Mind your Mind


mind 1

The journey of the mind goes on from one lifetime to another, taking one body after another till it reaches its destination…..in fact, it may take many lifetimes before it even realizes what its real destination is……….merging with the Space within to become a non-entity. Then each step it takes towards the destination becomes a goal!



Smile your problems away
Smile your sorrows away
Smile the bad times away
Flash a smile and dispel the darkness!

A genuine smile from within can do wonders to one and those around
For it radiates love, peace and goodwill
It works like magic wherever you are
For it reflects in the hearts of those around you

It takes a wee minute for this magic to happen
For a frown to be transformed into a smile
For a heavy heart to become light
For restlessness give the right of way to peace!

One may be pathetically poor
Inspite of one’s riches, beauty, fame and all the assets of this world
Unless one has the true wealth of a smile
A smile that can last through life’s ups and downs, alilke!

So, come what may
Don’t ever forget to smile within
Albeit, sometimes, in rough weather in life
It may be a most difficult task!

But awareness of this will wake you up
And the hard times will pass by in due time
And leave one still whole, peaceful, and, untouched
To gift a bigger smile to oneself and to those around!

Smile! Smile! Smile!
And throw your problems into the garbage pile!
It’s when you start smiling , come what may, in life
That you can heal others and bring a smile in their hearts!


silver lining

The clouds can’t cover the sky for ever, and for that matter, they cannot totally obstruct the Sunlight from filtering through.
For, every cloud has a silver lining.
The clouds appear from nowhere and disappear into thin air, or, fall as raindrops.
In fact, it’s after a cloudy day when the sky becomes clear that we really feel grateful for the clear daylight, which, we may not have been aware of ,before.
It’s good for the sky to be covered by clouds, once in a while.The contrasting experience of light and darkness , of a clear sky and a dark cloud-studded sky, bring a shift in our consciousness, and, make us realize that we are just a dot, just a speck in the expanse of the Cosmic Plan. It humbles us and make us wonder at the Supreme Power.
Hence, cloud or no cloud, let us feel grateful for the different moods of the sky. There is a divine purpose behind every scene in the divine play.
Some time or other in life, we realize that all those clouds of sorrow and difficult times we pass through do us good in the long run. They are all instrumental in making us strong, stable and humble. A time comes in life when we stop questioning the mystery of life, the justice of God in giving suffering to humans; we just stop being conditional with God as we are in all relationships of this world.
The moment our relationship with God takes this miraculous turn, we experience an infinitesimal part of true Love, ultimate Love – no expectations, no possessiveness, no disappointments, no complaints, no undulations of joy and sorrow – but pure bliss and a sense of fulfillment within and an unshakable Faith and wonder at His Mercy, Bounteous Love and Compassion for us.
So, every time we experience that our Consciousness is getting cloudy, let us remain unshakable in our Faith; let us just remember that God loves us so……and whatever He gives us in life is to take us nearer to Him, to ultimately be in our Real Home , where there is only Love, Peace, Bliss and Gratitude.
And where is this Real Home? Is it anywhere up in the sky and beyond the clouds? Nay, it’s within us. There is Infinite Space within us. There is nothing and noone outside us. Each of us is complete within…only we need to realize it and experience it.

And what is this experience? What does the silver lining convey to man?

What a wonder this human life is! What a wonder is God’s Love for Man! What a wonder is man’s endless journey towards God, towards the Self, towards Heaven! No beginning,no end, nothing to gain, nothing to lose,
but still we experience gain and loss; we experience divinity in other names and forms, till such time as we reach our Abode, the Centre of all Creation, the Centre of the Cosmic Circle, around which all Creation moves in circles. A soul that enters this Cosmic Centre doesn’t take birth again, as man, bird , fish or beast.

If I had a choice; if God appeared before me and asked me if I would like to come to this world again, I would say “Nay!” I would like to merge with the Light, for ever and ever. I am not desirous of taking birth again and again for fulfilling all desires I may have awares and unawares – may it be desire of wealth, of beauty, of fame, of freedom to live life the way I want – nay, I would not like to take birth to get all that I want in this world , be it even of spiritual attainment, for, that’s also a desire. I would like to rest in peace, in the realm of Infinite Love and Peace, beyond the temptations of the senses, beyond the reach of the little mind, beyond the clutches of destiny!

Well! I am just thinking loud! It’s wonderful to be able to share the real I with all of you. No masks, no hide and seek game!

Thank You O Lord!
For the Sky, for it is an example to emulate
So vast and full of just Empty Space
Anything and everything can be part of it
Be it the Sun, be it the Moon, Be it the stars, be it the clouds
All are part of it, but, yet it is unique, distinct, stands apart from all!
O Lord! May we be blessed to experience the vast , Infinite Sky within!
May we be blessed to get a glimpse of Our Real Abode that we are in oblivion of!

Ame n! Amen! Amen!




As long as the we are tossed about by the ego-play, we are just like the air contained in a full-blown balloon; it’s the same air that is in Space, but still, it is separate from it.
But, when the balloon of the ego bursts, we merge with the Space which pervades everything, which is everywhere.
We have a separate identity only as long as we are in the clutches of the ego . But, when we transcend it, we become like Space – we can be anywhere and everywhere, and, wherever we go, we make a home for us and for everyone around. Our relationships show marked improvement and we are able to feel peaceful and stress-free in the same environment in which we felt stressed earlier.
What I want to say is that it doesn’t matter if the other side is not making any effort for a better relationship; anyway, we can’t influence anyone else, the most we can do ,and, the only thing we can do, is handle our ego first, to be able to handle our emotions , our desires, our expectations, our disappointments in a skilful manner. This skill need not be cultivated, nay, it cannot be; it is Natureis gift to us; it naturally surfaces when the ego bursts and when we come back to our true nature. It aids us in living a better quality of life .
The ego creates an illusory distance between us and others., whereas, in the egoless state, we have a sense of belonging to one and all, and hence, no hurts, no expectations, no disappointments, no reactions…..only warmth , love and peace and blessings for everyone.
In ego, we are very complex, very difficult not only for others to understand , but for ourselves as well, whereas, in the egoless state, we become just like a child at heart, innocent, but still mature and living in the present moment!
We can’t fight the ego. We should not suppress it or resist it, but just become aware, be a witness to it . The ego can’t be surrendered; surrender naturally happens when one is regular in spiritual practices ,when one is in touch with the Highest Knowledge of man’s inner journey back to the Source, when one’s prayer becomes a spontaneous overflow of gratitude for this life, when one’s faith becomes so unshakable as to be unwavering in calm and storm alike, in fact, it multiplies by leaps and bounds after every storm, be it of Nature’s fury, or , be it of the inner storms of doubt, anger, etc.
When one recognizes that one is in the clutches of the ego, the inner journey has started. One may get trapped time and again to break free of it every time with the dawn of Grace. Man falls time and again; The Divine lifts him up and sets him on his foot again and again, just as the mother helps her toddler when he or she is learning to walk. There is no limit to the number of times He forgives us and embraces us in His fold; there is no end to His Mercy and Compassion.
God loves us all so unconditionally….We are His children and Whatever this life is, it is His blessing, it is for our betterment…it will bring us nearer to Him. I am very grateful to God for this human life and for the roller-coaster ride of my life. Aren’t you?

A Prayer
O Lord! May we be freed by you from the clutches of ego whenever it overpowers us
May we be blessed with unshakable Faith in You in calm and storm alike
May we keep in touch with Your Highest Knowledge
May we remain committed to our prayers and spiritual practices
May be live life Nature’s Way – in love, in peace, in gratitude, in surrender, in Celebration!

Amen! Amen! Amen!



He is my Divine Mother; He is my Universal Father
He is my best friend, He is my guide, he is my philosopher
He dwells within me like the deity , in a temple
He blossoms in my Heart, as Love, moment-to-moment!

He sees through my eyes, as the Light in them
He hears through my ears, and hence, only Purity ‘filters’ through
He resides in my tongue, and hence, only words of blessing and goodwill come out of it
He vaccum-cleans my body and my mind
And clears the muck from the subtle layers of emotions
Through the the greatest gift to mankind – the Sudarshan Kriya!

From Him flows the Ganges of Grace, in waves of good thoughts and prayers
He is with me moment-to-moment,be it in joy, or, be it in sorrow
I am astounded by His patience and understanding of human nature
Earlier I used to wonder how much I love Him!

But now I wonder at His Love for each of us!
Whom He cares for and nurtures in Divinity
A mother’s love for her child is the most unconditional possible on this Earth
But it’s just an infinitesimel portion of what we experience – His Love for all of us!

He wakes us up to awareness in knowledge
When we get stuck on the way
And are confused, or in doubt, or, in anger!
He inspires us by setting an example Himself

An example of unconditional love and compassion for all,
Of Innocence and Maturity in a harmonious blend
He brings the message of Infinite Love, peace and Bliss
To millions of people all over the world!

He is none other than my Beloved Master Sri Sri!
O! Master! I don’t know whether I deserve you or not
But what I know is just this much – that I am very fortunate to get you as my Guru!
This is my prayer to you
Do bless me to be able to serve this world in every way possible
This is the only way I can express my gratitude to You

For this lifetime, for everything that this life has brought with it – A GREAT PACKAGE!
I am beginning to see the lighter side of life, gradually but surely
Hardly does anyone or anything settle in my Consciousness
For moment-to-moment, it is hollow and empty
And ,yet, is FULL, but only with Your Infinite Grace!

You are Time! You are Space! You are Love! You are Peace! You are Bliss!
You are Light! You are the Sun! You are the Moon! You are Creation!
You are Nature! You are the Flora & Fauna! You are the many names and forms!
You are the Formless! You are Silence! You are Sound!

You are the Five Elements!
You are Virtue! You are Vice!
You are Faith! You are Doubt!
You are joy! You are Sorrow!

You are Peace! You are Anger!
You are in Good and bad alike!
You are in the flowers and the thorns
You are in the plants and the trees

You are in the hills and the valleys
You are in the rivers and the Ocean
You are here! You are there!
You are Everywhere!

I kneel before You – in Love, in Peace, in Gratitude, in Celebration!
My Salutations to you
The Guru of Joy! The Harbinger of global peace! The upholder of the Highest Religion – Humanity!
May millions more of seekers see and walk the Path Lit by You
May many be blessed with the gift of Sudarshan Kriya!
May Peace, Love, Bliss and Universal Brotherhood reign Supreme in our world!

Amen! Amen! Amen!




The old give way to the new
And the new gets old and gives birth to the new again
Dead leaves fall and new ones grow
Dead skin is shed by the snake
Which, in time, grows new skin

It is the laws of Nature that nothing remains new for ever
This moment is new and the next moment will be a new one
And hence we are born every moment
Our life lasts for just a moment, the next moment will be another life
Spans of lifetimes are encapsuled in moments
Just like the atom in the molecule

The Sun rises and sets everyday
Seasons come and go, flowers bloom and wither away
People are born to die
And those dead can’t be brought back to life
But their memories remain – pleasant or unpleasant

Anything that has life has death as well
Life and death are like inseparable twins
And they happen moment-to-moment – be it thoughts, be it living beings, being it ideas, be it values
And hence one can live only once and can die only once!
Life and death are new every moment!
What a wonder is the Creator’s Plan!
We are just like bubbles that come up in the water and disappear every moment!

Hence why hold on to the past ?
And why worry about what’s to come the next moment?
Every moment of this life is precious
This moment is born from the previous moment and so on!

Only the body ages
The Consciousness in the human body
Is ageless and hence we are new every moment
Let’s hold hands together – the old and the new generations !
The young with their new ways of life
And the old and their old ways of life

Let there by no strife between the old and the new
Let the young not scoff at the old
For your lot will be the same tomorrow!
And let the old not be stuck to the old ways
For times change and changes are for the better!

Let us welcome the young and the new
But retain and cherish the old as well
Let’s live life moment-to-moment, Nature’s Way
In love, in peace, in gratitude, and, in celebration!


Positivity  and Negativity.docx 1

ship of positivity


Positive outlook, Positive attitude, Positive approach are all trendy words , nowadays, but is it really bringing about the desired outcome in people?
I think it depends on the individual as to how he benefits from a positive thinking seminar or program, for, no matter what convincing techniques you bring to man, unless he wants to benefit from it and makes an attempt himself , believing in it from the heart, he will gain nothing. So many of us don’t change – we just remain the way we are……incorrigible!
Similarly, positivity, as manifested by people, need not be what it appears to be – it can be just a facade, a sham!
Let me go into more detail about this.
It’s true that all of us, go into a ‘negative’ mode sometime. But those of us who become aware of it just become a witness to it and go into introspection , which, will help us to survive it and come back again to our natural Self. Such waves of negativity just come and lash against the shore of positivity and recede….no ‘psunamis’ and no damage to anyone.
But there are some of us, who , almost all the time ( can’t say always) think, speak and behave in a negative manner – your would say that negativity is a relative term, as positivity is. I would second your opinion, for, negativity is only that which causes harm to others and so to ourselves and brings negative vibrations of dislike, disharmony etc. in the environment. And, positivity is that which brings harmony within ourselves, first, to bring harmony without, in the long run!
Earlier I used to get angry and frustrated with such people who always thought, spoke and behaved in a negative manner , though, many a time, their manifested behavior is just a veneer put up to make a good impression on people who are important to them.But, I no longer react to such people, for, I have realized that negativity is not their true nature.
There was a time when I was totally fed up with some of my kith and kin and some so-called friends who are incorrigible and it appears that they will never change for the better as long as they live and will continue to think, talk and behave negatively. I can understand why they do so – they are blind –i.e. blind in a different way. They are blind to their own shortcomings , or, may not be really blind to them, but,just turn a blind eye towards them. This must be because they must be feeling deeply insecure due to a poor, low self-image and must be wanting to cover it up with make-do goodness and peity ….poor souls! Nowdays, I feel only compassion for them, and always pray for their deliverance from these shackles of arrogance and an apparent superiority-complex , which is actually due to an imbalance in their mental build-up. Poor fellows! They are cowards, actually, for, they don’t have the courage to introspect and see the loopholes’ within’ to do something about them, and hence , are always uncomfortable wtih themselves. The only comfort they find is in thinking, speaking and behaving in a negative way with people who are exactly opposite to them in thought , word and deed – those people, who don’t have a self-image to compromise with, and hence, live peacefully with themselves, and hence, with others around.
The negativity-prone people slander their’ rivals’ for, probably, they are jealous of them. Heart of hearts, they also admire them, I feel, may be, even more than the others, but, instead of feeling happy and proud abut them, they want to spoil their image among kith and kin if it’s a relative, or, in the social circles , if a friend. Such behavior of theirs doesn’t kindle any reaction whatsoever in those who are always centred in themselves and hence always positive from within and not pretending to be so. The negative people talk and talk and talk to whoever they can and they seem to find a bitter or an evil satisfaction in this. But does it affect their targets? Not at all!
Have we not seen some dogs? They keep running , looking at the Sun, and keep barking at it for sometime, then, become quiet – again they repeat the same strange beheavior after a while. Does it make any difference to the Sun? Nay. It’s as resplendent as ever and spreads its light and warmth as is its role in Creation.

O Lord! Pray forgive those people who slander others and bring disharmony in the family and in society
For, they are not the culprits! They are just victims of ego, arrogance and ignorance
Please bless my kith and kin, and, some others, who profess themselves to be my friends – for, they are sick
Yes! So sick in mind ( physical sickness is a lesser evil!) for they spread negativity around them all the time
They dishonour Nature’s Design – YOUR design
By not living in peace and harmony with their kith and kin
But in so many ‘pieces’ and in so much disharmony within themselves
That they spread it all around among other kith and kin
And those who don’t have a strong ‘immune’ system within or who are similar to them in their way of life
Get infected! They encourage each other, vouchsafe for their love for each other and say united in disharmony, in fall from divinity
Albeit they feign piety, purity and goodwill by meaningless rites and rituals
These rites and rituals are not meaningless in themselves but they lose their power because of the negative vibrations of these people performing them
Pray bless them with the Light of your Wisdom
To make them realize that no one is perfect
And in fact those who point their fingers at others are the farthest away from God and Divinity
Please repeat to them the golden words of wisdom that you spoke for me once
“If you can’t find the Divine in those close to you
If you can’t find the Divine within yourself
You will aways be in a ‘maze’ and take umpteen lifetimes
During which your arrogance, your ego, will be burnt to ashes
And your self-image will be demolished to nothing
From these ashes will the real YOU rise
Humble, positive, grateful, compassionate, loving and lovable
To live a lifetime of true piety and purity of heart
To live in peace and harmony with and without
To be a blessing for this world, and a messenger of peace , love and bliss – “ a good samaritan”!



fear 1

What is it, really? Trepidation about someone or something so that you start trembling, mentally for sure, and , may be, physically as well, when you think of the same.
What is fear generally about?
It is about both known and unknown.
Among things known to you, it may be fear of fire, flood, failure, neglect, ridicule, someone’s anger, hatred, scandal and defamaton, criticism, fear of being misunderstood, fear of being hated by a near and dear one, fear of some insects and animals, fear of heights and some other phobias, fear of losing the freedom to live the way you want to, fear of opposition to your belief and your faith – your way of life.
When , where and how do you get the fear of the things as above? Are they all born with you? Nay, I don’t think so.
The seeds of fear are sowed by the circumstances in life along with the people who are instruments for these.
We develop fear of fire, flood etc. in the process of growing up, when we have direct or indirect experience of these.
Fear of anger, neglect, ridicule, criticism, hatred, fear of being misunderstood – all these are unconsciously cultivated by us in our reaction to the behavior of kith and kin and the social circle around us from our early adolescence to youth – those stages of life when our emotional intelligence is in the making or is fragile. When the stimuli of criticism, ridicule etc. are given to us on a day-to-day basis at these stages, it creates great havoc within and the reaction to these is fear., then we try to live the way others want us to as we are desperate to be loved, admired, acknowledged and appreciated, praised, encouraged etc. And, inspite of repeated efforts, if it doesn’t happen, that same fear which was a superficial disturbance settles deep within to bring an imbalance in the entire nervous system , even affecting our mind, our brain, our behavioral patterns and the image we present before others. We, consciously or unconsciously, form a life-pattern of living to please others – we don’t even realize that we are living an artificial life and that we have moved away from our true nature. This is the subtlest reason for dissatisfaction, depression, mental and emotional imbalances, violence etc.
Coming to the fear of the unknown, it appears to be almost instinctive . For example, an infant fears when it sees the faces of strangers; children are instinctively afriad of darkness. This is even worse for we fear these because we don’t know and don’t recognize what we need to be afraid of. We have heard of ghosts and evil spirits and that they live in darkness and are most active at midnight and this has settled within as unfounded fear and we live in darknes and bring others as well into this dark realm.
What I want to say is that when a child is told not to touch fire and if it does so, it will burn his skin, the child may understand and keep away. But, if he or she doesn’t do so and experiments,he or she will learn it the hard way. Fear of heights etc. are not passed on by anyone. It is almost an instinctive response. But , regarding darkness, if someone is afraid of the dark because of having been told stories about evil spirits and so on, such fear is unwanted and groundless.
Hence, fear, as a measure of caution or prevention is okay, as in the case of a child being told not to play with a knife or not to touch the fire. All other types of fear other than these are induced by circumstances brought about by people around and these thwart the growth of the individual to his or her optimum.

Most of us really don’t know our full potential for we are constantly and consistently in fear of someone or something and we smother the freedom of the spirit to manifest in our life in its full splendour.
So, let’s introspepct……let’s make a list of what all we fear about….which fears are instinctive; which fears are induced and are suffocating us, strangling us.
Fear is not natural; it’s not divine. Even God Himself doesn’t want to you to do something in fear of Him, but only in love of him.
So how much do you live in fear and how much do you live in love and dauntless courage, asserting yourself? No one can ever stop you from living the way you want to; no one can prevent you from believing in what and whom you want to believe in – it all appears to happen that way, but actually, unless you give control of your life in others’ hands, they can’t do anything.
You live but just one lifetime…you are not sure if there are more. If you can’t live life your way now, do you think you can do it in the next one? Nay, Now or Never!

O Lord! Bless us so that we live a life of Peace, Unconditional Love and most of all, dauntless courage.
Bless us so that we kindle fearlessness in others wherever we go
Bless us that we live our life listening to the Voice within and not the voices outside
Bless us so that we find ourselves, for we have lost ourselves in a maze of umpteen unfounded fears.
May we break free of the clutches of FEAR and take to the path of the Ultimate Truth!



hope 1

It’s the only lifesaver that comes to my aid to enable me to survive amidst ‘ life-storms’. Without it, I would get ‘yoked’ with the trials and tribulations of life. It’ the only weapon that I wield and stand in the battlefield of life, when all others are wrested from me . It leads me through ‘dark’ alley (in which fearsome, hideous monsters are waiting to attack any easy ‘prey’) into the kingdom of Light. Without it,I can’t survive. Others can disarm me of all weapons except of Hope. Hope is that weapon which can’t be wrested from me by anyone but myself! So I keep this weapon sharp and ready every moment by meditation, by whatever service I can do, and,by prayer. I can’t buy Hope like I can buy the other weapons for battle. It is not made from steel or iron but from God’s Grace Bounteous, which is showered on me when I am sincere and committed in my spiritual practices along with whatever is my lot in life.

What about you? Does Hope for a testing time to pass by, hope for a solution to a problem that you face, hope for a miracle to change your destiny, hope for the Dawn of Grace in your Consciousness – help you to move on in life, not getting stuck to situtations and people who are instruments of God for testing your Faith, Your Love, your patience, your power of endurance … as to how strong and unshakable these are?


O Lord ! Pray bless me so that come what may, I don’t lose Hope
May I remain peaceful, poised and smiling
Even while standing in the midst of deadly whirlpools
May I be blessed to kindle hope in those who feel defenceless as their hopes lie buried in the ashes of their karma



W.Blake on joy

Joy and Sorrow are two sides of the same coin. One can’t be experienced without the other.One can’t experience joy all the time, for, after sometime, the same object which gives joy will be an instrument of sorrow and vice versa.
So joys and sorrows as long as they are the outcome of an experience of worldly matters through the senses are not real and are not permanent. They come and go like waves and the person, who is not aware , can be tossed about here and there with the high and low of these waves of joys and sorrows.
But when sorrow , instead of touching you at the superficial layers, hits you ‘deep down’ in the rock bottom; when joy, instead of taking you to ‘shallow waters’ takes you to the fathomless depth of the Self, realization dawns.
Yes, realization dawns that both joys and sorrows of this world are bondages. We need to be aware not to be moved from our centre by either joy or sorrow; we are safe within a natural protective shell like that of the tortoise – with the difference that it is an invisible , intangible, but all-powerful shell of Divine Grace. This happens when we are regular in our spiritual practices when our prayer is heard even before it is given voice to! We just become a witness to a joy of this world which we experience through the senses; similarly, we just behold ourselves overcome by a sorrow of this world, again, experienced through the senses. A shift in Consciousness happens and the shell covers the ‘vulnerable’ us, to protect the real ‘WE”.
But, joy, when it is an experience on the spiritual plane, becomes bliss after sometime – an experience which is ineffable and can’t be understood unless through experience. The same is the case with sorrow – with the difference that sorrow doesn’t turn to bliss but will lead to us being garlanded with pearls of wisdom from the Divine, from the Self, from the Supreme Consciousness!

We are humans. We naturally are reactive to joys and sorrows of this world. But, when we become aware of this fact, when this awareness is a result of a self-experience , or, in other worlds, knowledge that dawns from the ‘Sun’ within, we are fortunate. We live amidst all the joys and sorrows of this world, we laugh and cry in the experiences of this world – but…but… a part of us….that very core of our Virgin Self remains so …..in peace, in contentment, in gratitude, in wonder, in surrender to the Divine Will!
O Lord May Your Blessings and Grace Bounteous be showered on all of us to keep YOU every moment in our hearts, and not to be carried away from YOU by the currents of Joys and Sorrows!
Amen! Amen! Amen!