Nowadays the above in an oft-repeated word

It’s on the lips of child, man, and woman!

It has led to devastation of life and property!

It has orphaned many, has made life a nightmare for many!


But, then, when one looks at it in a ‘bigger light’

One realizes that it has also led to ‘creation’!

Yes! It has led to creation of new bonds of love, kinship and universal brotherhood!

It has brought neighbour and neighbour together!


Yes! It’s brought neighbour and neighbour together!

Such neighbours as had always led a ‘cat and dog’ life!

The paltry differences have been forgotten

For a global cause!


This awareness lights up a spark of hope in me!

That all is not lost yet! Man can redeem himself!

Or, if he forgets this fact, God and Nature come to his aid!

For, by apparently taking away human lives, God has saved man from extinction!


Yes! Saved man from extinction, I vouch!

For, if man and man continued to live the way he had

Yes – continued to live in his own orbit

In his own orbit of country, race, religion, God!


It won’t be long for the world to come to an end!

This world of bird, fish, cow, and man!

This world, which is a wonder of God’s Creation!

Where there’s beauty in deiversity – one for all; all for one!


This brings to my mind an analogy

An analogy of another psunami!

Yes! Another psunami that happens within

Wherein the tidal wave of negativities is an oft-repeated disaster!


And, when this psunami happens, it takes away all!

It takes away with it all that which had taken

Years, lifetimes, yugas, to build!

A living death of hope for life and survival!


But, then, when one becomes aware that one can be a victim

Yes – that one can be a victim of this ‘inner psunami’ which can happen any time

One looks for possible ways!

Possible ways to warn oneself of the psunami to come!


Just like the villages in the psunami-hit villages are always aware!

And are ever ready to combat any threat to life and existence

One remains aware every moment – of one’s thoughts, words, actions, and, reactions!

So aware to be sure that these are just ‘ripples’ in one’s consciousness!


Just ripples that appear and disappear moment-to-moment

And hence don’t stir up undercurrents to upset ‘ the fathomless depth’

Yes! these can’t cause undercurrents in the depth of the Self!

The psunami attack again and again – but, in vain!


Just obeying the laws of Nature, man is trying to check the psunami in the Andamans

Scientists, environmentalists, saints and man have come together!

Yes – come together to find a way of checking this natural disaster

This can be checked to some extent; one never knows!


Because on wonders if it’s really a natural disaster!

It may be that one has tried to disturb the laws of Nature!

And hence one becomes a victim of one’s own doing!

But, with the Master’s Grace, one can be a true warrior!


Yes! One can be a true warrior

And a true warrior does defensive battle, and not an offensive one!

And a defensive battle is to observe, remain alert, and defend!

Defend, by building an invincible fortress!


Yes! By building an invincible fortress

A fortress of Love, Faith, and Sweet Surrender!

That can withstand – that can survive!

Yes – that can survive the psunami within – moment-to-moment!



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