Creative Art


Many a piece piece of creative art such as a painting, a sculptor or a piece of writing’, needs to be perceived and understood against its background , covertly or overtly as may be depicted by the artist , as a first step towards doing justice to it. By background, I mean, the personal background of the artist/writer/sculptor i.e. the kind of life that he or she has lived till that moment of self-expression happened; the state of consciousness in which the sculptor must have created his or her art – Be it Sir John Milton’s “On His blindness”, be it ” Autobiography of a yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda, be it “the power of Now” by Elkhart Tolle”, or, be it “You can heal your life” by Louise Lynn Hay.

Secondly, many or most of such creative art may have been directly or indirectly been influenced by the historical, social and political environment , and the social and cultural values prevalent at that place and in those times.

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