Some people I know, go about with their noses in the air
They just look down upon you as if your weren’t worth a thought!
Well! May be true! You may not be, but then, what about them?
Let’s ask them, ” How worthy do you really think you are? What do you think of yourself?

Let’s take it for granted that what you think and feel, is true!
Let’s believe that you know it all! You know more than anyone else, but, so what?
Why do you have to ‘wear your knowledge on your sleeve?
Whom do you want to convince? Whom do you want to impress?

Everyone loves you the way you are!
Love is a flow, not conditioned on knowledge, wealth, or, beauty!
God loves saints and sinners alike!
So why ‘the know-it-all attitiude – just drop your self-image!”


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