1.Take me O Lord coming as Yama! Here am I waiting for You!
My palanquin is waiting outside; its bearers in anticipation
Of the auspicious journey to my real Home!
They are blessed who’ll be instrumental in uniting You and Me!

2.The waiting has been long enough!
I am getting tired of waiting, waiting, waiting!
The longer I wait, the more do I have to bear
All the tirades, homilies, tall praises for you, and, vain attempts to turn me away from You!

3. Till now, patient have I been
Long have I borne happily all these burdens
Of evanescent joys and sorrows, and, worldly relationships!
Playing a role has become almost impossible, now!

4. ‘Almost’ I say, because, I have to continue my part
Till such time as You direct me otherwise
No longer am I happy and enthusiastic in playing my role
The actor is no longer in his art; so, please make haste!

1.Do make haste! O My Divine Beloved, coming as Yama!
Take me – body, mind, and, Soul!
Let my body be consumed in the flames of Your Highest
Let my mind disintegrate and disappear into Nothingness!

6. The real bounty that’s only Yours is my Departed Soul
Departed from the body, and, calling out to You!
I know! I know! It’s not a call in the wilderness!
You can hear me, and, You’ll come, I’m sure!

7. But, what can I do? I am fast losing patience!
Body is here! Spirit is out, broken free!
Desperately calling for the One it’s a part and parcel of!
Part into Whole & Whole Into Part!

8. Body and body meet in sexual bliss in this world!
Beyond this world , beyond limits of time and space -Soul
and Soul unite here – Shiv and Shakti unite
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are conceived!

9. Enough of this Leela of Yours, O Lord!
Enough of this primordial state of Consciousness!
Now, no more of this Circus Act, O Lord!
Let me remain Your Bride, for e’er and e’er!

10. Let the Honeymoon be one for e’er!
The Merging of the finite with the Infinite
Or, Vice Versa, Finite becomes Infinite!
To live as the Infinite – beyond Time, beyond Space -beyond Creation!


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