time and tide wait for none!”

It’s also a wise saying

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves!”

To take oneself beyond the confines of time

One needs to know how to keep pace with time, first!

You are not doing a race with Time – just keep moving, purposefully, tirelessly, steadily!

Everything naturally falls into place when you do this!

Once you blossom, within the confines of time and space

The Supreme Force opens up a new inner dimension to your life

Where there are no limits of Time and Space!

It’s only for thought, word and action in this world

That you need to keep pace with Time!

In the Inner Realm of the Consciousness

It is timelessness and there is nothing but the Void!

You mark your own space; you mark your time!

You can live a lifetime or many in a split second!

You can re-live past lives by taking birth again in the same form!

You can live parallel lives of different times,places, forms!

This is the result of the full blossoming of the Consciousness!

I know ( I can’t prove I know, and need not!)

That Our master is an example of the above!

Time and Space are in His Consciousness!

He travels forward and behind in space and time

For the sake of all those who have realized they belong to Him!

I mean, all his devotees, who have been His,Present, Past and Future!

So, time has different dimensions for different people!

Consciousness is the prism; it mirrors time as and when it is reflected in it!

So, before we start exploring into the macro-dimensions of time and timelessness

Let’s make a regimen for respecting time!

Its role in our day-to-day life, in our successes

In fulfillment of our desires, achievement of our goals!

First things first, so, let’s set priorities on time

Let’s live our life fully, at each and every stage of life

Childhood, Youth, Maturity, Old Age

Let them all come by turns – let’s live them as they come!

For, old age can’t be lived in childhood and vice versa

Youth can’t be lived in toothless nineties and vice versa

Past had better not be lived in the Present

And Future had better be left alone, except for the planning!

Time-management experts say nothing more than

What age-old rishis have told us in different terms

To set a time for everything!

Right from the time for getting up to the right time to go to bed!

They have also set an opportune time for every worldly activity

Right from the naming ceremony, and the first birthday!

To the time to honor the departed, the ancestors!

So also a time to perform yagnas as well as funerals!

The astrological calendar is an example of the above!

But, then, one might say, it doesn’t come true always!

I ask you – When you are so unpredictable

When you can’t predict what you’ll think, speak or do the next moment

How can you expect predictions to be perfect!

Predictions can be done to an extent that Nature and Creation allow!

Beyond that, there is always uncertainty!

Science, be it astrology, be it some other branch of it

Has its own limitations – that is – of trying to scale the Infinite with the finite!

So! That’s that! Let’s be like children!

Let’s make our own regimen in our individual lives!

To make every day better for us as well as others

And not take time as an excuse to be as we are!

Static! Unsteady! Inconstant! That’s what we are!

Let’s learn a lesson from these ruminations on time

Time for getting up, time to go to bed, time for meals

Time for work, time for hobbies, time for rest, time for prayer and meditation!


Time for silence! Time for speech!

Time to talk! Time to just listen!

Time to learn! Time to preach

Time to manage time for everything in life

Short of time to be born, time to die!




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