Many of us have the UPS at home. It is always on and connected to the Mains. When the power supply from the Mains turns off, it supplies power , and then gets re-charged when the Mains turn on. It’s very simple; we just need to buy the UPS and connect it to the Mains.

Similarly , in this human birth, all of us have our own Main Connection to keep life going…whether it be by visiting temples, churches or dargahs, or, be it chanting prayers or mantras and counting the rosary, we have all experience the Life-Force current sustaining us in every situation in life.

Yet, sometimes ,nay, many a time, in life, and especially, due to the stress levels going up-day-to-day in today’s environment, we become victims of stress and don’t realize it till such time as it takes its toll on the mental, physical and emotional levels. This is because stress has reached the subtler levels.
Hence, just like we make contingency plans in the corporate sector, we need to have a similar plan to save ourselves at all costs, for the sake of all our kith and kin, for, we need to keep standing strong, and sturdy in all ups and downs of life for all of them, and, for this priceless life itself.

Regular Praanaayama brings the body, breath and the mind into a harmonious alignment to keep one balanced and stable in life; yoga and meditation are all the remedy for this . Anyone who practises this after taking the shiksha must have experienced this.
The Sudarshan Kriya is one of the examples. It is not just the technique which works. It is “The Grace’ behind the technique. Sudarshan Kriya is the UPS. Just like we buy the UPS and have to keep it connected it permanently to the Mains, its very important to practise the Kriya after doing the course, come what may. Life goes on as usual, situations are the same, relationships are the same, but, your mind is not the same anymore -. Stress can’t victimise you anymore; and you remain hollow and empty moment-to-moment with regular kriya, a bit of seva, once-a-week satsang which adds a new dimension to life.
Regular kriya and meditation keeps you calm within, centred, alert, sharp, dynamic and blissful and aware, at the same time, as the Divine blows into the empty pipe and blows out all the stress by the rhythms  of breath, day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

Spirituality is not just a concept it is the practise in life of applying all that has been said over ages by the Wise . Just the intention to practise it and the sincerity may not work; we need to work upon ourselves from the gross, this body, to the subtle level of the consciousness, to make a difference to our lives. New horizons may manifest; only those who are courageous enough to work upon themselves instead of blaming the whole world, situations and relationships and even the Divine, can take up this commitment to themselves.
Spirituality is just a means to an end…not an end in itself….one can maintain the quality of life by working on oneself and thereby direct thought, word and action, oneself, to a great extent, if one is on the spiritual path.

What is spirituality worth if one can’t forget and forgive in one’s own small world of kith and kin of day-to-day life; what is spirituality if one can’t remain stable , strong and sturdy and deep-rooted in Faith inspite of the worst situations in life.
We just need to take a ‘first step’. It’s rightly said , ” If you take one step, God will take a hundred steps…we really experience “LIFE” and realize how precious it is and can’t be grateful enough for it….as, a rolling stone gathers no moss….those who do regular spiritual practices are like the rolling stone.



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