Lessons in Life

No one can dictate to you how to live life for they have not gone through what you have gone through. But they can share with you what they have learnt from their life. If it appeals to you , take it, otherwise , leave it but still be thankful to them. For, many a time, we learn our lessons in life from others’ experiences. Open-mindedness is always a blessing.

Mother Earth on rampage


Alas! How  Mother Earth trembles in fury!
She rolls her  eyes and sticks out her tongue
Unlike her usual self – a picture of infinite patience, forbearance and forgiveness
All Nature beholds her and awaits Her Command

She stamps her foot  in unbridled anger
She swings and shakes, roars and quakes to ‘unleash’ her fury!
And man, who has been taking Her for granted,  shrieks in fear
As he beholds Her tearing apart houses, monuments and life-size statues alike
The house he built ,to keep him and his near and dear ones secure ,is now in shambles!


Her roars reverberate in the mountains and beyond
The Himalayan Ranges shiver and shake at the core!
And send avalanches down on man
And all that he has held dear!

I shiver within , kneel down, pray and ask for Mercy
I pray to Mother Nature for forgiveness
Yes! A prayer pours forth from my very soul
On behalf of all mankind – to forgive man!

Yes! To forgive man for taking Mother Earth for granted
Taking Her  so much for granted that She can bear it no longer
Man has crossed all limits in misusing all the gifts of Nature
For his own vested interests, thereby depriving  other species of their equal rights to existence!

He  used to cut wood for shelter and use animals for transport
But now he destroys entire forests for his vested interest
He exploits the other species on this planet
And deprives them of their right to exist peacefully

Neither does he co-exist peacefully with other species
Nor does he do so with his own
For man  has become man’s enemy
Man kills man in the name of religion, caste, colour, race, creed and what not!

Man has built imaginary walls between himself and others
Which has ended in partition of families, states and nations alike
Man has become very selfish and very insensitive to Nature
And has forgotten that Nature is the biggest gift given to him by His Creator!

Man wants to deprive God of His sole right to give life and take it
And has dared to usurp this right for his own selfish ends
And has forgotten this fact he can’t give life
And only the One who can give life can take it!

So also has man trespassed all limits and degraded himself
Yes! He has further degraded himself in the Lord’s Eyes
By committing the greatest of sins – of women’s molestation and rape
In this demoniac act, he doesn’t spare even the girl-child !

Man covers up his nefarious activities by vile endeavours
And by conniving with those who are accessories to the crime!
Man has robed his malice in mock-piety and feigned innocence
By this he may have convinced his family, his society, his state or nation

But never can be hide his ugly nakedness from His Creator’s X-Ray Eyes
And it won’t be long before all his endeavours will come to nought
For sure is he to bring more misfortune to himself

 And with him ,many around!

The natural calamities come as warning signals to man to redeem himself

Yes! To redeem himself before it’s too late!
It’s high time man stopped burning temples, churches or mosques
And declare himself as being true to his Faith
For His Lord is anywhere and everywhere

The Lord  spoke in angry tones
And it resounded in my ears, my mind, my soul and my very being
He said, “ I didn’t create Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Sikh!
It’s man who has  done so
And thus built imaginary walls between himself and others

I reside in the heart of the true devotee
My Love is sans caste, creed, colour, race, state, language and nation
To Me the true devotee is one who follows My Path
And loves all mankind and all flora and fauna that He has created!

On one who loves Me, birth and death have no hold
For be it in this life or in after life,  I am there for him
Leading the Way, Lighting the Path before him
For  lifetimes, for yugas, for Eternity!”

Tears of regret for man’s moral degradation
And tears of gratitude for God’s Infinite Love
Poured forth and washed away many sins with them!
When I knelt down again and said, “Forgive us, O Lord, For we know not what we do”!

Yes! We know not what we do
For power over other creatures on this planet has distorted our perception
And made us greedy, cruel and insensitive
Thus have we strayed far away from our true nature!

Forgive us one last time
And give us one last chance to redeem ourselves
Give us the power to discriminate between right and wrong
Pray give us pure Intellect, a prayerful heart full of Love and Sweet Surrender

And pray guide us in the path of life – to live and let live
And to  truly celebrate life  with the entire Creation
To reinstate ourselves in Your Heart and regain Paradise Lost!
Amen! Amen! Amen!

The Oasis

The caravan of my life was moving ahead , sometimes , on its wheels, swiftly  across vast stretches of lush green pastures, , and sometimes, on its wings,  flying effortlessly across the blue expanse high up;  sometimes , as a ship, surfing through turbulent seas or sailing through calm seas, and,many a time, trudging along deserts of empty pleasures and meaningless pain. Nothing could hold me for long; nothing could quench my thirst; they only satiated me , never satisfied me. Then , all of a sudden, I found myself in front of an oasis…the oasis of Infinite Love, Peace, Compassion and Wisdom. I drank and drank and drank  and every drop satisfied me, but didn’t satiate me…nevertheless, the thirst became more and more and instead of leading to fatigue, this thirst rejuvenated me and made me feel complete and yet thirsting….thirsting…..and thirsting!



All the colors of the rainbow are present in white but these colors are distinctly visible only when taken through a prism. Similarly, all the divine qualities are already present in our consciousness; so also are there some dormant talents yet to come out. These manifest themselves only when the Guru or a Spiritual Guide comes into our life. His Grace works like a prism to bring out all these which serve as tools for progress on the path…so, naturally, in life and in the life of others around.