Hello! Circus in town! Circus in town! Do you want to come?
One of my friends said, “Wow! Get me also a ticket!”
But the other one said, “Nay! Nay! I don’t like to go to the Circus!
For, we’ve pleasure, ,of course, but at others’ expense!cud

I asked her, “ What do you mean?”
She said, “Those, who do dangerous acts, do it for a living, hence at own expense!
So all those who work in the Circus belong to this group!
But the spectators have their fun at others’ expense!

Yes! Animals performing in the Circus are beaten, starved , to be tamed and trained to do so!
For whose sake? For the pleasure of man?
Such gross injustice! I can’t bear it!
I would suggest to you to contemplate on this!”

We heard her; I felt a deep sense of guilt
But, only for a few seconds, after which, realization dawned!
That what she said is the truth!
And it applies to life, as well!

The thoughts rushed forth in continuous waves!
And the chewing gum in my mouth
Kept doing somersaults and roller-coaster rides!
In the furiousness of my contemplation!

An alarm beeped deep inside!
And verses flowed in that experience!
The Muse of poetry dictated
“Pen down your verses and name it “chewing the cud”!

Often in life, when we go through joys and sorrows
We get ‘stuck’ in these passing experiences due to lack of awareness
That a joy of this world remains such only till such time
As our little mind is in it! Same is the case with sorrows!

Let the little mind play its tricks! Give it ‘loose rope’ for a while!
But you’re the Guru and the little mind is your disciple!
Give knowledge to the little mind to come out of it!
To transcend that feeling or emotion of joy or sorrow!

Yes! Joy or sorrow that comes and goes to live man where he was!
Nothing to gain! Nothing to lose!
Realization will come; but ne’er is it ‘never’!
For, every little mind will realize this fact, sooner, or, later!

Joys in life are the chewing gums of your favorite flavor!
That you’re addicted to, till you decide to get out of it!
Sorrows in life are the neem juice
That your ‘physician’ has prescribed for you!

Which, If you decide to do without,
Can give you unnecessary pain, torment, or , even death!
It’s up to you to survive or to die!
Life and death are solely in your hands!

I don’t mean life and death of the physical body!
But, of the Self, which, once kindled, becomes ‘Chiranjeevi’!
Nay! Anyway! It’s Chiranjeevi!
But, only self-realization makes that difference to human life!

To speak truly, the real you
Are in the act of chewing and wholly in it
Only for a few seconds, till the ‘gum’ retains its flavor
But it’s your little mind that wants to hold on to it!

So also is the case of the neem juice!
The malodorous juice remains in its severest degree
Only for a few seconds till your palate gets used to it!
Again it’s your little mind which holds on to the same degree of unpleasantness!

Be in the act! Dissolve your sorrows in the Self or the Being!
Dive deep into the ocean of joy and don’t just splash about in shallow waters!
The real you comes out, pure and radiant!
You’ve lost nothing! And you’ve gained everything!

Yes! You don’t lose or gain anything by the joys and sorrows of this world!
Till such time as you filter them and take the very essence!
That’s the knowledge of life! Of what’s real; of what’s unreal!
You become a witness and are blessed with the knowledge of how to ‘dissolve’!

So! Bon Voyage! Soak yourself totally in your joys and sorros!
So that you come out, transcending those emotions or feelings – gimmicks of the little mind!
And rest in the realization of the Self!
That You’re Peace! You’re Bliss! You’re Love! You’re Sachidananda!

And, stop being sepectators to a Circus at others’ expense
And be witness to the circus that happens at own expense!
Where you’re really just a spectator!
And, no need to buy a ticket or go anywhere!

And you gain to such an extent that
Neither are you addicted to the pineapple-flavoured chewing-gum
Nor do you repel from self-administration of the neem-juice!
Let the cow keep chewing the cud, Nature’s Way! And you may live, every moment,Nature’s way,
in Love, Bliss and Celebration!


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