The greatest freedom is freedom from the bad memories of the past , those which had stayed because I had been associating them with the people who were part of it and attributing it to them,.Those memories and those people were just instruments of the Divine to take me through my karma towards realization and fulfilment.The moment this knowledge got firmly embedded in me, they dropped just as darkness is dispelled when a match is lit..

So, whatever happens in our life, good or bad as we perceive them to be, whoever comes into our life, with good impressions or bad ones on our mind, depending on how we have responded or reacted to them ,are blessings in disguise…to make one purer, stronger and more aware, now , only gratitude flows towards all those memories and people associated with them! It’s natural to feel gratitude for good memories and the people associated with them, but when it becomes your nature to be in the same flow as regards bad memories, a shift happens, as it has happened with me! I feel very light in body and mind and am able to look at life and its tests without fear, without bitterness, without sorrow, without disillusionment, without judgements, without expectations, and hence, with an experience of infinite freedom! Once the mind gives others freedom to think, speak and act the way they know to, it will exercise its freedom judiciously to save itself and not to get caught in the network of collective karma. I am free, I am free, I am free, this moment….may this moment lead me to the next and so on…..Amen! Amen! Amen!

Memories of the past the bad ones , if stored, bring only utmost misery and hatred, spite and bitterness and feeling of revenge. It kills you every moment, though you don’t realize it, just like the tapeworm,once it gets into the brain, slowly but gradually eats into our entrails. Whether the others who your anger is against, who you want to take revenge on, are disturbed by it or not is besides the issue,for, if they are , it’s not due to you; it’s due to their own lack of awareness’; if they are not; it’s due to their awareness that bygones are bygones, neither party can re-play the life-scene and correct it, we can only make a new script and new scenes with the same parties concerned!

Remember this! No one is perfect in this world! The closest understanding of perfection is when wisdom dawns that each human being is perfect the way he or she is, in God’s design.. see perfection in those ‘apparent’ imperfections! It’s just like a ‘jewel in rags, which when unravelled, shines through, till then, no one knows or recognizes it.

If you are not able to forget and forgive, others also may not be able to! For though you may say that you have not hurt anybody, you might have done so, though unintentionally and unawares. So, the people who were instruments for your bad experiences in life ,may also be in the same boat!

So, sit up and think! What would you like to do if you have nursed some grudges against some people till now? May the Almighty light your path with awareness, ability to take the most bitter pills of life with a sense of humour, a bigger perpective of life and the courage to work upon yourself!

Please say the following lines at least once a day from your heart

Free me! O Lord!

Free me from entanglements

Free me from ego

Free me from desires to hold on to my joys and the instruments for it!

Free me from sorrows and the desire to give ‘tit for tat’ to the instruments for it!

Free me from bondage as this is the root-cause of all these vagaries of the mind!

Free me from jealousy when it catches me awares and unawares

Free me from anger that is deadly and that clouds my reason and kills me within

Bless me to remain calm, detached and dispassionate

When confronting people and situations that may otherwise harm me and them and many others, as well

Bless me to be free from all judgements of people and situations in the past, present and future

Bless me to live in the present…moment-to-moment…in love,in prayer, in bliss, in GRATITUDE!

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