Bhavani Ramani
Bangalore, India

Bio: I have worked for almost 25 years teaching English language in schools and language academies, training students for soft skills, communication skills, verbal skills for CAT. I have also worked in a Pre-primary school and run a playschool for two sessions in my locality, I love music, dancing, reading. I also love attending self-growth programmes. I am currently an Art of Living volunteer set on "head empty, heart full and hands busy" mode by our Beloved Master His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, to make a difference to as many lives as possible. I am a writer ( not professional ) and have posted many of my writings in my blog "amrithdhaara.wordpress.com". Most of these writings are the outcome of an inner experience followed by " a spontaneous overflow of unpremeditated thought". I am still searching for something, I don't know what, something very, very deep within me, a jewel in rags, yet to be unravelled! Something that will solve this mystery of my life...what is its ultimate purpose? The quest goes on...and on...and ...on!

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. The sole purpose of Divine revelation, or of Divine truth, is that people do it; that they establish their principles, values and their character upon it. Hearing the truth and reflecting on it with a view to understanding it is essential, for we can do only that which we know and understand. But that is only a means to an end. Truth is given to us that we may live according to it – live it day by day in the course of our lives.

    There are three things that make one: affection, thought and deed. When the affections of our will are from the Lord and the thoughts of our understanding are from the Word, and these are ultimated or expressed in speech and act, then our spiritual house – our eternal abode – will stand firm and strong, and the fury of the hells will not prevail against it for it is founded upon “the rock” – the rock of Divine truth, known, understood, loved and lived. Amen.


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