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The Takeaways from the Covid 19 pandemic.. (continued)

Q. 3.What a curse is this Covid 19 virus! No cook.. no laundry , no Big Basket or other door delivery! We have to do everything ourselves. It is very difficult with two small kids and two oldies and both of us working from home!

Ans. It’s very difficult I understand, for you have grown up with these necessities,
comforts or luxuries whatever you call them..courtesy to the socio-econoomic scenario you have grown up in, to the possible cushioning given by your elders and may be due to the fact that you are one of those who belong to a socio-economic class which is many times better than what they belonged to and that you can afford it!

If you look at it from the other angle, these people who give you these comforts also have children and they have the same fear about the future of their children. But theirs is imminent ..of the next few meals or after next month or after six months when they may need to eat out of their savings, if at all they have, in chit funds or gold scheme , in most cases, to be able to fund their children’s studies and marriage. . Their problem is graver it is for survival as compared to yours,which is just for a few more comforts or luxuries!

In fact, this is the time for you to loosen your purse-strings a little more (many may already be doing it), and also, along with your friends and relatives and/or living community form different groups, to pool funds and help to sustain a few families like them, those who don’t come under the canopy of any Labour Act ..who even the governing bodies may not be able to reach out to as they may know whom to approach and how to go about demanding their rights to livelihood and survival. Only those of you who hire their services can help them by continuing to pay their salaries or wages during this phase and giving them a much needed break from the immense physical and mental stress they take on in their outdoor work added to home tasks. Doing their work will also sensitise you more towards their problems and awaken compassion in you. You will realize that they are the real warriors not only now but always . It will open in you the value of The dignity of labour .
In fact you can cultivate the benefits of not being so dependent and totally helpless without maids , cooks etc. When you look out for examples you may find that many countries already live these values. These services are not available as easily as and as cheap as what you get these for here. Those doing similar work in some countries are an economically independent and thriving lot ,who are proud to fund themselves through any work for sustaining their families and for realizing their dreams such as funding own higher studies.

This doesn’t mean you don’t hire these services. Our economy is yet to reach out to these lot and our dependence on them is a blessing for them as it helps them to survive. it is a give and take. Neither is doing the other a favour. Think about it!
May you stay safe and healthy and survive this war and may you help as many as you can in little ways.

Negative experiences & Collective Environment


Apparently negative, and, sometimes gruesome and nightmarish life-experiences in personal lives or incidents in society can strike terror in individual minds and in society at large. When this, instead of just one random incident once in a blue moon, becomes too frequent a happening, terror gives way to rage.

It is the most natural phenomenon post these incidents, and, the Mass Media becomes one of the tools to give vent to it and reach across to others so as to find how to deal with the situation and how to prevent it from repeating itself.

It is our birthright – freedom of (conscious and sensitive) expression, and that too, in a democracy. But there is a point of awareness to take note of, here, I think.

When we are in an uncontrollable, agitated and angry state of mind, the mind is not in a calm state any longer. Hence the thoughts that pop up from that the turbulent mind may not be from the conscious, calm state. If we translates these thoughts into words and actions immediately , we may plant such thoughts in others’ minds( especially if they don’t do spiritual practices to cleanse the mind) ,which may, in turn, lose their Mind-power.

Thus,, a chain of thoughts, words and actions in an unconscious state of a passing storm of agitation or anger, affects the collective consciousness at the subtle level,and, manifests in the physical environment also as cross-currents of hatred, riot, and, irrational, words and actions.

Whatever we say or do in such a state of mind may not produce the desired effect, or, it may seem to do so for sometime, but only to end up as ‘damp squib’! In fact, this can even aggravate the situation caused by the incident further and harm all those concerned.

This must be the reason why it is said “If you are agitated, go and sit in a corner and count up to 100”; “take a pillow and go to bed”; “ throw punches into a sandbag till it all gets out of your system”!.

The above has been my personal experience for sometime. And this experience was possible only because of regular practice of pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya. I had not been aware about this till the time the spiritual practices started bringing a transformation in my understanding of my mind so as to be able to handle it and sift and sieve the thoughts that popped up from it and burn some in meditation and kriya and channelise others for the benefit of oneself and others!

Seems to be tall philosophy, doesn’t it? No, it is ‘concrete’ Science that can be proved to one, but, only if one does regular pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya for , say, at least a period of six months at least (exceptions given), to be able to recognise the beginning of a transformation – not in people and circumstances around, but in oneself!

How fortunate are we all that we have the back-up power of breathing techniques and meditation to give us ‘light’ in times of ‘black-outs’!

Hence I reiterate that pranayama, yoga and meditation and Sudarshan Kriya needs to be a one of the topmost on the list of priorities one lists down in one’s calendar for the coming week or month.

Even if one may not start with Faith, it is okay, as long as one just does it as one does a science experiment in a lab. For, an experiment is never done in scepticism and with negative affirmations. There is always a spirit of enquiry, an unconditional joy in just doing it, and not with a ‘conditioned’ mind anxious about the result, whatever it might be.

The one who experiments, is in the present moment.And in that state of mind, pranayama, meditation and Kriya starts working IMMEDIATELY.

But the change that happens by the phenomenon of Sudarshan Kriya can take time to be markedly visible to the one who does regular practice . It all depends on how much one has moved away from one’s centre i.e. how much and for how long ‘vacuum-cleaning needs to happen to bring obvious results!

So, nowadays, I hardly get agitated or depressed as compared to how I used to be, earlier! And even if I do, I do a few extra breathing techniques and meditation (Sudarshan Kriya can be done only once a day) and I get back into ‘my element’ sooner or later, depending on the enormity of the situation as perceived by my mind and the extent to which it has made an imprint in it!

So, whenever I get agitated or angry and want to say something and act upon it immediately, I just observe my mind and my thoughts and just let them be. Mostly they pass by and after that, the urge to say and do whatever I wanted to, earlier, is no longer there. Sometimes , the mind can even contradict its earlier stand!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO REACT IMMEDIATELY TO THE THOUGHTS THAT POP UP IN AN AGITATED STATE OF MIND; TO DO A FEW BREATHING TECHNIQUES etc AND THEN OBSERVE THE MIND FOR SOMETIME, SAY, AT LEAST A DAY OR TWO U(unless the situation requires immediate action)! This can save a possible negative chain polluting the environment and can prevent possible aggravation of the problem.

May HE guide us and show us the way!


New scientific theories have been coming up that humans and elephants are not enemies naturally. Elephants encroaching into human habitats and killing them has a deeper implication – it is the detonation of a trauma-created bomb which had been in the making for many years – the trauma caused by their exploitation by man such as encroachment into their habitats by cutting roads through them etc without making an alternate home for them and elephant poaching.

All rogue elephants may not be so by nature. They are said to be victims of trauma caused by insensitivity of man!

Similarly, can the rapists be, most of them, (exceptions given) victims of trauma? Men are not sexual predators by nature. Generally, men are respectful of women and feel protective about them.I don’t believe in the casual comments and generalizations made to the contrary. I would like to believe that it is still safe for women to go around in their Homeland without fear of molestation.

Women molestation is not a recent occurring. It has been happening right from ancient times, but, along with this, respect for women and upholding of women’s rights to equality have also been voiced by men and women alike. In fact, the woman is worshipped by many as an image of the Goddess Mother since time immemorial.

These men, whose lust is aroused at the mere sight of any girl-child or woman unchaperoned and unprotected during the dark hours – are they solely responsible for what they are today? Have their parents, their social circles and the circumstances around them at the tender age of their puberty
been instruments (though may not have been directly so) in the making of these ‘unnatural diseased cannibals’ who are never satisfied with legitimate and licensed sex, and, who,when let loose, can create more havoc in society than lions and elephants and wild monkeys, which mostly (exceptions given are rare-but if it happens frequently one can smell a rat’ and in most cases it has been true) do so but ONLY in self-defence and protest against the injustice of man who doesn’t live and let live?

What must be the reaction of the rapists’ families, especially, the mother, to his going around with his sexual instincts ‘off the leash’!

I believe a study and research needs to be conducted on the life-situations of about 15 to 20 of these sick lot (there must still be enough of them behind bars, or, released and going around scot-free. I don’t want to call them beasts or animals for it will be an insult to the latter) by a group, inclusive of power-weilders at the political and judicial level, physchologists, professional environmentalists, social activists and spiritual leaders from different organizations.

This committee needs to have an equal ratio of men and women. It may bring out some common patterns underlying the factors that led to the making of these pests !
Did the parents of the rapist fail to inculcate human values including respect for women and responsibility to protect every woman at all costs? Must they have neglected the child during those pre-adolescent and adolescent years and not counselled him and leveraged the sex energy that starts manifesting at that age? Could they have checked his abnormal levels of sex hormones by introducing him into and facilitating daily practice of breathing techniques, Pranayama, and SUDARSHAN KRIYA? (I am sure they could have (let us not take the rare examples that have proved otherwise.Exceptions are everywhere in every field – both as good and bad examples.) ‘Law of averages’is the best way).

I believe so – that most of these criminals could have been treated for their abnormalty at an early age . How unfortunate!

When a rogue elephant attacks and kills humans, all possible attempts are made to calm it down . But when all attempts fail, it has to be shot to death as a last resort, for fear of more attacks, and, for the greater fear of more of its herd as may join in the rampage. Similarly, these pests of society have to be punished most severely as that is the only way out now.

But,from now on, pro-active training to all on how to handle the mind and hold the reins on it, how to transform wild unwieldy unmanageable sex-energy into positive energy and be able to handle the emotions such as extreme wild anger and revenge(revenge can be a cause – may be a nightmarish experience given by a woman), fear and jealousy .
This is the crusade against crime, rape and terrorism that we need to start!

May He guide us!



Such stress, if neglected, can, over a period of time, become so overpowering that it can lead to mental, emotional and intellectual bankruptcy, and, it is in such extreme cases that a victim of stress falls into bottomless pits of chronic depression, mental derangement, and emotional disorder .

Stress, when manifest, can be checked and treated at an early stage. But it is more dangerous when stress works as a silent killer (which, mostly, it does) in the subtle levels to bring an unprecedented breakdown or traumatic experience on the pretext of some external triggers, which can be easily handled by normal, emotionally- balanced individuals.And the victim at that stage may have no control at all over his mind and his emotions due to which his intellect becomes clouded in deluded understanding of people and situations that he or she feels are hostile . And such victims totally lose control over their mind and emotions and succumb to sudden spurts of anger and hatred.In that moment of frenzy, they can even commit a crime.

Inability to handle one’s mind can put a person under unbearable duress, which may drive him or her to any desperate act such as suicide and murder. Such unfortunate victims get addicted to excessive smoking, drugs, liquor, sex etc. and can go to any extent to get the satisfaction.

Most of the criminals who are the so-called pests of society, and, most of the victims of chronic mental illness ,may be, as perceive it, just unfortunate victims of their own reaction to stress, built up by extremely nightmarish circumstances in life .

I have no proof of this, for, it is not an empirical fact by experiment as done in a Science lab. But it is empirical only by personal experience gained by regular practice of the Sudarshan Kriya.

It is my hope and prayer that yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation become a part of parcel of the curriculum for students 18 years old and above, and not just an Optional Subject.

I fervently hope and pray that the other simple forms of pranayama and yoga at the beginners’ level are integrated into the school curriculum for students from 8 years old onwards. It can go a long way in helping the child to handle stress due to pressure of all kinds, starting from pre-adolescence.

And, Sudarshan Kriya if incorporated as a training capsule in all fields that form the ladders to a healthy, happy society such as colleges, corporates, all medical services and hospices and political circles , may go a long way in building up a strong impenetrable fortress of collective consciousness that can put up a defensive front against all that which creates stress and disharmony among individuals ,among societies, among nations.



What do you think of yourself?

Beautiful? Successful? Brave?

Generally speaking, most of us rate ourselves as how we see ourselves as, or, more likely, as others see us as – ‘strong or weak’, ‘brave or cowardly’, ‘beautiful or ugly’ etc. in comparison.

Most of all our so-called strengths are built on others’ weaknesses and vice versa.

Most or all of our strengths, which may be congenital ones such as physical beauty and colour of the skin; personality traits such as that of self-confidence, courage and leadership; our other worldly assets such as name, fame, wealth and success , are all relative terms. They are such only when compared to those of someone else.

For example, someone considers himself or herself beautiful only when he or she is compared to someone who may not be so good-looking. Someone who considers himself or herself wealthy only when he or she compares himself or herself with someone less affluent. When the same individual meets someone more good-looking or wealthier, he or she feels ‘a lack’ in his or her good looks or riches.

These are all. ‘Labels’ or ‘Stamps’, which we give one another out of a deluded understanding due to ballooned ego, leading to the so-called superiority complex , which is , according to me, a façade to cover up on one’s poor self-esteem or inferiority complex , or, a feeling of ‘lack of something’ that one tries to hide behind what one thinks are one’s ‘plus factors’ . This becomes manifest as poor self-esteem, or, is hidden behind a ‘nose in the air’ attitude. (Both inferiority complex and superiority complex are complex projections of human ego!)

What I want to say is that neither our strengths nor the weaknesses are truly such as long as stand on shaky foundations of ego-identities of this illusory world.

Looking at from a different angle, identity is required only when there are more than ONE. One is are required to be successful only when one competes with others and when each creates a separate identity for himself or herself. When one can lose one’s separate identity to find oneself as one with all, all these problems because of imaginary barriers between ego-identities , such as jealousy, revenge, hatred, hostility, dislike, hostility or enmity etc. and unhealthy competition thereof ending in disaster such as Depression, suicide, crime and murder, will disappear in no time.

God is the least partial. He loves all His images alike. He must have liked to bring some variety into His Creation; so, must have made one extremely good-looking, one very ordinary, etc.

All the terms of comparison are solely created by man. God must have never thought that man would coin new terms in comparison – as ‘beautiful and ugly, ‘tall and short’, and the like. If God had known this, I am sure he would have made xerox copies of one another – all in the same mould!

Right from the moment one sees the newborn in the cradle, one starts comparing – “isn’t he handsome like his dad? But he is dark-complexioned like his mom.”! How unfortunate! Even an infant is not spared in this world. (When I look at an infant, I just gaze and gaze in wonder; nothing comes to me of who he looks like’ I don’t express a wish “ only if he looked like his mother!”.)

Everyone of us is UNIQUE and there is not just one Masterpiece. Each one is a Masterpiece as made by the Creator.

I don’t have to be like someone else and I don’t have to rate myself by world-standards. I am happy and comfortable with who and what I am here and now, and, with how I am. I can’t even imagine myself to be in anyone else’s place – be it in terms of looks, or anything else. I know I can’t do much about my height, my look, my skin colour – yes, of course, I can do it to a certain extent due to the advancement of Science and Technology. Nothing wrong also in that. But I don’t feel any urge to get it done, for I accept myself the way I am and not only accept , but strongly believe that I am the Best the way God made me.

God has made a Perfect Piece of me whatever way I am, and so has he made a Perfect Piece of Everyone Else as he or she is.

Striving towards Perfection is not because one is imperfect. Generally we do that, because we see ourselves in the mirror of the world, and so , may ‘miss the train’. Striving towards perfection means just making a constant and consistent attempt to improve oneself for one’s own sake; it means working towards shedding all those that hinder one’s self-growth, which is the only premise that leads to true success, and true strength – which is just ‘Being’ in the present moment; which is just being able to be happy, peaceful and content and smiling to oneself. in all life-situations. And these are not earned – so these can be one’s only as Gifts from the ‘Supreme Power’.

So, to sum it up


So AM I SUCCESSFUL? No. This success is not mine. If It were mine, I mean, if I knew how to be successful in my own ‘eyes’, I would have been so, long back, and would have saved myself from the assault of Maya or illusion that caused such unnecessary pain and heartache.

No. This success cannot be mine. GOD, the greatest of scientists, has been successful, as for ever He is, in His Purpose of creating one of His Images and giving it life.

May This Moment lead to the next, and the next, for ever! Thank You Lord For Your Grace Infinite!



Music, at its most sublime , has no language.

Such music can cut through the superficial levels of the senses and reach the core of one’s Being.

When music touches the core of Being, it takes one into Silence.
And from that silence rise the sounds of an ethereal music that flows in torrents from the ‘Power Within’. These ‘soulful’ notes reverberate in the heart and cleanses the mind and empowers it with that ineffable, unknowable , intangible, but experiential ‘Super Energy’.

This new ‘Mindpower’ then creates a symphony which is orchestrated by the subtlest,and hence , the purest levels of the senses, and feelings and emotions that become, solely, the media for transporting man to the world beyond – the real world beyond this illusory world of illusory joys and sorrows, illusory gains and losses, illusory successes and failures, illusory life-stories of love and hate – all – an experience of the little mind that is attached to all its experiences , which are nothing but a result of its responses and reactions to the external triggers of people and situations created around it.

Even a few minutes of such an experience is possible, solely, by ‘ a Shower of Grace’.




Most of us cannot be happy and peaceful in the present moment because we are ‘stuck’ in the nightmarish or nostalgic memories of the past or anxiety about the future. Many of us feel it is the most difficult thing to live in the present moment, and many even feel it is impossible, most of the time.
I disagree to the above. Yes, it may be impossible , but, only till the time man lives in the illusions of the past and the future.

Let us take the past. It is just an illusion of a reality that was and hence is not a reality any longer.
One may feel nostalgic if one’s past had been very good to say ‘ those good old days or golden days’. But does that help one to live in the present? Yes! but only as long as one does not experience something bad or ugly (as one may think) in the present. Life, being what it is – a package of good and bad, again a relative term, cannot always be the same. The moment one has a bad experience in the present, one’s mind withdraws into a nostalgic past and is no longer in the real world of the present.
Again, if the past was bad, one’s mind again and again goes back to those memories that only harms the one who remembers – so much so that one is not able to appreciate the good present if it is so, and, if the past was bad and the present is also bad, one reinforces his mental reaction to one’s present by connecting to similar experience in the past thus eternalising the pain which is not the reality in the present..the memory itself is only an illusion. So one is not able to come face to face with the present and accept it as it is and then do whatever is necessary to make it better.
Is there a way out? Yes, a simile comes to my mind when I think of a traumatic past. What does one do when a person very dear to one dies? Does one store the dead body in the cupboard or in the refrigerator at home ? Nay, given the person who dies may be very dear to one, one still cannot bear to sit near the dead body after a few hours. The dead body is hence disposed of in different ways such as cremation and burial – what came from the Five Elements goes back into them in one way or other, and in sky burial and another way of disposing it by letting it float in the river etc. all that is flesh and decaying matter are eaten by fish or birds of prey and only the bones remain .

The same way, the past has to be either buried for ever or burnt . If it is buried, it may form impressions in the mind to come up again with similar experiences after a few years; at the slightest trigger of external circumstances. If it is burnt, it is good for it will not leave any impressions, but then even the good memories may also need to be burnt along with it. There is a third way – RECYCLING OF THE PAST i.e. retaining the good lessons learnt from the bad experiences of the past and so also cherishing the good memories of the past so that the recycled past becomes the REAL PRESENT MOMENT. Some memories of the past that cannot be be recycled need to be burnt.
Now coming to the Future, Future time is just a point of reference in the present. It is not a reality, but, as much an illusion as the past, may be even more, as it is yet to come.

So the antidote to worries, unhappiness, depression, fear , anxiety etc. is living in the present, nay ‘Being in the Present’. It is the human mind, which moves away from the present by regret of the past or anxiety of the present. So the only remedy for this is control of the mind. This is possible only by controlling the movements of the breath because it is the breath, which connects the body to the mind, and to the feelings and emotions, and then to the thoughts words and actions of an individual.
The breath can be controlled by pranayama, yoga, meditation and SUDARSHAN KRIYA,( It is a science, in itself, of breathing and control of the human mind). And just like one needs to brush one’s teeth everyday to keep it clean and healthy, one needs to do spiritual practices everyday at least for half and hour to forty-five minutes to keep the mind untouched by triggers in the external ‘subtle’ environment of the collective consciousness of most of us whose ‘inner environment’ may be polluted and may need vacuum-cleaning.

So they cannot be causes for one’s not being in the present; for one’s moving away from one’s Nature or Centre.
PAST AND FUTURE don’t exist when ONE IS THE PRESENCE ( not even in the present), though they may be just terms of reference for functional purposes in the finite world of time and space.


The ‘inner environment’ of an individual goes a long way in making the ‘outer environment.

A phase comes in the life of a seeker when he or she has a personal experience of this. I correct myself. The experience might have been throughout life. But the realisation of this comes in this phase.

When this passes from one to another and to another pain body, to create similar thoughts, words and actions, it forms a negative chain and pollutes the environment.

And, may be, this collective consciousness forming a negative environment becomes so putrid that the five elements may also get disrupted in the atmosphere .

The degree to which it gets disrupted corresponds to the degree to which we have disrupted our collective consciousness. And, this factor, along with the pollution we cause in the physical environment , may be leading to the unnatural calamities as unprecedented psunamis, earthquakes,, epidemics leading to death of thousands, accidents by road, rail or air – I don’t know, but I wonder!

Our tendency to promptly retain memories of bad experiences, and attributing them to the people who were instruments for the latter, can create a negative impression on our minds , and then, we may unconsciously spread that in the environment by further thought, word, and action.

This must have started at early adolescence. From thence, we make friends and remain so only as long as they are of the ‘same kind’ – with common likes and passion. This is good and it doesn’t harm anyone, if it helps to talk about that person and the event, and we feel happy that we have someone, who sympathises with us , or, appears to be so. May be ,this can help us many a time to forget and forgive and move ahead . This is because the listener may be emotionally mature and plays a role to actually help the person to come out of it – he or she is a counsellor or a mentor, one can say.

But when an individual or a group of individuals, who might have had an apparently nightmarish experience with one and the same individual, become so obsessed with it that they become victims of destructive feelings and emotions of ‘blinding’ rage and vendetta, it becomes a part and parcel of their daily lives to talk ill about the object of their common dislike in their ‘gossip’.

They may even spread the word about the person and their experiences with that person to those kith and kin and friends who are in their ‘comfort zone’ . It may be very soothing, comforting to the ego, I think.

And, sadly, the negative chain becomes long and longer, and most of them may not have personal enmity with the unfortunate victim, but just are gullible enough to have such ‘blind faith’ that they don’t realize that anyone , be it even the dearest of friends, who talks ill about the same person (may talk ill about different people at different times – that doesn’t indicate anything; just a habit) each and every time they meet, cannot be right all the time. Something must have upset the balance and hence they are making a personal experience a serious issue of negative vibes . Reinforcing such thoughts, words and actions again and again creates such a negative environment that ‘the Power Unknown’ intervenes through Nature or some unprecedented misfortune. This proves to be a fact in most experiences in life, though not all. I think this is what the one who made the proverb meant when he said “Man makes his own destiny.”

This may be the cause of the reversal of once-upon-a-time closest relationships between individuals, among groups, parties, communities and societies and it may lead to stories of now-become intentional betrayal, revenge, and even depression, suicide, crime, murder and terrorism.

I might have had a nightmarish experience with someone, it might be a story of love and betrayal; but it may be one side of the story. How can I be so sure that I am always and for ever right and the other side is always and for ever wrong?

If one feels so, it may be just a projection of the false ego.(generally, leaving alone exceptions, as may be). What do I gain by holding on to it and trying to eternalise it by further reinforcement through thought, word and deed? I am only adding to my own misery and so also polluting the environment, though unconsciously. The more and more I hold on to it to eternalise the event and the bad image (in my little mind) of people who were instruments of my misery, the more and more I make myself miserable, and the more and more I pollute the environment , so much so, that I may not be able to get over it till death and even beyond. In that state of mind I may not be ‘the real person’ that I once might have been..

It is the imposter and impersonator ego-body that has vanquished the ‘real me’ completely and imprisoned me in my own mind! How unfortunate!

But, if one the other hand, if one can handle one’s mind and save it from catching on to this negative chain , one can be an instrument to pass on positive vibes in any environment, and may even become instrumental in negating the negative vibes in an environment. When a group of such individuals come together, and more and more join them, they can make a difference, not only to their own lives, but also to many lives around.

And how is that possible? I don’t think it is possible by just going to places of worship, praying everyday; these may not be enough – at least not in this kaliyuga…(there may be exceptions even now). Along with this, a seeker needs to work on his or her mind by regular yoga, pranayama and meditation, learnt from an authentic source, by initiation into it by one of the certified preceptors for these, and not by learning from the net, etc. It won’t be the same , and many a time, it may have an adverse effect as well, I think.

All the spiritual Masters of the world must have gone through all these stage of evolution of their minds and so they must have designed all these techniques for us as can be done in this digital age when hardly anyone has the time for all this and hardly anyone is aware of it till it takes its toll on his or her life.

Regular practice of pranayama, meditation such as Sahaj and Sudarshan Kriya have healed me to such an extent as cannot be expressed . Earlier I used to be a victim of the circumstances around me. But now, circumstances around me have, to a great extent, lost their hold on me, be they good or bad, as my mind may say, at that time. But I just observe my mind without reacting to it and breathe it out and meditate and pray to My Master. It works – believe me. Neither do I get over-bowled by the pleasures and joys of my life, nor do I get so depressed by the disappointments and sorrows that I can’t get out of it . This is the phenomenal transformation that has happened to me by regular practice .

It is not spiritual commerce, please, I reinstate it again and again with the simplest and the noblest of intentions – that everyone who has been like me, aware, or unawares, may be healed, and may get to really value this life and relationships , whatever way these are, much more than he or she may be able to, now.

God has designed our lives and relationships and the environment around us the way it is best for our growth. It is we who might have interfered with his perfect work.

All over the world, a welcome change is happening in the collective consciousness. Millions of youth are becoming aware of this and are resorting to spiritual practices , yoga and Sudarshan Kriya etc. to improve themselves and the society they live in. These youth are the ones who will be bringing in an era of ‘awakened consciousness’ to create ‘a New Earth’ of happy, stress-free people, truly living in peace and harmony together – free of stress, violence, crime and terrorism.

I wonder at how these spiritual masters reach across to millions of people all over the world to bring a transformation in their lives. They must have gone through the same stages of evolution of the human mind as all of us go through and mastered ‘the Science of the Human Mind’. Hence they are able to radiate love, peace and harmony wherever they go. One can feel it in their presence, so also during spiritual practices.

All of us have experienced this state of mind, aware or unawares, at least for a few seconds, minutes, hours or even days at a stretch.

How will it be to be so every moment, for ever! I wonder!

At this age and stage of my life, I believe that the only goal which is worth pursuing is that of gaining ‘a say’ over the mind every moment or most of the time. If don’t have the power to bring a transformation in people’s minds, but, at least, I can save my mind from negativity so that I will not empower a negative environment. This is the highest purpose of my life.



We, in India, are on the ‘threshold’ of a ‘paradigm shift’ from traditionalist conservatism to liberal conservatism.

In the process, many of such traditional beliefs and practices that give a ‘stench’ of blind superstition and bias vis-a-vis caste, religion, gender (male chauvinistic bias) and an unscientific approach, are falling apart, slowly but surely, to give way to a strong multi-cultural edifice of all-inclusive values, standing on lofty and sturdy pillars of scientific temperament, and built on a strong foundation of spirituality, that serves as a ‘bridle’ to such customs and practices, which undermine basic human values – the ‘highest unwritten law’for all ages, all races, all societies, all religions, all nations, all humanity.

This stage of transition in the evolution of our culture can create an upheaval – a face of ‘Self-destructive’ cross-currents of apparently opposite values co-existing – for survival of one over the other.

Inevitably, ‘the old’ has to give way to ‘the new’, sooner or later, to survive with it, or else, to become extinct. So, the sooner the better.

This phase, though may be apparently destructive, may not be actually so. For, the end result will be a symbiotic fusion of the best of the old and the new social, religious and cultural values.

It marks a ‘Spiritual Awakening’ in the ‘Mass Consciousness’ – ‘ the ‘Kindly Light’ lit by the ‘ever-effulgent Torch of Wisdom’ held together by Our Ancient Sages and Enlightened Masters – those who have dropped their mortal bodies, as well as ‘the living legends’, to show us the way to live together in a country with many FAITHS, many cultures from all over the world, many customs, BUT as One Entity – All-in-One – Unity in Diversity – Nature’s Way – as ‘ONE NATION’.



Were the above born so?
Or, were they made by circumstances?
What must be their thoughts, feelings and emotions?
Do these thoughts, words and actions invade the mind first, which stealthily lodges itself in the levels of feelings and emotions, to putrefy the latter, and thereby create a pain-body covered by a false, make-believe ego-shell that gives a false sense of security?
Aren’t these, then, a result of constant and consistent suppression – self-created or otherwise – over a period of time , caused by a reaction to external agents of individuals, that must have created an environment together – one such as created by pain-bodies of individuals coming together , and creating collective ‘toxic’ pain-body or harmful mass-consciousness ?

How does this work? It misinterprets, misleads, judges, labels, and reinforces these by more thoughts, words and actions ,of opposition to, and, fight against, crime – coming not from the level of ‘being’, but from the level of the mindsets of individual pain-bodies that react and recreate collective pain bodies , which further pollute the inner environment of more and more individuals and thereby more and more societies – to the point of ‘no return’ of a terrorist or criminal to a normal mentally-balanced human being! How unfortunate!
May there be a most hyper-sensitive, a most loving, and most lovable, ‘human being’ hiding in these so-called pests of society – who are not able to live in their true nature but continue to play ‘roles’ as predestined for them, not by the ‘Power Unknown’ but by the circumstances and situations created around them by this collective toxic environment?
Is punishment the answer to checking all crimes, and, each and every time? Are are criminals to be weighed as such on the ‘same scale’, or, can punitive or redemptive measures be ‘customised’? Isn’t punishment the ‘last resort’ after all else is tried and proved futile – for redemption and rehabilitation of such victims – by giving them a chance to live in our midst without reinforcement of social stigma, without fear, without guilt, by those around?
O Lord! Is man evil by nature?

I don’t believe so, but for exceptions of evil forces that may be lurking and manifesting as perpetrators of unpardonable and the most sinful of crimes in society -such as suicide, ( can’t punish them!), murder, women and child molestation rape , inhuman, beastly physical and mental and emotional torture.

We may not be able to redeem those who have gone this far – for drastic punitive measures are necessarily to be taken for such crimes, punishment that will make a similar mindset think a thousand times before even committing such crimes in his or her thoughts. NO MERCY HERE! DRASTIC STRICT IMMEDIATE PUNISHMENT!Good riddance to bad rubbish!

What can we do for those who are yet to reach that extreme mindset? We cannot do anything for them – I mean we may be able to punish them and redeem them temporarily.
It is only by spiritual healing that their mindsets can be checked from further fall to ‘bottomless pits’ of sin and hell. Only the Enlightened Masters, the spiritual leaders of our country can do it and I am sure they are all doing their bit. I know that Art of Living conducts ‘PRISON SMART’ programmes for criminals in jails and also has been working towards checking terrorism. Others also must be doing it. But I don’t know about the programmes.
We, as the common man – what can we do? Of course we can make a difference – but not directly – but indirectly – by prevention .

Yes! We can prevent ourselves and our society from becoming instruments, consciously or unconsciously so, in the making of criminals and terrorists. How?

The individual and the family being the unit of any society or nation, we just need to take the necessary steps to keep our minds clean along with our bodies, by spiritual practices . These can start from the age of 8 years. We can integrate these practices in educational institutions for our children.
Then we have spiritual techniques such as yoga and meditation which are not exclusive to any FAITH or culture, and especially the Sudarshan Kriya. All of us need to invest our time and money for learning these and practising these regularly for half an hour everyday.
Sudarshan Kriya needs to be integrated as a mandatory part of training at the entry level into the political system, corporate sector, medical services,Science, Technology & Research institutes, IITs, Management and other institutes, universities, Research centres etc.
And, about half an hour needs to be given for practice in all the above – it is a wise investment – for, in the long run, it will undoubtedly show greater returns in terms of profits, teambuilding and teamworking( inspite of internal struggles, which may happen in families too, but for a common cause – WE BECOME ONE) , personality development and related life-skills, happier individuals, happier homes, happier societies and happier nations. It is not BLIND FAITH or FALSE SPIRITUAL COMMERCE & PROPAGANDA, as it may be interpreted as or labelled .

Regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya can work through individual pain-bodies to weaken the collective pain-body, and heal one and all, to cleanse the environment,and preserve it as such, by continued practice as a matter of greatest priority.
Miracles don’t actually happen overnight. These are brought about by a turn of luck, that is just a turn of circumstances brought about by constant, consistent, persistent, faithful, sustained, effort. In the long run, – there will be considerably less number of crimes or hardly any, no terrorism, no punishment other than for redemption, except, of course, exceptions.
This is one of my dreams for tomorrow’s nation and the world, at large! The benchmarks for a progressive society, nation, humanity.

Idealistic? Impractical? Tall philosophy – is it? May be! But I WONDER ! And, leave it to all those leaders of our country and the world, who are keeping a constant vigil and putting in great collective constant, consistent effort to check crime and terrorism and to uproot it from society – to give my convictions of Sudarshan Kriya as a solution to preventing the making of terrorists, ‘a fleeting thought’ at least.
We propose and work for it! God disposes! May the Power Unknown guide us, protect us and, show us the way! “ We are the ONE! We are HIS Children!”