In most cases, those who have acquired wealth the easy way don’t realise its value.

On the other hand,those who have earned wealth the hard way realise its value.

Looking at this fact from a different perspective, one experiences great  joy in buying something by saving from hard-earned money .

On the other hand, one who can just buy things as and when one wants, without thinking about expenses, loan-payment etc. does not have any joy in spending it. Whether buying peanuts or a high-end property, it’s the same to the one who wields the power of wealth.

I have come to this conclusion by indirect experience through contacts in my social circle. Quite a few of those who were born ‘stinking rich’ are now living as any of the middle-income group, striving for survival and small comforts in life. They had the resource earlier but did not have the know how to handle it well. For, neither did they  know how to sustain it by re-investing some of it for future returns, nor did they have the power of discrimination to know who were their true friends and well-wishers and who were there with them just for their wealth. It’s been rightly said “when money is in plenty, friends are in twenty;when your purse is empty, there is not one in twenty.” This is the plight of some of them I know. And the pity of it is that they are very good human beings who have done a lot of good for the less fortunate in their golden days.

Given The power of money which can buy many luxuries of this world, one needs to have the maturity not to be a slave to it, for, then,without it, one cannot be happy. In fact, many who have the power of wealth don’t lead a stress-free and happy life due to which they don’t enjoy good health. Similarly, many of the middle-income group ,who don’t have enough money to save for the future,live day to day in stress, worrying about their children , their post-retirement life etc.

in contrast, the laborer,who earns on a daily basis, is less stress-free for he experiences the stark reality- the struggle for survival day-to-day ,and has hardly any time to worry about the future. He works for his family’s next meal!

Everyone, who works hard,would like to earn a lot of money….fine! But the only thing we need to remind ourselves is that one cannot be happy just by having a lot of money… In that case,all those,who are wealthy, must be happy, which, most are not. In fact, it can be otherwise also. I recollect my Master’swords , “Many lose their  good health to earn wealth and spend half of their wealth to earn back good health!” By this He must be meaning that we should not be desperate or feverish for wealth. It’s okay to have wealth to live well in this world, but one should be satisfied at some point in life for whatever one has been blessed with. This can happen only if one looks at those who are less fortunate than oneself. If one looks at those who are more fortunate in life, one may feel unhappy and disappointed, unless one takes them as inspirations or examples to progress in life, which is the right attitude.

So, to put it in a nutshell, man’s happiness or unhappiness has nothing to do with money. It depends on his outlook in life, and his attitude towards money is one of the main criteria that can affect his happiness.

Money!Money!Money! It is a blessing like any other of this world like beauty, status, fame, etc. But it depends on man to keep it so or not to make it a curse!

The greatest wealth is to have peace and contentment in life which should be the forerunner to acquire anything,be it of this world, or, be it beyond! If one’s peace and contentment is conditional I.e. if it depends on one’s possession of the assets of this world, one can never be peaceful and truly happy.

Another truth which comes to light about man’s struggle in running after health is that he does it, to a certain extent, to fulfill his needs, after which,it becomes a way of getting recognition in the family circle, in the workplace, in his social circles. This is so because only those who have the power of wealth are recognized and respected in our society. The power of money brings, name, fame, social status… everything with it. But we need to bear in mind that this respect and recognition is not for him but for his money, and hence, is not true, and hence, not lasting. If he stops bothering about such false standards of respect, and just respects himself, he will be peaceful and contented with what he has and still do his best to progress in life
When one is peaceful and content and not greedy, the Higher Force sees to it that one doesn’t have dearth of anything one needs in life. Before the need for something arises, it is taken care of. That has been my experience in life, many a time.

O Lord! May all those, who toil for survival, be blessed with enough to fulfill their needs!
May not Greed for more and more destroy man’s peace of mind!
May not wealth and its power bring strife among men!
May it not widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots!
May it not corrupt the human minds
To lead to degeneration of lasting values And society thereof!
May it not be man’s priority
That he lives life in vanity
And loses his sanity!

Hero and villain

The other day, I happened to watch a Bollywood movie, in which an actor who had been playing only a hero’s role, has acted in a villain’s role. And, believe me, he has acted as well as he has done in a hero’s role.

This triggered a thought in me…When it comes to acting, which would be easier…acting the role of a hero or that of a villain?

Well, generally, I mean,ruling out exceptions, I would say that acting the role of a hero would be an easier task than acting the role of a villain.

I feel it is so because everyone has aspired to be a hero many a time in life and has become so, at least in his drama, if not in real life. This is so because by nature,  no one wants to be a villain…to be violent and commit some crime or other…may be robbery, may be murder, may be rape.

Hence it is more challenging to do a villain’s role for any actor. For, I am sure, no one in his right mind would dream of killing anyone or committing any other crime. For, these crimes are committed on an impulse.. .a sudden rush of unprecedented fury. Most of the criminals commit a crime in a dis-balanced state of the mind plagued by a rush of negative emotions and fury which comes like a tornado to engulf them and take them away in dangerous twists, turns and whirls to destruction. All that come in the path of this fury is destroyed.

When it comes to real life….No one is born a criminal…I mean no one is born evil, wanting to harm others….It is the circumstances  not conducive to growth, not nurturing the mind, the emotions and the intellect, in fact leading to an imbalance in all these levels, that lead to an individual’s negative reaction to such circumstances. A repetition of these or a constant exposure to such circumstances at an age, when the mind, the emotions and the intellect are yet to mature fully, change the individual from a peace-loving, ordinary, sociable, positive person to a lonely, confused, cynical, bitter, disillusioned person, who can commit any crime at any time in an outburst of any strong emotion.

And, no one is born a hero. It’s the play of circumstances that are conducive to bringing out the latent gifts in an individual that go a long way in making him a hero, at least in his own eyes. This is becoming the hero the easy way or the natural way.

Another class of heroes are those who have walked on thorns all their life , but have taken every hurdle on their path as a challenge and persistently , relentlessly, pushed themselves in life, to live life the best way possible. This class of heroes are the ones ,who not only reach the top, but stay there!

So, it all boils down to this fact that a villain or a criminal has in all possibility gone through a lot of pain, rejection and disappointment in life . The only difference of the two classes of criminals is that the former succumb to their circumstances and become victims of these ,to bring harm to others , and , most of all, to themselves, whereas, the latter refuse to be victimized by their circumstances,and cross every hurdle on their way to come out stronger, mentally, emotionally, and, with a much-tested,and hence sharper intellect. They are just like gold, that, when taken through fire, becomes purer and shines more!

So no one is a criminal or a culprit. All are victims.

However, this fact should not be an excuse for anyone to commit a crime, when we become aware that we are overcome by circumstances, we can heal ourselves and remain in our nature. And such healing can happen by regular mediation, pranayama, and, Sudarshan Kriya. In course of time, we will get back to that natural balanced state of mind. And then no nightmarish experiences in life can victimize us.

We can survive it all as an individual , as a family, as a society,as a nation, as the world, if we can heal ourselves , heal others around, and, march forward .



Swimming along together

Till they reach their destination

Sometimes with the current

That makes it faster and easier for them

And sometimes against the current

When it flows in the opposite direction to their destination

Which makes it very difficult and nightmarish

But together when most in need of one another

They take it as a challenge and take it on

Self-trust,mutual trust

And most of all trust in the Grandsire Waterbird

That has seen them through thick and thin

From their birth to this moment

And will surely do only what is good for them

So gratefully they sing His Glory in chorus


Glory to Our Grandsire

For keeping us together always

In loving and peaceful co-existence

You are with us all moment-to-moment

Hence we are not afraid

And we celebrate life every moment”



Peace,peace and peace!

So serene and peaceful he looks

With a hand raised to bless all,

He reflects the peace within

In Him, In you, in me,in all

Just as looking into the mirror

One beholds  oneself

Looking at His form,His face

Looking into His eyes

Turns one inward into oneself

To experience the very love,peace and divinity within

Man and God merge into the One

That was,is,and, will be!

That moment of love, peace and fulfilment in life

As cannot be expressed in verses

Is a shower of Grace from the Divine!

One such moment experienced is priceless

Even many lifetimes lived

With all worldly gifts in abundance

But still lacking,still wanting ,still searching!

Cannot be equalled with this one moment!

O Lord! Only if I could stretch this moment to eternity!

Unconditional Love

As long as there are expectations in a relationship, unconditional love is not possible.

This realization strikes a chord in my mind . A voice inside me says that it’s impossible for man to have no expectations at all in a relationship, whichever it it siblings, be it parent-child ,be it husband and wife, be it friends, or be it any other.

The degree of expectation may differ from more to less and least when it comes to such relationship as the parents’ is, with their children, the most unconditional of all earthly relationships,

Thus unconditional love remains impossible but only as long as one is in one of the lower states of consciousness.

When, by a touch of Grace,a human being experiences the bondage that makes relationships so conditional, a strong intention to be free of it rises in him.But he can’t break free from it by his efforts. He acknowledges the play of the Divine in binding him to worldly ties. The more he wants to break free, the more and more the bondage.

The journey of man from bondage in every relationship to a strong bond with one and all culminates in his being free from all bondage. Thereafter , he starts living  all relationships of this world in bliss, peace and a sense of fulfillment . Strong bonds of love gradually but surely take roots in relationships that had almost been dead or had been just a way of existing in life and not living it, actually.

Any human being in whose life such a transformation happens is one of those most fortunate ones , for, this miracle can happen only by His Grace.

Only when man starts to love all those around whom God has gifted him with, can he be said to have taken the first step towards God. For, it is easy to believe that one loves God or Guru or any form that one believes in, unconditionally ,for, it is not a human-to-human relationship albeit the form may be a living Guru or spiritual guide. It is the most difficult but not impossible to love unconditionally with those one lives with and moves with in life…one’s parents,children, siblings, kith and kin and friends. The man-god equation is the final step and the easiest…the steps leading to it are all these relationships which are tools given to man to evolve and go higher and beyond, to his Eternal Self.

To meet God, we need to be human first in every way. We need to go through the uneven terrain of relationships, love, expectations and desires, passion , bondage, dissatisfaction followed by the quest for the Ultimate Reality slowly paving the way for knowledge of the Self and the wisdom to understand and live life and relationships to the full…..enjoying it all but still untouched by it all….that is man’s path to unconditional love as paved by God!


Positivity is not a state of this capricious little mind…a facade put on for survival in the world ,which wears off after a while, to show one’s true colours.

It’s a state of consciousness that is undisturbed by the vagaries of the little mind.It may be clouded by the mind, but only for a while,after which, it surfaces again with renewed strength, just as the Sun comes out after the rain .


It’s not a dry withered leaf that is blown here and there by every gust of the wind
It’s not a baloon that deflates with just a small pinprick
It’s not a bubble that comes up and disappears every split second
it’s not a seasonal tree that gives  fruits only in its season

it’s the Sun that rises every morning and gives new life to everything
it’s the Holy River that can’t be polluted by anything
it’s the grass that can’t be uprooted even by a storm
It’s the Light within that keeps burning in the embodied soul to show the way!

It’s FAITH that keeps us strong and stable
Be it in good times or be it during nightmarish experiences
FAITH in the SUPREME FORCE keeps hope alive at all times
FAITH in a higher force lifts one in Divine Love, humility and sweet surrender!

Lucky is the human being blessed with such Faith
For it is a gift from the Divine and can’t be earned!
Hence the ways to earn it remains an eternal wonder
So does the one who knows this has a prayer on his lips always

It’s a prayer to be blessed with such Faith
As cannot be shaken by the people and events in one’s life
As cannot be clouded by doubts and scepticism
As can bless one and others around with peace, bliss and harmony

For, Faith, be it in oneself, be it in God or in whatever it be
Is synonymous with life
And when Faith shakes or crumbles one experiences death
Which is an experience of the Light within slowly being extinguished
The soul experiences such death as compared to which the death of the body is nothing!

So the only prayer that is always on my lips
Is to be blessed with such Faith
As is priceless
And all other gifts of this world are a trifle when compared to this

We are but mortals prone to folly and sin
But YOU are there for us to redeem us and take us back home
So may you test us, chide us, punish us as The Leading Light
But pray don’t take away the gift you have given us…our FAITH!



Each from a different flock

But co-existing not by their own choice

Yet living together in peace and harmony

Blissful in the company of the others in the group!

Not brooding on what’s no longer in their fate

The home far away where their kith and kin lived

No nostalgia, no sorrow, no regrets

Just being in the present moment !

Human Life and God

Pain makes a man realise
That inspite of all that
He enjoys of this world
He is powerless against the Divine Will!

He has experienced pleasure many a time
Many an achievement has turned his head
And so has he forgotten the truth
The impermanence of all – including himself!

So has he experienced many a pain
And has felt powerless and forsaken
And the very thought has ennobled him
But only for a while – till luck turns in his favor again!

Thus does his  life swing to and fro like a pendulum
Between joys and sorrows, good and evil,success and failure
It keeps the life-force moving
As otherwise life would be static and man will not progress

Yes, Man will not progress on his quest
Which he is on, knowingly or unknowingly
His quest to know the true purpose of his life
What he has come into this world for!

So God knows what is good for man and what is not
He makes man go through it all
And he is there with him always, moment-to-moment
Sometimes leading him,sometimes behind him

Sometimes walking beside him
And sometimes picking him up in His Arms!
So human life as God has made it is fine as it is
Could not have been better even if man had planned it himself!

Thank you Lord for this human life
This body, this breath, this mind
These senses, these feelings and emotions
These little pleasures and pains and the entire life-play!