Why a Regimen in life?

Without a regimen in life, we tend to become inert physically and gradually, mentally, and, in the long run,we become static in life i.e. we don’t channelize all the energy we gain by food and other natural resources,in a constructive way . That same energy, which,when channelized, can open up new avenues for us in life and keep us dynamic, gets blocked, and, it affects our physical and mental health.  This energy can be physical, intellectual or mental, or, all of them . An obstruction in the flow of any of these three energies can create a respective dis-rhythm in the psycho-somatic level. The intellect will be dulled; emotional imbalance can set in; mental disturbances can storm into one’s life….if one does not use all the gifts given by God to man. It’s like this…a machine,which runs on electricity, will be in good condition as long as it runs, and, as long as it is maintained, with regular servicing like oiling, etc. If it is not used for sometime, it may get rusted and may become useless after a period of time.

Hence the need for making one’s regimen in life…can be physical exercises , yoga, meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, sports,fine arts, etc. In fact, all the traditional customs such as making rangoli early in the morning, going to the temple, praying together as a family in the morning and in the evening, doing puja,or, following some ritual, are not an end in themselves , but, are the means to this end…..of disciplining and tuning the body, mind, intellect and emotions to collectively aid man in living life to its full potential and live it Nature’s Way. The optimum alignment of mind, body and breath leads to good physical , mental and emotional health, sharp intellect, unclouded memory and a fulfilling life…. a blessing to oneself and to all around.

Man is not an island in himself…he is a social being…and his life is incomplete without sharing all he has with his family, kith and kin, friends, society, and the world , at large. Of course, he benefits if he lives his life in seclusion. But, ultimately, he will not be content…for, what is that life,which is of no use to  others? Hence . there is an innate, instinctive urge in man to share… and such sharing between men enriches the lives of all concerned…to bring happiness, positivity, bliss, peace and contentment wherever they go!

Even Nature manifests a regimen …her seasons coming in rotation, the blooming , withering and again blooming of flowers as per the seasons, the sequence of the low and the high times on the Sea, the sunrise and the sunset…all these phenomena of Nature are a lesson to man…to maintain a regimen in life…one that will benefit oneself and others as well!


The lesser and lesser the thoughts , the deeper and deeper the silence
When  thoughts no longer get embedded in the mind,
They just come up and disappear like bubbles in the ocean.
Thoughts or no thoughts, the mind just dissolves into the ‘is’ state of being

Pleasure and pain, laughter and tears, good and bad
All are just in the periphery and can’t touch the mind
For the latter is cocooned in the ‘SELF”
And can’t be touched as long as it’s ‘mothered’ by His Grace!



In silent communion with Nature

in the language of silence

Steeped in the silence of the smooth-flowing river

Soothed by the murmur of the waves

The trees swaying in the light breeze

And bringing the fragrance of the flora around

So refreshing that all tiredness of body and mind disappear!

So rejuvenating that it seems to be food for the soul

A soul seeking that lost life! That lost bliss!

That lost peace! That lost innocence!That lost divinity!

All that the embodied soul lost when born in this world and while growing up!

Lost and Found! O Father Soul! Paradise Regained!

Indeed have Thou been Merciful in giving man ways and means to connect to himself

Through all that is in this Creation!

The river and its waves, the blue sky, and the birds, the flora and fauna

O Lord! Nature is Thy Greatest Gift to man, indeed!

Thank you O Master ! ( A Tribute to My MasterSri Sri on International Yoga Day)

guruji 14

Salutations  to Thee O Beloved Master!
Thou art one of the greatest gifts showered on us by the Almighty!
Tireless and selfless that Thou art!
Spending day-to-day for the good of mankind all over the world!

Thy dream to make the world stress-free
Reflects Thy Infinite Love for man
Nothing can bring greater peace and contentment in life
Than being in Thy Physical Presence and listening to Thy words of Wisdom!

Even as one among hundreds or thousands of those
Who believe in Thee and come to the Ashram…the haven of peace
One doesn’t feel lost, unheard or overlooked
In fact, one can experience Thy Grace
Here, There and Everywhere…….A wonder!

No distances can separate the Master from his disciple!
No barriers can block him or her from ‘His Line of Vision’!
Those All-Seeing ‘Eyes’ of thine are not bound by Space, Time or Distance!
Such  good fortune cannot be earned…it’s a gift from Heaven!

Thank You O Master!
Thank You for coming into My Life as My Guru!
Thank you for introducing me to myself
Through Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and other techniques
Masterminded by Thee and carried out by Thy Preceptors!

Oh! If only Thou could have come into my life earlier
I would have bid good riddance to  lots and lots of garbage
That I had carried along all the way from one lifetime to another
Anyway, it’s never too late..better late than never!

This is just a beginning for me
My inner journey towards myself as ‘flagged off’ by Thee
It’s a long,long, long way ”HOME, I know
For I am just born!

I may die, live and die and live again
The life-cycles may repeat themselves
Till such time as scheduled to be so
Life or death, body or no body…Thou art always there for me, I know!

O Beloved Soulmate! I prostrate before Thee!
For to me Thou art the Godsend sent to the Earth
To make me and others evolve
To bring true love, bliss , joy and contentment in this world!

I can’t believe it but I am so fortunate to have got thee as my Guru!
Salutations O Master!
May Thy vision of peace, love and universal brotherhood
Bear fruit by Thy Blessing!
Thank you, O Master, for this life, for my parents, kith and kin!

Thank you for all that I had gone through in life
For, without them ,Thou would not have come to me
Joys or sorrows, pain or pleasure, life or death
It’s a blessing all the way!

In fact those pains, sorrows and nightmares of my life
Those very ones that I thought were a curse in my life
Have turned out to be more of blessings
Than those which were apparently so!

So I have stopped judging myself , others and  what I go through in life
And just observe it all and let go!
For I know that nothing will happen to me without Thy Will
So am I fearless, peaceful , joyful and content in life!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


sri sri yogaYoga…yoga…yoga

It ‘s in the headlines nowadays
So also is it on FM, Television , Facebook and Twitter!
And of course going global  in a big way!
Who are those who practice and preach Yoga?

Many are seekers of good health
Some wisdom, and, some of peace
And ,some  others, may  be, of the satisfaction of being ‘trendy’!
No matter what he or she seeks

It is a new beginning and a fresh lease of life
For surely does it bring good health
And a disease-free body
Or, to say the least, reduces the suffering due to ailments
For many an ailment is due to stress and a harmful life-style

Surely does it lead to a stress-free mind
A pure intellect not dulled by fear, superstition doubt and negativity
Yoga , with regular practice, doesn’t bring any blessings from heaven
Neither does it increase the awareness, the power of the mind
Nor does it increase the IQ!

For all these are already there within!
Yoga just cleans the chakras
And rejuvenates each cell in the body
Unclogs the blocks that mar pure thoughts , reason and intellect

It stabilizes the mind and the emotions!
To manifest as power …of undivided focus, increased awareness
To tackle oneself, others in ‘to do or not to do’ situations!
Each of us is gifted equally by God

For He is as impartial as can be
But in the journey of lifetimes we have collected ‘muck’
And carried it along to this moment
It’s a psycho-somatic phenomenon!

All those moments that we have not lived in the present
Have remained as impressions within us
As health hazards…be it of the body, be it of the mind and the emotions
All these come to naught with regular practice of yoga!

Believe in it and do it and it happens!
For, what you believe in, happens to you!
Practice of yoga does not harm any religion, race or creed
But brings peace, bliss , contentment and positivity in life!

And the deepest impressions that are the subtlest possible
Can be erased with the practice of Sudarshan Kriya
It’s a wonder….the greatest of gifts given to man in this kaliyuga
Riot—worne as man is ‘within’ and ‘without’!

Man wants to swallow a few pills
And take the easy way out
To rid himself of disease of body and mind
He seems to get some relief by drinking, smoking and drugs!

All that he seeks from outside to rid himself of stress
Be it fine arts, sports , and other things that he loves to pursue
Are of course very good and do good
But then they can’t bring long-lasting results

For, the blocks within don’t let them do so
And these can be removed by nothing else by regular practice of yoga
So let’s all make a new beginning and rejuvenate ourselves
Let’s make a start to honor this International Day of Yoga!

Come one! Come all! Join the yoga bandwagon!
No better life,,, no greater luck…no change of people and circumstances
But, for sure, a change will happen in you, in course of time!
The same people, the same situations, the same world
The same challenges in life, but you alone won’t be the same!
You will change for the better!

Better health, less, lesser and least stress
Greater memory, A joyful disposition
A peaceful mind , increased awareness and a positive outlook!
The latter are our only hope of remaining happy and peaceful

For if we are peaceful and happy, we spread the same around us
For without all of us being happy
We can’t make it a better world for our posterity
So … Yoga , Yoga, and Yoga!

Let’s all commit ourselves to regular practice of yoga
On a daily basis at least for the next three months
Let’s  do it 100%, putting our heart and soul into it
With unshakable faith and grateful hearts!

It’s time to come together this way
The only way to uplift the collective consciousness
And slowly but surely bring about a change
Yes ! A change within ourselves, in the family, in society, in the nation, in the world and in All Creation!

May the Lord bless each of us
With the awareness and willingness to receive this gift !
Come One! Come All
Gift yourself with this golden opportunity!

To ‘meet yourself’, ‘understand yourself’ ‘love yourself’ and love all!
And bring out the real YOU from within
And live life to your optimum
And then do you spread the fragrance Nature’s Way!

Mother Nature


Sunset Glory tells a tale!

The tale of Nature’s love for all Creation!

She has bounteous gifts for man!

One of these being the sight of the setting sun

Especially when sitting on the beach

And watching as the sun goes down and still down

And disappears behind the hills

But leaves light enough to see the wonder!

The wonder of the smoothly flowing waves

And of the fragrance of some flowers

Being brought by a waft of the breeze

One can look at the waves and look on , on and on!

The birds fly back home to their nests in flocks!

Time seems to stand still and the mind becomes a non-entity!

One of those moments when the divinity within is sparked

Yes! Sparked by the calm and peaceful surroundings

In Those moments do I find fulfillment in life

Such fulfillment that even if death calls, I will depart gladly

Sans mind

Sans world-consciousness and the garbage that it brings with it!

Thank you, O Mother Nature, for thy gift to man

Thy gift to man to be aware of thy bounteous gifts!