Bhavani Ramani
Bangalore, India

Bio: Hi Everyone! To give you all an update about myself: A Palakkad Iyer hailing from Kerala in India, I lived in a bicultural environment of Tamilians(Tamil Naidu, a state in India)and Malayalis(Kerala, a state in India) till 21 years when I got married and moved to North India with my husband. I am a trained Post Graduate in English, and I worked for almost 25 years teaching and imparting training in English language skills till 2012, when I signed off. Since then, , I have been a homemaker only. I love taking care of my home and family, and, serve society, whenever I can, and in whatever way I can, as health and wealth permit, though heart wants to do more and more, for the multitudes of the less fortunate in my country, as, ‘charity begins at home’. Now, a miraculous transformation for the better, for me and for all who are my near and dear ones in my immediate environment. Earlier, till a few years back, I used to be mentally weak and emotionally so vulnerable that I just could not ‘sail through’, ‘wade through’, ‘cut through’ and ‘fly across’ - ‘rough weather’. In such situations, I used to die , it is rightly said – “A brave man dies only once. A coward dies many times”. So was I a coward – I dreaded being scolded, shouted at, teased and ridiculed . I used to live in a make-believe , illusory world of ideal relationships and an ideal, perfect world of only love and peace , and hence could not accept the relationships as they had been. This tacit imbalance that had been for many years, say, from early adolescence till that moment when healing started with Sudarshan Kriya. But, now , a miracle has happened, I am unbelievably strong now, mentally and emotionally – a welcome change for me, and for all who love me and care for my happiness. This has led to marked improvement in my closest and hence the most challenging relationships in life, and in my approach to this world. This has been possible only by the regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation, under the canopy of the Art of Living, and, solely by The Grace Infinite of My Beloved Master His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I started writing after a decade’s practice of Sudarshan Kriya when the healing process ‘took off’. And, it continued to flow in torrents of ‘unpremeditated thought’ for a few years, Then my writings became rare, I published almost all of those when I started blogging. Now, again, the Muse of poetry, the thinker, the philosopher, the ‘witness’ or the ‘observer’, ‘The Self’ is waking up after 'a long slumber.'. Dear All! Please don’t hesitate to like and follow it, giving your Email IDs , to get updates on new posts.And, please, don't hesitate to like and follow my blog. If , for you, the credibility of His Grace has to be stamped by visible credentials of this world – say, in terms of name, fame, riches, status, and other worldly connotations for success , you will be disappointed. I am very ordinary, simple, many a time, stupid, and many other time, a bit crazy or eccentric, at least as it seems to appear to many, who are confused and cannot understand me. But I am helpless about one thing. Most of the time, I cannot stop smiling. Very rarely does my smile turn into a frown or a grimace. And, even if it does, it is back where it belongs, in no time. It is ‘ NOW OR NEVER’. I am now secure in the womb of this Moment. I don’t know how long I will be there; I don’t know when I will come out. And it is ‘The Womb of the Mother Divine’, the Mother of all Creation!!!

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. The sole purpose of Divine revelation, or of Divine truth, is that people do it; that they establish their principles, values and their character upon it. Hearing the truth and reflecting on it with a view to understanding it is essential, for we can do only that which we know and understand. But that is only a means to an end. Truth is given to us that we may live according to it – live it day by day in the course of our lives.

    There are three things that make one: affection, thought and deed. When the affections of our will are from the Lord and the thoughts of our understanding are from the Word, and these are ultimated or expressed in speech and act, then our spiritual house – our eternal abode – will stand firm and strong, and the fury of the hells will not prevail against it for it is founded upon “the rock” – the rock of Divine truth, known, understood, loved and lived. Amen.


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