The Bhagavad Gita is the scripture of self-realization. It is the battle within that is being fought moment-to-moment – the battle between the good and the evil; the battle between the weak and the strong; the battle between the eternal and the ephemeral; the battle for survival of the Spirit that has taken a body in this lifetime. The Krishna here is the ever-resplendent, dispassionate yet compassionate, playful Higher Self which guides, inspires, supports the individual spirit to keep fighting the battle and win over the ‘enemies’ every moment. How fortunate we are to get this human birth and this lifetime!



I have been going to the hospital for the past few days to take care of a very close relative.
The sight of small children, aged people and others suffering from some ailment or other and the pain they go through opens one’s eyes to the reality…..the body can collapse any moment, anything can happen at any time to this body ….no money, no power can heal the sick people….nor can they bring back the dead to life. But compassion, loving care of the patients and earnest prayer can do wonders….they can heal the wounded, cure the sick, and if not this, it can surely encourage the sick to sustain their mental strength and endure the pain , surrendering to God’s Will.
We carp and complain about small discomforts and disturbances in life; there are people who have been sick for a long time due to some chronic illness or other, and still, smiling , cheerful and uncomplaining and with the same undiminished zest for life. They are less mindful of their own illness and are all out to cheer up the other patients and bring a smile on thier faces!
And the dedication that is required for taking care of the sick as doctors, nurses and attendants can’t be cultivated; no one can be trained to be dedicated to this service.Making it a means of livelihood is one thing, doing your job heart and soul is another thing.
I salute all those doctors, nurses and attendants of the medical profession who have not only made the field of Medicine their profession , but who have made it their dream, their passion, their greatest commitment to themselves to serve the old and the sick .
When one cares for the sick ,one experiences an ineffable sense of fulfillment, a feeling of having expressed one’s gratitude to God at least in a small way .
O Lord! We pray to thee for Mercy on all those who are sick and going through a lot of pain and suffering , as it seems, endlessly!
May they be cured of their illness or may they be given the mental stregth to bear the pain , in total surrender to the Divine Will and not losing their Faith in YOU!
Amen! Amen! Amen!


relationship 1

relationship w

relationship 3

It is a skill to maintain good relationships in this world.
The closer we get to someone, the greater are the expectations we have of each other , and, disappointments and disillusionment are bound of follow, sooner or later. The same relationship which was a source of joy becomes a source of bitterness and unhappiness.
How can we prevent this and maintain the good relationships as such all the time? To know this, we need to understand that all this happens mainly due to encroachment on each other’s mental and emotional space, and, hence, the ideal balance that can keep it stable, trips. The same way, we forget to be aware how to keep a distance – I mean, not from the heart – but to keep a personal space which is only ours, which we can’t share with anyone and should not in fact, expect with the Self. In fact, that space is the expression of the Self in us in a subtle way. We need to keep this space sacred and secret, to keep it virgin, untouched, and hence is sure to be The Source of strength,Self-Sustenance, and stability for the real We!
If we are able to cultivate this skill of maintaining relationships of this world, no one and nothing can move us from our center. We will be living life to the full and celebrating every moment of it, with ourselves, and consequently, with all who we need to interact with in life, as destined. Then every relationship proves to be a gift from the Divine to us. It already is, but we don’t realize it till we experience it!
Man is a social being. He can’t live alone( once in a while he can). He wants people of different dispositions, who he wants to share his joys, sorrows, ideas, fears and anxiety, dreams with.
Just imagine if each of us lived all alone on this planet – no other humans but just plants, trees, and other species of creations! How would it be? Of course, there will be no fights on grounds of religion or otherwise, there will be no sex discrimination, molestation and rapes of women and girl-children, no enmity on political or other grounds, no broken marriages, divorces and ill-treatment and burning of women for dowry. But , so also, there would be no marriages, no birthday celebrations, no children, no festivals, no social gatherings, no colors in life!
Do you think we can live like that? I don’t know! I wonder!
But, still, I hold the view that the line that divides a good relationship from a bad one is the awareness and use of the necessary skill required to handle it!
I am able to handle all the relationships in my life better…I am not saying I have become perfect at it, there is always scope for improvement. But, I don’t get disappointed, disgruntled, bitter because of a bad experience in a relationship, any longer. I am able to flow in life, in spite of it, and even if disappointment sets in, it doesn’t last for long, as compared to earlier times. I am happy about this change in my life.


good luck

Good Luck is nothing but the turn of circumstances in life towards the better – a phenomenon that happens by the Law of Attraction.
When man gets disappointed, depressed and disillusioned in life, he gets sad. He starts praying tot he Lord from the core of His Being . He gets into a hollow and empty state the very same moment . In that state, when he dreams of better times to come in life, the very thought forms a pattern of impressions in the subconscious mind, which, after sometime, depending on the clarity and strength of the impressions, manifests itself as luck in life!
All those who are sad in life and pray don’t become lucky as their mind may not attain such a state as conducive to attracting luck in their lives.Their focus in always on their ‘lack’ in life and hence ill-fortune persistently knocks at their doorstep.
The degree of good luck in life corresponds to the degree of fulfillment one experiences in life.



The Mahabharatha is being enacted within me.
The Clarion Call has been given for battle by the true warrior,the Individual Soul, the wielder of Dharma or justice, who is ready to introspect, fight with himself and win over. In this war , he is guided and helped by no one other than the Supreme Self, the Hrishikesha, the Lord of the Senses, The chariot that he rides is the physical body. The horses that he rides on are the Five Gunas are divine qualities that are mandatory to succeed in this battle. These five horses ridden by the Self can outweigh in strength, power and valour the multitudes of warriors arrayed in the enemy lines! The enemies, the Kauravas or a 100 bad qualities may have initial victory and may create short-term havoc in their enemy lines, but, ultimately , inspite of their great numbers on the battlefiled, they are bound to be won over by the Individual Self, to take over the’ territory’ that rightfully belongs to Him and rule over it, in peace, in harmony with Himself, and with others.


prayer 1


A song that pours forth from the Soul, sometimes in utter helplessless and surrender , mostly not by choice, but because one has no choice; sometimes a spontaneous overflow of gratitude and wonder at His Love for one .
True Prayer is not an action. It is not even a state of mind….it’s a state of Being!!!!!!!

The Soul’s Journey



The Soul or the Spirit in the human body wants to be free!
It is in its nature to feel so!
And it will feel this urge as long as it is imprisoned in the body.
But this is just an illusion. The spirit is not in the body; it, in fact,it carries the body. But this has to be experienced – till then this struggle for survival will go on!
The body ages, but the Soul is ageless or ‘chiranjeevi’, It’s the same soul which takes one body after another, one name after another in different births , but the very same soul has no birth, no death, it just ‘is’ , and, keeps taking one birth after another , but only till it experiences that it’s eternal , infinite, beyond the dimensions of time and space .
The journey of the soul from here ( this world-this body-this nam) to Eternity is the story of each lifetime that we take.. Human life itself is the scripture of self-realization. It is the battle within that is being fought moment-to-moment – the battle between the good and the evil; the battle between the weak and the strong; the battle between the eternal and the ephemeral; the battle for survival of the Spirit that has taken a body in this lifetime. The Universal Spirit is the ever-resplendent, dispassionate yet compassionate, playful Higher Self which guides, inspires, supports the individual spirit to keep fighting the battle and win over the ‘enemies, every moment. How fortunate we are to get this human birth and this lifetime!




wonder 3wonder 1

O! How did the rose get is’s inimitable fragrance?
How did the nightingale get its melodious voice?
How did the bird get its wings that can help it to soar high , far away from this world?
How did the butterfly get the colours on its wings?

How did the peacock learn to dance to enchant?
How did the tortoise get its shell?
How did the honey-bee learn to make its sweet honey?
How did the chamaleon learn to change its colours to save itself from its enemies?

How does the rain and the sunlight coordinate to form the rainbow?
How does the river flow from its Source and flow back to it in the end?
How does the silkworm make such beautiful silk threads?
How does the lotus –leaf remain untainted by the water?

Can anyone find answers to these questions?
Can Science or Logic give satisfactory answers to these?
Nay, they can’t, for they are actually not questions!
There are nothing other than the wonders of this Creation!

This entire creation is a mystery that can never be solved by man!
But still the wonder of it all uplifts man to higher realms of existence
It purifies him and empowers him with those gifts of His Lord that will always be his strengths in this world
The gifts of Love, Peace, Prayer in Gratitude for all that ‘is’!

For anything and everything is a manifestation of this Supreme Force
Be it animate, be it inanimate, be it tree, flower, bird, fish or animal
All are but expressions of the Being in action
And all that is happening in this world is but action in Being!

How can one but not wonder at this Creation and its Creator!
His Infinite Wisdom and Mystical powers can’t be understood by us
But we can just kneel before Him and express our gratitude
For,we are His children and we can experience His Love for us!

Glory to the Lord of All Creation!
Glory to Our Father!
Glory to the Power Supreme that ‘is’
Glory to Him who has given us this precious lifetime!


prayer 1

prayer 2

There is but one place in Creation
Where, when man reaches, doesn’t come back!
It’s a one-way ticket to the Abode of the Self!
And limited seats are available at one time!
The tickets are not sold for this trip
But have to be earned as wages by the one who wants to go
What is it that one needs to do to earn his wages?
One needs to do nothing but just undo what one has done till now
What is it that one has done that one has to undo?
One has to undo all those past karmas one has saved in one’s account
By spending some of it on doing some good work for the welfare of all
This will lead to one’s growth as well as growth of others
The rest of it can be spent on prayer and spiritual pursuits
And this will bring floods of Grace on one
To wash away all that is unwanted and harmful
It’s the Floods that bring not devastation , but re-edification of the Self
To get the one-way ticket to One’s Heavenly Abode!



sound & Silence

The Silence Profound is that
Which sustains itself amidst all the din and noise within and without
Such silence in a hollow and empty state
Just like the silence in the Conch-Shell or Shankha
That survives years and yugas of sound-vibrations around it

And then a time comes when all these vibrations dissolve in it
To produce the ‘Anahata’ or the Divine Melody
The Melody that it produces when it is blown into
The Sound that wakes up the Divine – to the Call of the Embodied Self!

When a seeker experiences this aspect of sound and silence
All the sounds within of the mind-play
All those without, of this world
Merge into His Self like the bubbles in water
And makes the Silence within every more profound , every moment!

And the words that flow from such a blessed one
Have the same effect as of the sound that ensues from the Conch-Shell
A sound that produces vibrations of Infinite Love, Peace and Gratitude for this lifetime
And keeps the fortunate one WONDERSTRUCK at God’s Infinite Love for man!