As I sat by the riverside
I looked into the water
Throwing one pebble after another into it
Each pebble made a disturbance in the water

Each , as it touched the water
Brought a disturbance but only on the surface
And a bubble or two came up
But to disappear in no time!

So also as the little mind during its journey
Hits against imaginary walls it perceives, and hence experiences
Between it and the Big Mind
Walls on its way that thwart its progress towards its destination
It makes an effort to break each
It breaks one and another stands in its place

This happens during most of its journey
The river of the little mind experiences disturbances in its flow
The thought bubbles come up and disappear in it
But unlike the bubbles in the Big Mind
For they set forth the chain of thought , word and reaction

And this chain links itself to another chain
A chain of thought word and action that rises as bubbles
In the mind of another embodied soul on its journey
And thus does continue the story of birth and rebirth of one, then , another , and then another
But a time does come when the little mind doesn’t see any division
Nay, it experiences unhindered progress towards its Source
And from that instant ripples are rare and become rarer and rarer
But even if they are there by virtue of this matter-body, they come to naught!

For, they dissolve in the Big Mind and become nothing
But the river continues to flow, as is its true nature
This is the journey of every soul that takes a body to consume its karma
Till such time as it merges with the Supreme Force , as All-in-One and One-in-All!


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