Everyone of us ,has, many a time, becomes prey for the Ego-bug. Whenever we are bitten by the ego-bug, we become so vulnerable to triggers from others that we become miserable at the slightest pretext. And in reaction we trigger the egos of others. This is so contagious that it can create negative vibrations all around us wherever we go. This chain reaction ,resulting in clash of egos, is the root-cause of many of the problems in the family, at work, in social circles, in the political and the spiritual arenas, and where not!
Ego is a ‘must’ for survival in this world. It is a propeller for progress in life. But a propeller is meant to just give an initial ‘push’ and let go. The same way we need to use our ego skilfully to go ahead and to help others to go ahead.
If we let our ego bloat too much, we can get hurt and can hurt others for the most trivial of reasons. This can be very damaging for all concerned.
A bloated ballon bursts even when pierced by the tiniest of pins or needles. This is an apt analogy for a person puffed up with ego .
Once a person acknowledges this fact about ego, instead of defying it or justifying his or her words and actions, he or she remains a witness, and is not entangled in the antics of the ego, be it of himself or herself, or, be it ,of others around.
The ego-bug can bite anyone, any time, any place. It can be at home, at school,at work, or in the political, the igious and the spiritual arenas.
That’s why it is said that service to Humanity as service to God may or may not be what it appears to be. Someone working for a living in a hospital may or may not be doing selfless service to God. For, it is not the work we do that’s the criterion for true service; it is the intention and the attitude that makes our work selfless service, even if we may get paid for it. Many a time, we do service for ego-gratification, whether we realise and acknowledge it or not. This ego may be looking for praise, fame, success,power,etc.
A person doing an apparent service with an ego motive is as dangerous as the wolf was in sheepskin ,as the story goes.
We can’t eat food without salt. But we can’t eat the food if the salt is not proportionate to the quantity, or, we can only throw away the food.Similarly, in any relationship, both parties need to give only as much food for the ego as will be symbiotic, Or else , such food as are our words and actions will be internecine . Hence a lot of skill is required in maintaining any relationship.
There’s no need for us to obsess ourselves about ego-busting – be it ours, or, be it someone else’s. The more we resist it or try to suppress it, the more it will manifest.
Nowadays, most of the times that I have a problem in any relationship or at work, I have stopped analysing the motives and actions of others. I go through the disturbing experience just like any third party would do – I mean – a part of me remains uninvolved in the situation and that part of me helps me to sustain my sense of humour ,or, even if I forget to laugh for sometime, the buoyant part of me re- asserts itself. I am, hence able to remain much less affected by such situations than I used to be, before, though perfection is a long way off.or, may be, it’s a linear process! This change has stabilised my mind and emotions to a considerable extent, and, I am happy about it – I am able to handle my ego in a more efficacious manner.
In an aware state of mind, you may take it all as a game, and even give loose rope to the ego once in a while – just to see whether it has been tamed enough! The monkey-trainer also trains the monkey in a similar manner. He ties one end of a rope on the neck of the monkey and holds the other end in his hand. Sometimes, he gives loose rope to the monkey, and sometimes, he pulls the rope to discipline the monkey! A common sight that I have beheld to entertain the public with its antics
To sum it all up the taming of the ego can be a pleasurable and intriguing pastime, though , may be a little too pungent, sometimes. This pastime doesn’t limit itself to pleasure or humour as the motive but goes a long way in improving the quality of life one leads – believe it or not!

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