Thank you O Master ! ( A Tribute to My MasterSri Sri on International Yoga Day)

guruji 14

Salutations  to Thee O Beloved Master!
Thou art one of the greatest gifts showered on us by the Almighty!
Tireless and selfless that Thou art!
Spending day-to-day for the good of mankind all over the world!

Thy dream to make the world stress-free
Reflects Thy Infinite Love for man
Nothing can bring greater peace and contentment in life
Than being in Thy Physical Presence and listening to Thy words of Wisdom!

Even as one among hundreds or thousands of those
Who believe in Thee and come to the Ashram…the haven of peace
One doesn’t feel lost, unheard or overlooked
In fact, one can experience Thy Grace
Here, There and Everywhere…….A wonder!

No distances can separate the Master from his disciple!
No barriers can block him or her from ‘His Line of Vision’!
Those All-Seeing ‘Eyes’ of thine are not bound by Space, Time or Distance!
Such  good fortune cannot be earned…it’s a gift from Heaven!

Thank You O Master!
Thank You for coming into My Life as My Guru!
Thank you for introducing me to myself
Through Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and other techniques
Masterminded by Thee and carried out by Thy Preceptors!

Oh! If only Thou could have come into my life earlier
I would have bid good riddance to  lots and lots of garbage
That I had carried along all the way from one lifetime to another
Anyway, it’s never too late..better late than never!

This is just a beginning for me
My inner journey towards myself as ‘flagged off’ by Thee
It’s a long,long, long way ”HOME, I know
For I am just born!

I may die, live and die and live again
The life-cycles may repeat themselves
Till such time as scheduled to be so
Life or death, body or no body…Thou art always there for me, I know!

O Beloved Soulmate! I prostrate before Thee!
For to me Thou art the Godsend sent to the Earth
To make me and others evolve
To bring true love, bliss , joy and contentment in this world!

I can’t believe it but I am so fortunate to have got thee as my Guru!
Salutations O Master!
May Thy vision of peace, love and universal brotherhood
Bear fruit by Thy Blessing!
Thank you, O Master, for this life, for my parents, kith and kin!

Thank you for all that I had gone through in life
For, without them ,Thou would not have come to me
Joys or sorrows, pain or pleasure, life or death
It’s a blessing all the way!

In fact those pains, sorrows and nightmares of my life
Those very ones that I thought were a curse in my life
Have turned out to be more of blessings
Than those which were apparently so!

So I have stopped judging myself , others and  what I go through in life
And just observe it all and let go!
For I know that nothing will happen to me without Thy Will
So am I fearless, peaceful , joyful and content in life!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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