Hey! Look! What a lovely sight up above!

The sky beckons to your soul with its multiple hues

Golden, orange, blue and white and silver-grey

He seems eager to meet the Earth on the horizon!

He will merge into Her in all His Glory

And find solace in Her dark tresses

To rise again in His Glorious Form

Spread Light and Joy as he gallops along in his Silver Chariot!

It’s Sunset Glory! It’s the Greatest Love Story

The love of God for all His Creation

Earth and Sky, Moon and the Stars

Man and Beast, Bird and Fish,Trees and Flowers!

What is there on this planet not embraced in His Loving Fold

The Sun rises in glory and sets in glory

To repeat the story day-to-day, year to year, yugas to yugas

And so gives us a message!

Yes! It’s a message to man

That man passes through different phases in life

All that he sorrows over are never for ever

For they disappear in their own time as darkness or night does!

And then knowledge dawns, awareness dawns, joy dawns in life

As the day dawns and brings light to the world

Beginning of Love, Peace and Bliss…End of despair, sorrow and futile worry

It’s Sunset Glory! The Lord’s Love Story!

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