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It’s been my experience in relationships that it doesn’t take much for relationships to turn sour. The very same relationship which had been a source of joy, fulfillment and inspiration can change its contours to make one as bitter, disillusioned and cynical as one generally is when remembering or talking about those people who one can never live comfortably with inspite of sincere efforts to forgive and forget and improve the relationship.
Why is it so ?According to me, it’s because with people very close to us, we forget to give the other person the freedom to have his or her personal space and the same is the case with the other person. So it so happens that gradually but surely each starts feeling that he or she is being taken advantage of, exploited on the excuse of closeness. The respect for each other is forgotten and it becomes a mechanical relationship, ultimately; in fact, it is worse because as one can’t express oneself to be taken seriously by the other, one starts seeing a separate identity of oneself as had never been before . In such a state any remark made with a good intention also sinks into the subtle levels of the consciousness to putrify , to desecrate , to lead to bitterness and disillusionment. Each remark made backfires from the other and this continues as a vicious circle till the time the relationship becomes a fiasco or till the time both become aware of this phenomenon and are able to be more aware to rise above it, and thus save the once-upon-a-time beautiful relationship.
What a pity! This is the way almost all human relationships are and that’s why every relationship , is a test on one’s resilience , endurance and perseverence in one’s goal to make each relationship a tool to improve oneself and slowly but surely find infinite solace in the Inner Realm of peace, divine love and unconditional surrender to the Divine Will, and , most of all, unshakable Faith in the Divine, who makes each lifetime given, another ladder to get closer to Him!
O Lord! Even in this late middle age, I am not sure whether I have understood relationships and learnt the skill to use them as tools for Inner Growth.
Pray bless me to master this skill of navigating Myself through all these relationships of this world and the unavoidable inner and outer strife that they bring with them so that I am able to live this life as nothing but just a way to ennoble myself and make myself more deserving to come back HOME!
Pray bless me so that even in the worst situations I take each and every relationship not as a burden to bear,as a duty to perform, as a commitment to fulfil, but, as a blessing in disguise to give unconditional love by non-attachment to all , in which state of Consciosness, I can just make the best of each relationship but still remain Myself, untouched, untarnished, hollow and empty , as One with the Flow of the Life-Force that is in all of us , around us, below us and above us. In such a state, I cannot feel any attachment, for, all become a part of me…….what a blessing, what a gift it is to be able to learn the ‘art of living relationships’ to the optimum!


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The right words spoken with the right intention have the power to heal. The right words are those which match with a good intention. But we are human beings and we are generally more sensitive to the effect of others’ words on us than to that of our words on others. We generally read our own meaning of what the other person says…we get carried away by giving too much importance to the words as such We are not aware that two people may make the same remark but the intention behind each remark and the circumstances in which the remark was made, and most of all the state of mind of the person who makes the remark and the one who he mentions it to,makes all the difference.

For example, if A says toB & C, “Many of us don’t say what we mean and we don’t mean what we say” , A may say “ Yeah! You’re right! But there are also many who say what they mean, and mean what they say”. B may say, “ You are making a judgement. How can you say that? I say what I mean, and, I mean what I say.” Thus, the same statement sparked a different reaction each from A & B.

It’s a skill to understand this effect of this word-play on the little mind, and,not to be swayed by it but instead, master the skill that enables you to know when to take someone on his word alone and when on his intention, and ignore the words in which he wraps it up in. Only a person with an expanded vision and awareness can discriminate between the words spoken and their meaning thereof as intended by the speaker.

So, the first step towards giving power to words and receiving power from them is by being aware of how we mentally react to others’ words and how it leads us to thoughts and words that will either harm or heal. Hence , it’s better to speak less rather than to speak without any forethought. Words that come from the Inner Silence can never harm…they can only heal.

So, let’s be aware of what we think and what we speak so that we don’t form a negative chain of thoughts and words which harm all of us and pollute the environment!