Nowadays the above in an oft-repeated word

It’s on the lips of child, man, and woman!

It has led to devastation of life and property!

It has orphaned many, has made life a nightmare for many!


But, then, when one looks at it in a ‘bigger light’

One realizes that it has also led to ‘creation’!

Yes! It has led to creation of new bonds of love, kinship and universal brotherhood!

It has brought neighbour and neighbour together!


Yes! It’s brought neighbour and neighbour together!

Such neighbours as had always led a ‘cat and dog’ life!

The paltry differences have been forgotten

For a global cause!


This awareness lights up a spark of hope in me!

That all is not lost yet! Man can redeem himself!

Or, if he forgets this fact, God and Nature come to his aid!

For, by apparently taking away human lives, God has saved man from extinction!


Yes! Saved man from extinction, I vouch!

For, if man and man continued to live the way he had

Yes – continued to live in his own orbit

In his own orbit of country, race, religion, God!


It won’t be long for the world to come to an end!

This world of bird, fish, cow, and man!

This world, which is a wonder of God’s Creation!

Where there’s beauty in deiversity – one for all; all for one!


This brings to my mind an analogy

An analogy of another psunami!

Yes! Another psunami that happens within

Wherein the tidal wave of negativities is an oft-repeated disaster!


And, when this psunami happens, it takes away all!

It takes away with it all that which had taken

Years, lifetimes, yugas, to build!

A living death of hope for life and survival!


But, then, when one becomes aware that one can be a victim

Yes – that one can be a victim of this ‘inner psunami’ which can happen any time

One looks for possible ways!

Possible ways to warn oneself of the psunami to come!


Just like the villages in the psunami-hit villages are always aware!

And are ever ready to combat any threat to life and existence

One remains aware every moment – of one’s thoughts, words, actions, and, reactions!

So aware to be sure that these are just ‘ripples’ in one’s consciousness!


Just ripples that appear and disappear moment-to-moment

And hence don’t stir up undercurrents to upset ‘ the fathomless depth’

Yes! these can’t cause undercurrents in the depth of the Self!

The psunami attack again and again – but, in vain!


Just obeying the laws of Nature, man is trying to check the psunami in the Andamans

Scientists, environmentalists, saints and man have come together!

Yes – come together to find a way of checking this natural disaster

This can be checked to some extent; one never knows!


Because on wonders if it’s really a natural disaster!

It may be that one has tried to disturb the laws of Nature!

And hence one becomes a victim of one’s own doing!

But, with the Master’s Grace, one can be a true warrior!


Yes! One can be a true warrior

And a true warrior does defensive battle, and not an offensive one!

And a defensive battle is to observe, remain alert, and defend!

Defend, by building an invincible fortress!


Yes! By building an invincible fortress

A fortress of Love, Faith, and Sweet Surrender!

That can withstand – that can survive!

Yes – that can survive the psunami within – moment-to-moment!




A butterfly perched on the window-sill of my room

I looked at it! And I looked on, fascinated!

It flitted across and rested lightly on a jasmine

And then, it flew past ‘flashing’ a dash of colour and knowledge!

Yes! It flashed the knowledge of its karma as compared to man!

A butterfly goes from one flower to another

And lives its life of celebration!

Celebration of Nature! Celebration of Innocence! Celebration of its life!

This thought brings to me memories

Memories of what my friend told me the other day

That Mr. X is like a butterfly!

That he doesn’t stick to one female, but has a new affair every time!

I think that’s a misinterpretation of the butterfly’s life!

A gross manifestation of the little mind

Which loses the awareness of the essence of life

That the butterfly is in its nature! Man goes against Nature!

A butterfly teaches us to celebrate life Nature’s way!

It teaches us to be as God has made us!

It doesn’t hurt flower or bush as it rests on it!

It spreads hue and color wherever it goes!

Man feels satiated in what he calls ‘love’!

He looks for happiness through animal instincts!

Such instincts that cloud his clarity of thought!

Such instincts that take him farther and farther away from the Truth!

Yes! Farther and farther away from the truth

The Ultimate Truth that physical beauty, flesh and sex

Can’t bring him lasting joy, peace and harmony within!

For, the above, if at all, they make one happy, it’s only short-lived!

Beneath physical form , beauty and sex

Every human being is the same as others

We are Beauty! We are Love! We are Peace!

We are much more than want, need, desire, and sex consciousness!

We can’t compare ourselves to butterflies

For we are the farthest ones up the ladder

Yes! The topmost on the ladder of Creation

We are made in the image of God! We are closest to Him!

A butterfly has also been gifted like us!

But we are the most gifted lot!

For, we’ve got this human birth!

Live this lifetime, in love, bliss, and celebration!

And spare the butterfly!

Learn a lesson, ‘Nature’s way’, from its life

Not to bring the little mind

To read God’s Creation as you want!




(This poem is dedicated toMY MASTER, HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR, THE FOUNDER OF THE ART OF LIVING ORGANIZATION, INDIA, on the occasion of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival,primarily  symbolic of the Lord gifting the devotee with His Divine Qualities, which will further his growth on the spiritual path ) 


Shimmering Stars in Your Lotus-eyes!

A divine song in Your Heart!

Silence in Your Mind!

Light in Your Soul!


Purity in Your thoughts!

Nothingness in Your Head!

Spirit of service in your actions!

Reflection of the Light W!ithin in the environment around You!


Constant prayer and blessing for all on Your lips

Dispassion for all things of matter!

Flow in Love for all matters of Spirit!

Bliss in Nothing and Everything!


Humaneness in thought, word, and deed!

Creation, Preservation and Destruction in every Breath!

Innocence in Maturity! Profundity in Simplicity!

Divinity in Life! Divinity in Death! Divinity Beyond!


Blossoming in the Being!

Being in the blossoming!

Manifesting action in inaction , and, inaction in action!

Living in Body, Time, and Space, yet beyond these!


Loving One! Loving All!

Flowing in Compassion for man, bird, and animal,and, for the Good and the  bad ,alike!

Peace in Body,Mind, and Soul!








Sudarshan Kriya - Stress Buster



Do you know something…your greatest friend is your greatest enemy as well? Does it sound crazy? I am sure it does! But that’t the truth in my experience.

And this friend-cum-enemy is noone else but our mind.

Many of us have gained the knowledge from our life-experience that yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend and today’s friend may be tomorrow’s enemy. Have we wondered why? I have! And I believe that this may be or may not be that that person has changed in his behaviour towards you;  it may also be that he has not changed and is the same, but you have changed..or, rather your mind has. Our likes and dislikes keep changing according to our reactions to external experiences from society and hence our ideas of success, happiness, right and wrong, etc.also keep changing,not due to introspection but due to the external pressure. So, mostly, it’s our mind which tells us who is our friend and who is our enemy , not the real ‘we’. It’s an illusion.  The real ‘I’ is not the mind, then  who am I? Each of us needs to find out and reach that ‘ I ‘ to be able to know who is really our friend, and who an enemy? Food for thought, I think!

But , one thing,I am sure, all of us can agree about i.e. that  the mind can be the greatest enemy . This happens when it is on its own journey, like a horse let loose, without a rider, without a bridle, without the reins. It plays truant and starts its   age-old antics of thought, word, action and karma. The story repeats itself moment-to-moment  as it’s a ‘vicious circle’. The body carries the mind i.e. the state of mind takes its toll on the body , and, hence, all hell is let loose….leading to physical and mental ailments.

I had been observing this pattern of the mind for a long time before I read about  the Sudarshan Kriya and was told about its effect by my friends. It sounded promising, I decided it was worth it to take a ‘go’ at it…no harm anyway. So I learned it and now I know that there is only one way to cut the ‘vicious circle’…that is by regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya.

As an experiment, I stopped doing kriya for sometime, and it was not long before the old patterns of the mind re-emerged to create stress and all the problems at work, in relationships , in physical and mental health,, related with it.

So I have learnt it the hard way. Well and good. Now, hopefully, I will never miss my practice of Sudarshan Kriya, come what may…that is my prayer everyday.

And with regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya I find that my mind is my greatest friend,most of the time. If at all, it is tempted to exhibit its old patterns, I observe it and don’t react to it and it regains stability in no time. It’s only when ‘I’ react to the gimmicks of my mind that negativity follows. If I am calm and peaceful and just watch my mind like watching a child playing, it comes back ..just like a child comes back to its mother or guardian after playing for a while.

After the above experience , I made a self-diagnosis for reminding me to be regular in doing the Kriya, and pasted it on one of my cupboards. What I wrote on it is as below:-

Self-Diagnosis :  STRESS , ANXIETY,  HYPERTENSION, High or Low B.P., low energy, undulations of high and low state of mind

Symptoms : Depression, loss of zest for life

Cause : External – Workplace, family & relationship ( eg. mother-in-law or daughter-in-law ,) loss in business, change of job, financial stringency

Internal – Non-clarity in mind, loss of the right balance between the left and the right parts of the head (brain and emotions ), inability to control the mind.

Prescription : SUDARSHAN KRIYA DAILY  practice for 90 days at a stretch, without even a day’s break, followed by short  meditation two to three times a day

Review after 3 months! ( After three months, review was done by me and again I made a fresh pact with myself to practice the Kriya for another three months…it goes on…and on…..thankfully…I am very grateful to the founder of this technique His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of  the Art of Living Organization, India, for this technique)

I feel very fortunate to be able to share this experience with all. God Bless and even if your don’t have depression or B.P., don’t wait for it……pray give yourself a chance…YOU’RE WORTH IT!( Stress nevery manifests itself till it comes to breakdown point!)andYOUR NEAREST AND DEAREST ARE WORTH IT, for, if you are stressed, it catches on to them. How can they be happy if you are not? ( You may act as if you are,but they know you too well to be deceived! )

Pray experiment it on yourself and follow the guidelines  and please share with all, your feedback after three months!






Capital punishment has been a burning issue of dispute

Yes! A burning issue of dispute in the courts of law and justice!

Be it the gallows, the electric chair, hanging till death, or, point-blank shooting!

The question is – Has man the right to punish so?

The deserter is said to deserve capital punishment
The deserter is the one who runs away from the battlefield!
But, then, this world itself is the biggest battlefield that’s every been!
And the deserter is the one who commits suicide!

The one who deserts this battlefield of life
Is the guiltier of the two, as mentioned above!
For, the one who commits suicide violates the laws of God and all Existence!
Do you think he deserves capital punishment?

Of course, you can’t give him capital punishment of the four discussed earlier!
These are possible only when one is alive!
Anyway, you and I are not the judges to sentence him!
But a voice within me gives me a warning!

A voice within me gives me a warning
Which is a warning for every Tom, Dick, and Harry
That the one who commits suicide is not a true warrior!
He leaves, but with a desire for a better life!

He has a deep desire for a better life!
He doesn’t have the courage to ‘take the bull by the horns’
And, hence, is unlike a martyr who also dies!
But dies for the noblest cause, for his country, for all humanity!

The one who commits suicide is the most selfish of creatures
Who thinks only of himself and can’t look at life in a wider perspective!
The voice said from within, “Capital punishment he’ll get!
For, after death, he’ll find it worse than before!”

What he tried to run away from
Will inevitably be his lot in his next birth!
He can only delay the battle, and , even make it tougher, for that matter!
So! Beware! Be a true warrior and win the battle of life – winning as synonymous with fighting
till the end!





Love is the binding force behind all Creation

The Sun spreads its light and heat on one and all

Devoid of bias of caste, creed, race, religion and continent

The Moon showers her cool beams on man and animal alike

The stars twinkle and serve as an ornament to the sky


The Earth stretches out her arms

To embrace the Sky, Man, flora and fauna , in her fold

She bears with love and patience whatever she receives

Be it rain, be it heat, be it corpses, or, be it earthquakes


The rivers flow to merge with the Sea and the Sea towards the Ocean

The plants bear blossoms and the birds aid in  pollination

The flowers secrete nectar that the bees and the butterflies feast on

The bees give man honey and the silkworm, silk


The sheep give fur, the horse gives him a ride on its back on tough terrain

The cuckoo and the nightingale sing for him

The peacock dances the dog keeps watch for him

The trees and plants help in keeping a healthy environment


The cow gives milk and keeps him healthy

Wood cut from the tress give him fire and shelter

All flora and fauna do selfless service to man

Each has something to give him

And so has man a lesson to learn from each


Man owes all that he has to all the other forms of Creation!

He is the most fortunate being the highest in the ladder of creation

So has he been blessed with wisdom and the power of discrimination

May he use these gifts to be a harbinger of His Love


Love is synonymous with life and vice versa

May he love bird, fish, animal and man alike

May he co-exist with all in harmony

May his life be an incessant flow in love and gratitude to the Lord!








Sorrow and Joy can Co-exist

Were I happy every moment

I would take happiness for granted

Were I sad everyday

I would live a lack-lustre life, without zest, without hope!


Were it raining all the time

Many flora and fauna would get flooded and destroyed

Many a farmer would lose his crops and his means of livelihood

Man would come to a colossal, irreparable loss due to loss of Sun-energy!


The same is the case with other  diverse phenomena  of Nature & human life

Be it day and night,  hills and valleys, or, be it mountains and plateaus

 Be it good and evil, or, ignorance and wisdom

God’s juxtaposed these for a purpose!


For, without night, day would not be welcomed and vice versa

Without hell, heaven can’t be longed for and experienced

Without winter, spring would not be such a celebration

Without ‘darkness’, ‘light’can’t be experienced!


So also are these contrasting values inherent in the human mind

It shuttles between ego and egoless states

It swings to and fro between arrogance and humility

And oscillates between doubt and faith


And so does it experience selfishness and a flow in selfless service

During the shift from the small ‘i’ to the capital ‘I’

And, ultimately the surrender to the Divine Will happens

For, all the contrasting experiences lead to his equanimity and take him back to His Source!


Oh Lord, You give us day, so also night

You lead us through joys and sorrows alike

You bless us with equanimity and dispassion  through the value of opposites

Thank you, O Lord, for your Master Plan to lead us on our journey towards the ‘Self’ through the value of opposites!







We brought her home when he was 56 days old. She was a tiny toy-like thing wrapped up in a cozy blanket. We received her with great excitement and warmth and tried to make her feel at home. She looked at us and at her new sorroundings with awe and a little bit of fear, I thought. We made a cozy kennel for her and bought her toys and a ball to play with. After twenty days, we brought him – a golden ball of fur with a pair of twinkling eyes and a bushy tail. He looked at  her…and she, at him, and they immediately decided to be friends. In a few minutes, they smelt each other and licked each other and in a fortnight became inseparable playmates.

 They grew up together and they are two and a half years old now and we have grown so fond of them now that we miss them too much if we don’t see them even for a couple of days. 

We call her Peaches and him Cuddles. Peaches does justice to the fair sex –is  ladylike and dainty and exudes grace in whatever she does. Cuddles is plump and cuddly and is full of mischief. He is a glutton and eats anything and everything he can get and is never satiated. But Peaches if very choosy about her food and eats with dispassion! We get them bones and dog biscuits and are amused by their ‘mock fights’ over the bone. Cuddles is totally disinterested in old people and children, whereas Peaches loves both, esp. babies. 

They know when each of us is back home after work. They sense it even before we come up by the lift and wait near the door even before we ring the bell. Cuddles jumps all over you and gives you a ‘drooly’ welcome; Peaches licks your face, arms and legs and waits for you to hug her and pat her and say that you missed her.  After a few minutes, with a few hugs and pats, they calm down. While you have your coffee, they sit at your feet, or, near you on the sofa, tongue out, eyes rounded, and tail wagging, expectant of being treated to some biscuits or a bone for a quick snack. 

Oh! How loving they are and how loyal! They understand their world, so also, yours. For, when you are worried and depressed, they tell tales of love and empathy with their eyes and behaviour. They cheer you up with funny antics. When you scold them during one of those foul moods, and that too, many a time,due to no fault of theirs ( just taking the stress out on them!) they move away silently and wait for you to get back to your normal self. 

Dogs, in fact, all animals, can be as loving as human beings and more unconditional than the latter.  They are a blessing to live with. Our lives have become merrier with them around, for , they are real stress-busters. Thank you, O Lord , for two of our greatest blessings, our pets, Cuddles and Peaches.



 Mugdha Singh Monsoon


Fell the raindrops on the glass-pane

It was like music to my ears

After the long spate of the summer-heat!


The dark lane I was passing through on my way home

Lit up with flashes  of lightning

That appeared  to be in sync with Nature

In harmonious accompaniment of the rain!


The sky and the earth reverberated with the sound of thunder

Which came as random beats in tune with the rain-song! 

The heat-parched trees and the drooping plants had a ‘cool shower’

And they tossed their heads and danced in glee!


The birds chirped and twittered in their nests

The nightingale and the cuckoo radiated joy and celebration in their melody

The peacock strutted its plumes and danced in unison with all Nature

The frogs croaked and gave the green signal to their mates! 


I ran out to our terrace with my kids leading the way

To get drenched in the first rains of the season

We made paper-boats and gently placed them  on a slope

To watch them being swept away to an unknown destination!


The farmer’s wives sat huddled in a corner of our shed

And whispered to each other in excitement

They foresaw a rich harvest and a prosperous year ahead

And knelt down in prayer and gratitude to their Lord!






A mother-bird swooped down to peck at the grains

It flew to and fro between its nest and the grain-trough

I watched, fascintated, as it flew the fifth time back to its nest

And chirped to tell ts chicks “feeding time”


Two little chicks woke up as if out of slumber

They ‘toddled’ towards the mother-bird

Who took the grains, one at a time, in her beak

And fed her chicks – beak to beak!


When she had fed both her chicks

She flew back and ate some grains, herself

Strange, unfathomable and miraculous  are the ways of God!

Love and Motherhood are the greatest miracles that sustain all Creation!