Humph! Humph! Humph!So the camel (‘Humphy’, as he was called) voiced himself
While trudging along with his owner
A sound he had so far been an alien to
For never had he been disgruntled and discontent before!

And so did he steal a scornful glance at his owner
Who abused him, cursed him, and, whipped him as they moved on
He was suddenly pulled to a halt and tied to a post
So that his owner could rest awhile under the shade of a shed

The camel sat on the hard concrete floor
And closed his eyes, to fall into a reverie
The cherished memories of his home…. far away
And the mere thought of those welcoming arms of the desert sands
Filled him with a deep sense of despair and nostalgia!

Suddenly His Maker stood before him
Tall and magnificent, majestic and ethereal!
The biggest and the most mystical…

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