A Tribute to the Elephant


Majestic art thou, O Mighty One!

Towering above all ……man , animal and bird

Fearless and sure-footed

Yet thy eyes are big pools of innocence and divinity!

Albeit thy build be huge, thou art yet herbivorous!

Harming others is not thy nature

For only in fear and self-defence dost thou strike!

Or else “live and let live” is thy policy!

Thy gait has such unparalelled grandeur

That no catwalk can ever outdo!

When thou  trumpets, it echoes even in  the netherworld

And so does it reverberate in the open skies!

A king amongst kings art Thou, O Mighty Elephant!

A blessing to this planet

I pray to the Lord to give me that strength and courage

That thou has been gifted with!

May Thou be blessed with a carefree life

Free from fear of exploitation

Free from fear of extinction

Free from fear of being driven out of your habitat!

Live well! Live in freedom! Live in peace!

Live in  celebration of life

May He protect Thee as a mother dost her child!

Amen! Amen! Amen!



Hey! Look! What a lovely sight up above!

The sky beckons to your soul with its multiple hues

Golden, orange, blue and white and silver-grey

He seems eager to meet the Earth on the horizon!

He will merge into Her in all His Glory

And find solace in Her dark tresses

To rise again in His Glorious Form

Spread Light and Joy as he gallops along in his Silver Chariot!

It’s Sunset Glory! It’s the Greatest Love Story

The love of God for all His Creation

Earth and Sky, Moon and the Stars

Man and Beast, Bird and Fish,Trees and Flowers!

What is there on this planet not embraced in His Loving Fold

The Sun rises in glory and sets in glory

To repeat the story day-to-day, year to year, yugas to yugas

And so gives us a message!

Yes! It’s a message to man

That man passes through different phases in life

All that he sorrows over are never for ever

For they disappear in their own time as darkness or night does!

And then knowledge dawns, awareness dawns, joy dawns in life

As the day dawns and brings light to the world

Beginning of Love, Peace and Bliss…End of despair, sorrow and futile worry

It’s Sunset Glory! The Lord’s Love Story!

Small Mind & Big Mind

Whenever I am able to be just a witness and watch the antics of the mind with dispassion, all its distortions shrink back into it and do not manifest as thought, word and action.What a wonder this human mind is! But the greater wonder is The Big Mind or the Supreme Consciousness that guides ,counsels and leads the human mind all the way ,on this life-journey!

The Rainbow

When clouds appear on the horizon, the Sun becomes invisible ,but it’s still there. When the clouds pour down as rain the Sun pours forth its light and the rainbow is formed.

A similar phenomenon happens in a seeker’s life when the mind is clouded by transient things such as doubt, bitterness and negative thinking. And when these clouds disappear, the mind begets its light, and spreads it all around,and,life within and without – both become colourful –  like the rainbow.