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It’s the only lifesaver that comes to my aid to enable me to survive amidst ‘ life-storms’. Without it, I would get ‘yoked’ with the trials and tribulations of life. It’ the only weapon that I wield and stand in the battlefield of life, when all others are wrested from me . It leads me through ‘dark’ alleys, in which fearsome, hideous monsters are waiting to attack any easy ‘prey’, into the kingdom of Light. Without it,I can’t survive. Others can disarm me of all weapons except of Hope. Hope is that weapon which can’t be wrested from me by anyone buy by me myself! So I keep this weapon sharp and ready every moment by meditation, whatever service I can do, and, prayer. I can’t buy Hope like I can buy the other weapons for battle. It is not made from steel or iron but from God’s Grace Bounteous…

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Many of us have the UPS at home. It is always on and connected to the Mains. When the power supply from the Mains turns off, it supplies power , and then gets re-charged when the Mains turn on. It’s very simple; we just need to buy the UPS and connect it to the Mains.

Similarly , in this human birth, all of us have our own Main Connection to keep life going…whether it be by visiting temples, churches or dargahs, or, be it chanting prayers or mantras and counting the rosary, we have all experience the Life-Force current sustaining us in every situation in life.

Yet, sometimes ,nay, many a time, in life, and especially, due to the stress levels going up-day-to-day in today’s environment, we become victims of stress and don’t realize it till such time as it takes its toll on the mental, physical…

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I watched in fascination

As the tortoise crawled slowly along

And, as I watched, it suddenly drew itself into its shell!

I stood rooted to the spot, wondering at its unprecedented action!

And, as I looked around for a reason

I found its predator slithering away into the bushes

The tortoise could have smelt danger

And withdrawn into its shell, in self-defence!

This spectacle struck a chord in my mind

And, I mused over an analogous situation in human life

When the seeker on the path senses the danger

Yes! the dangers that may thwart his progress!

Dangers of ego, doubt, desire,anger, lust  and greed  

Such negativity as paves the way for confusion and non-clarity of mind

Such dangers as will not only impede his progress

But also goad him to regress his steps !

But, the seeker, awakened in Spirit

Observes this phenomenon, and, withdraws into…

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What is it that makes me ask these questions again and again?
Why is it that every time, I come up with new answers to them?
And how is it that still these questions persist in me?
When is it that I will get the ultimate answer to these questions?
Where is it that these questions come from?
And who is it that is asking these questions , again, and again, and again?

In me are thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires
In me are likes and dislikes, expectations and disappointments
In me are ego , hatred, fear,jealousy, anger , lust and greed
In me are love, peace, bliss, contentment and wisdom

In me are Jesus,Krishna, Allah , and the Gurus
In me are Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Sky
In me are every man, animal, bird, fish and insect
In me are mountains, valleys, waterfalls and deserts

In me are…

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I strolled across the counryside 

‘Inebriated’ by its ‘pulsating’ beauty

It all looked like an idyllic painting on a canvas!

I drank to the last ‘dregs’ the  ’scented breath’ of exotic flowers brought to me by a waft of the breeze!

The path lined up with flowering trees on both sides awed me with their presence

And  I was drawn by an unknown force to a river-bank

To squat on it and gaze on, mesmerized , at a lone white lotus

It was a moment of reveleation…a spark from the Souce, as I felt a silent communion with the lotus!

It stood tall, high, royal, and graceful!

The petals were half-open or half-closed

And its leaves floated above  in the water

Growing in it, and nurtured by it, yet, untouched by it!

The lotus grows, Nature’s way , to its full bloom

Be it a dirty pond, or be it…

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Love is the binding force behind all Creation

The Sun spreads its light and heat on one and all

Devoid of bias of caste, creed, race, religion and continent

The Moon showers her cool beams on man and animal alike

The stars twinkle and serve as an ornament to the sky


The Earth stretches out her arms

To embrace the Sky, Man, flora and fauna , in her fold

She bears with love and patience whatever she receives

Be it rain, be it heat, be it corpses, or, be it earthquakes


The rivers flow to merge with the Sea and the Sea towards the Ocean

The plants bear blossoms and the birds aid in  pollination

The flowers secrete nectar that the bees and the butterflies feast on

The bees give man honey and the silkworm, silk


The sheep give fur, the horse gives him a…

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Exploitation of animals



“Cling…clang! cling…clang!
As the sound reached my ears, it aroused my curiosity. I looked down from the window of my flat on the 4th floor of the apartment I stay in.
The sight that I beheld made me ponder ….and wonder!
A young man was walking along the road. He held a rope in his hands and a cow was tied to the rope at the other end.
It was 12-30p.m. (I.S.T). The man saved himself from the hot afternoon Sun with an umbrella.
What about the cow? It was exposed to the heat.
Something urged me to leave my routine chores and go down. I went to the gate and saw the man had halted there with the cow. A few ladies had approached with vermilion, a garland and some sweets and were worshiping the cow. The worship ended with the man extending his hand, a little too soon…

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Stress, Its Repercussions & Remedy



Bad experiences, failures , disappointments and disillusionment in life lead to stress and ultimately to poor physical and mental health.
Why do they lead to stress? They do so because we don’t know how to control our mind, how to control our emotions so as to be able to have a say on our thoughts, words and actions. We don’t have the skill to filter what we hear , what thoughts we let pass by, what thoughts we entertain and absorb to become words and actions.
We are human beings exposed to different environments, starting with the immediate environment of family, then school, kith and kin, peers, colleagues and so on.
These environments have been instrumental in making us what we are today….each of us…but they are only instruments not the root-cause., which is the identity crises – a projection of the human ego leading to a ‘self-image’.
It’s easily…

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Mother Earth on rampage



Alas! How  Mother Earth trembles in fury!
She rolls her  eyes and sticks out her tongue
Unlike her usual self – a picture of infinite patience, forbearance and forgiveness
All Nature beholds her and awaits Her Command

She stamps her foot  in unbridled anger
She swings and shakes, roars and quakes to ‘unleash’ her fury!
And man, who has been taking Her for granted,  shrieks in fear
As he beholds Her tearing apart houses, monuments and life-size statues alike
The house he built ,to keep him and his near and dear ones secure ,is now in shambles!


Her roars reverberate in the mountains and beyond
The Himalayan Ranges shiver and shake at the core!
And send avalanches down on man
And all that he has held dear!

I shiver within , kneel down, pray and ask for Mercy
I pray to Mother Nature for forgiveness
Yes! A prayer pours forth…

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