It’s not a dry withered leaf that is blown here and there by every gust of the wind
It’s not a baloon that deflates with just a small pinprick
It’s not a bubble that comes up and disappears every split second
it’s not a seasonal tree that gives  fruits only in its season

it’s the Sun that rises every morning and gives new life to everything
it’s the Holy River that can’t be polluted by anything
it’s the grass that can’t be uprooted even by a storm
It’s the Light within that keeps burning in the embodied soul to show the way!

It’s FAITH that keeps us strong and stable
Be it in good times or be it during nightmarish experiences
FAITH in the SUPREME FORCE keeps hope alive at all times
FAITH in a higher force lifts one in Divine Love, humility and sweet surrender!

Lucky is the human being blessed with such Faith
For it is a gift from the Divine and can’t be earned!
Hence the ways to earn it remains an eternal wonder
So does the one who knows this has a prayer on his lips always

It’s a prayer to be blessed with such Faith
As cannot be shaken by the people and events in one’s life
As cannot be clouded by doubts and scepticism
As can bless one and others around with peace, bliss and harmony

For, Faith, be it in oneself, be it in God or in whatever it be
Is synonymous with life
And when Faith shakes or crumbles one experiences death
Which is an experience of the Light within slowly being extinguished
The soul experiences such death as compared to which the death of the body is nothing!

So the only prayer that is always on my lips
Is to be blessed with such Faith
As is priceless
And all other gifts of this world are a trifle when compared to this

We are but mortals prone to folly and sin
But YOU are there for us to redeem us and take us back home
So may you test us, chide us, punish us as The Leading Light
But pray don’t take away the gift you have given us…our FAITH!

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