The Mind-Conundrum

It  is generally believed that fortune calls at your door, it brings a series of fortunate incidents in your life.
Similarly, when misfortune strikes, it follows the same pattern.
It’s not FATE.Actually, It’s a conundrum.
The mind takes a first dip into murky waters of fear, doubt, restlessness, anger and negativity and the negative pattern gets reinforced again and again in a series of negative occurrences – a manifestation of the happenings within. Thus, misfortune is not a happening by Divine Will but a “Frankeinsen” created by the mind in life when , during its journey in a human body, goes through many life-situations and experiences captivity in this body with the senses, emotions, feelings and so on.

Similarly, the mind bathes in the Ocean Blue of the Consciousness, it is re-energized with positivity and what follows is a series of fortunate happenings in life. Thus, good fortune is also created by the mind when it goes through certain life-situations and experiences infinite love, peace and bliss.

Hence, fortune and misfortune in life are just a result of the mind-conundrum.

Now, when we become aware of the this conundrum aspect of the mind, what can we do?

We need to find a way to practise equanimity of mind in all circumstances in life, positive or negative, the best or the worst as we see them.

What is the way?The solution is  in the right understanding of the little  mind , which is not possible, for, it is just an illusion….that appears real as and when it takes up an identity and hence attaches itself to the memories of fortune or misfortune as it comes in life and weaves its own pattern of life’s journey.

It is easily said that done that one should rise above these experiences of pleasure and pain, happiness and misery, heaven and hell. How is it possible…not by human effort, for sure. But it is possible by this little mind naturally dissolving into the Big Mind or the Pure Consciousness – the answer to this riddle …..the true purpose of human life……But, how is that possible?


We can’t manipulate our mind by knowledge, wisdom , prayer and visit to pilgrim centers, alone – we need to sustain the positive pattern.

And, that can be possible only through regular Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation.

So, isn’t the human mind the biggest conundrum of all times and ages?


O Lord! Pray dissolve this mind in YOU

May it lose itself in YOU

To find YOU and find ITSELF Again!

From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained!

Amen! Amen! Amen!



Lead me O Master from Darkness to Light
Lead me O Lord from arid lands to green pastures
Lead me O Merciful One from the illusory world of the EGO to the Eternal Abode of the Real SELF
Lead Me O Kindly Light back HOME – to My ETERNAL ABODE!

Save me O Master from the clutches of Mind and Matter
Save Me from the poison fangs of the Evil Serpent
The slow poison is killing ME for sure
And is giving excruciating pain

Free ME from this Infernal Hell, O Master
You have woken me up from my slumber
You have gifted me with Love, Peace, Bliss and Infinite Grace
And a gift given by You remains for ever, as you say!

But, then, what’s the use of all this?
It’s all a waste if I am not able to give it back to you through this illusory world
May be this world has given nothing to me
May be this lifetime has given nothing to me

Yes! Nothing have these given to me less than the GREATEST
A perpetual test of My Love, Faith, Forbearance and the power to forget and forgive
To bring me again and again to the Inner World of the Self
A haven of peace, joy and bliss that are expressions of the Virgin Self

Now that the gates are open and I am in
Pick me up in your arms as your newborn infant
Let me grow up under your love and care
From infancy to childhood

Egoless, Mindless, and always hollow and empty
To be full with YOUR GRACE
Which is the bark I hold on to in this ocean of sansara or world-consciousness
Lead Me O Master from Darkness to Light!