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O dear ones! A last wish that I share with all
For I don’t know when the last moment will come to leave this body
I don’t know if it will be too sudden to give me time for even this
So here goes !

May I be bid farewell to by my near and dear ones
The way they would like to do it!
It does not make any difference to me
For I will only look for the love in their hearts
That will light my path to my next destination !

They are wonderful!
And they love me dearly!
And they have made my life a blessing
By their unconditional love and fond care!

I may not hoard these memories when I leave
But will surely carry these vibrations along with me!
For I believe in the quality of life that I live with them
And the number of years don’t matter to me!

HE will take me to HIS ABODE
When the time comes!
When my purpose of taking this body and this lifetime is fulfilled
What else is required?

It is not the wreaths, the garlands, the tears of farewell that I care for
Though it is okay
If others feel good about it!
So they may cremeate my body!

But they need not do last rites and ceremony year after year
For fear that I may believe in these and I may be sad !
I promise them I will be blissful wherever I will be!
For there is nothing else to wish for in this life !
That they could have but have not given me!This goes from my heart and soul!

But my last wish to all my countrymen and all Mankind
That is yet to be shared!
For this can be fulfilled by my near and dear ones
But only with your support!

I surrender this to you but will be happy
With whatever you do and whichever way you do it!
May all that can be of use to mankind of this matter-body
Be used for the same but on one condition alone!

If my body gets infected with any virus or disease
And if it remains a grey area about the risk of my brethren getting infected
If it is cremated near a residential area
Please may this not be done!

For I don’t ever think of
Or done harm to anyone while I am alive
I would not like to do that after death!
Of course it is my right to be cremeated !
But my rights end where
others’ start!
This is all about it!

I hope and pray to the Almighty
And to the Lawmakers across the globe
That every human being be given the right
To be sent off from this planet in the way he or she deserves!Be he or she a doctor a nurse or a Healthcare professional,
Or be it anyone else!

I hope and pray
That the Highest Court of Law
And the Human Courts of Law
Uphold and protect this right of every human being!

For, most of us lose our rationale
When we have baseless fears and inhibitions

When it comes to risk of life for us And for all we love in a selfish way Which is quite natural!
But it leaves scope for a shift!

From exclusive rights of each and responsibility of all
To all-inclusive rights and responsibilities!
May the Almighty and the Lawmakers across the globe address loopholes if any
In protecting Human Rights!
Especially when we have to face unprecedented crises
That can be highly contagious !

A line needs to be drawn by Law
Between what is the sure empirical fact
And what is mere baseless fear and panic!
May not sensitivity rule out sense
And may not man be driven by emotion alone!

To be blind to what is good for the majority!
And may punishment for harm done to anyone
By anyone driiven by irrational acts of violence To the living or to the dead
Be stopped at all costs !
To maintain peace and sanity
And to stay united as ONE!
Lokaa samasthaa sukhino bhavanthu!

(You may tend to think that I am infected with some deadly virus or I fear of being so and am dying soon! First of all there is no fear of death for me for it is the simplest truth and the most natural.I don’t believe in death as death!

And secondly I know that nothing.. no disease.. no virus ..can take me away without My Master’s permission.
And if you think I am sad and that Iove death more than life, you are mistaken. I am very peaceful and blissful and I celebrate Life and will continue to do so even when I leave this body .
I may live for another 100 years and still celebrate life or I may die the next moment and continue to celebrate! )


The wave asked the Ocean
“Why did I rise on you and flow away from you
Carried by the wind and the current it transmits to YOU?
Why did I lash against the shore
Then flow back to merge into you?”
Could I not have been just YOU
I am part of YOU anyway!
But why the name and the form?
For I am not called the Ocean
I am known as the wave
I am just a small infinitesimal distuturbance
Caused on YOUR surface
Which rose out of YOU again and again!
And every time I progressed in up-and-down movement towards ‘the shore’
Lashed against it and receded !
Now also I rose up, flowed
And now am flowing back towards YOU!
I want to merge into YOU and never ever rise again as a wave!”
The Ocean replied “Who rose out of me as you?
Who flowed and receded and merged into ME as you?
Where are you and who are you? What are you?
You are no-one! You are nothing! You are nowhere!
I AM EVERYONE AS you. he, she, and all CREATION in different forms and names!
I AM EVERYTHING.. The Sun, The Moon, This planet
The human body with its mind, the breath, the Senses, the intellect, the ego!
So drop your wave identity and just be here and now!
You will merge into ME when the time comes
You have no choice !
So also will I decide whether I want to rise as you again! “
The wave heard the Eternal Truth from the Ocean
And now quietly flows by on its predestined course!


Peace may not be that which is experienced in peaceful times
But it is surely that which keeps one strong and stable when everything around is falling into pieces!
Peace is valued most by those we have experienced war, extreme unrest or riot within and without
Peace comes with a price
The price that you buy peace with is nothing other than helping others find peace within
For unless one is peaceful within, one cannot find peace even in heaven!
In fact, the one who is not at peace within spreads only ions of restlessness wherever one goes
And hence one needs to dive deep into the fathomless depths of the SELF to find peace within
And that is not possible for all but for those who are well-equipped for the journey within
And pranayama and meditation surely keeps one afloat and buoyant on ‘the seas’
But Sudarshan Kriya can equip one with the skill to dive into deeper waters
To know more about one’s mind and how it works
So that in course of time one learns to brave the storms and navigate the ship of life
Deftly through unprecedented storms and rough seas!
Bon Voyage ! May you enjoy the thrill of adventure all the way like a ‘seasoned sailor!


A doctor sees the ailing patient
He or she starts the recovery process
By listening to the patient from the heart
To put the patient at ease
This feel-good factor allays the fears of the patient if any
And calms him or her down
And soothes the nervous system
Then he or she inspects the patient and diagnoses the ailment
And prescribes the medicine for the cure
And the medicine works like magic
To cure the patient sooner or later
But if it happens to be graver than that
The doctor prepares the patient

For what he or she may have in store
He or she always assures the latter
Of all that love and care and medicine can do
And gives hope of a miracle cure
That may happen beyond the realm of science and Medicine
Such is the noble profession of doctors
So do I salute all those doctors who ‘walk the talk’
And practise what they swear by
But when the patient is advised to be hospitalized
It is the nurse’s turn for care and cure assisted by his or her attendants
Every nurse who loves his or her profession

Lives it because he or she loves to care for the sick
He or she is an image of ‘The Lady with a lamp’ of love and care
A lamp that has been passed on to her and millions like her
By the Mother of Nursing the Great Florence Nightingale
In the current scenario they are our Godsends
Who treat Covid 19 patients
And put in their best to save lives but at own risk
O Noble saviours of the Medical Profession
We acknowledge your service with heartfelt gratitude
And salute you all !

A Prayer

O Lord! Here comes to you
A prayer from the heart
For all those unfortunate birds, animals and humans
Who are victims of Nature’s fiery show of temper
That is blowing as bushfires in beautiful Australia
Burning vast expanse of trees and forests
Thereby bringing the Sun’s heat to alarmingly soaring temperatures
And making it unnaturally and unbearably hot!
May Your Infinite Mercy pour down as cooling rains
May those who have lost everything in the fires
Find renewed strength by Faith in Your Infinite Mercy
So that their global brethren from all countries Unite in supporting this cause
Through collective prayers funds, and help in kind
For these unfortunate human beings to rebuild their homes
And start life afresh
Getting over the traumatic experience in course of time
May all animals that have been orphaned or become homeless
Get refuge in homes and sanctuaries
And get all the love and care that they deserve!
Amen! Thathasthu! Ameen! Satnam Waheguru!


Be it anywhere
Be it any place, any day or any event
That marks celebration for us
Pray let’s make a beginning
And use lesser number of lights
And that too only the power-saving ones
Pray let’s start cutting down
On excessive flamboyance with electric lights
And light up homes
That are yet to get power
And that use kerosene lamps and candles to dispel darkness!
Pray let’s use power consciously
So that we save not only power
But water as well
To be able to share our comforts
That we enjoy with buying power
With all those who lack it!
And so as not to be instruments
For faster depletion of these
natural resources
Which may end in a day that may dawn
When every unit of power
Will be so expensive
That only a privileged few can afford it!
For if we continue to take these natural resources for granted
It may result in our regression
To those times
Before great minds
As those of Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin

Put together their powers
Of god-gifted scientific temperament
To light up our dark world!

आखरी बूंद

(बूंद बूंद मे सागर)

हे प्रभु!. यह कैसी दुविधा आ पड़ी है हम पर!
कि पानी की मेज नीचे जा रही है!
और गंगा जी और जमुना जी
और बहुत सारे नदियां
प्रदूषित हुए जा रहे हैं!

इसका कारण हम इनसान खुद ही तो है
जो अपने अपने धर्म से
पवित्र मानें गंगा जी को!
पर यह नही सोचे हम कभी!

हाँ! यह न सोचे हम कभी
कि इन पावन नदियों को पावन बनाये रखना
इनसान का सबसे पहला धर्म है!
इनको जाने या अनजाने प्रदूषित करते रहें हम अगर
तो बहुत जल्द बूंद बूंद के लिए तरसने होंगे हमें!

और हम से दस गुणा ज्यादा तरसेंगे
हमारे पोते और परपोते
गुणा करें हम और सज़ा काटे वे
यह कहाँ का इनसाफ है भगवन!

नही! हमें सम्भलना होगा!
अप्नेलिए अप्नों केलिए और इस प्रृत्वी माँ के लिए!
और इसमे रहनेवाले सब प्राणियों के लिए!
क्योंकि वे रहें तो हम रहें!

मछलियाँ और पानी मे रहनेवाले जीव घटे जायें
तो वातावरण को हानि पहुँचे!
हर तरफ मरुस्थल दिखें!
और भयभीत होकर हम जियें हर पल !

कि हर बूँद पानी की जो मिले हमें
यह आखरी बूंद तो नही!
और हमारी बात तो छोडो
आधी ज़िन्दगी तो बीत गयी!

पर हमारे बच्चे करेंगे क्या पानी केलिए मोहताज होंगे!
पानी के होते हुए आपस मे झगड़ रहें जो इनसान
ज़रूरत पडने पर एक दूसरे के काम आयेंगे क्या!
यह तो वक्त ही तय कर सके!

हमें सिर्फ अब का सोचना है!
चलो! मिलकर यह प्रतिग्या लें हम
कि हर बूंद का पानी ऐसे प्रयोग मे लाएंगे
कि जैसे वह आखरी बूंद हो!

अब कभी न हम ऐसे मनायें त्योहार
और फेंकें जले हुए पटाके पानी मे!
और कभी भी न फेंकें औद्योगिक कूड़ा नदियों मे
कि पानी जो शुद्ध था वो विष बन जायें!

और न लगाये ऐसे पेड़ जल तट पर!
जो इसी वातावरण की न हो!
वर ना वे जल की मेज नीचे ले जायें!
लगाये हम ऐसे पेड
जो स्वाभाविक रूप से वहाँ की हो!
ताकि वह पानी की मेज बढा़ये!

और प्रयोग न करें कभी हम
रासायनिक कीटनाशक का!
और धार्मिक संस्कार उतना ही करें
जितने मे गंगाजल आदि नदियां प्रदूषित न हो!

जय माँ गंगे! जय माँ सरस्वती!
सादर प्रणाम करें हम आपकी!
क्षमा करें आप हमारी भूल को
आप पवित्र हैं और पवित्र रहेंगे
यह है वादा हमारा आप से!

(गलतियां माफ करें)


‘O Lord! Water! Water! Water everywhere!
Nor a drop to drink!’
Was the plight of the ancient mariner
For he had killed the Albatross
That followed the ship !

Yes! He had killed the bird
That boded good luck for the sailors!
Giving them courage and hope
While storm raged at sea!

The ship was no longer shown it’s course
As the Albatross no longer followed it
Nor did it perch on their ship
Such was the sin he committed!

Yes! He killed one but it led to more deaths
And he was held responsible for all the deaths by his crew!
They tied the Albatross round his neck
To remind him of his sin!
And each dropped dead
Cursing him to hell!

The mariner grieved
And cried out in mental agony
When he saw the ghastly sight
Of his nephew falling dead before him!

In a wee moment of Grace
Awareness dawned on him
Of the sin he had committed!
He was in excruciating mental agony!

Death could have been kinder to him
But he survived it all!
To experience death moment-to- moment
Death of all hope of survival!

Yes! Of surviving the storm without
And more so the storm of guilt that raged within him
But God the Merciful relented
After the mariner’s sins had been washed away in prayer and penance !

And the Mariner was rescued!
But time and again he remembered the dead ‘Albatross ‘ round his neck
And the memory left him
Only after he retold his tale of sin and God’s Mercy
To a Godsend who listened and became wiser!

If we don’t preserve our God’s own land our Mother Earth
If we cut trees that sustain all life
That sustain purity in the environment
Our plight will be akin to that of the ancient mariner!

Pray let’s stop those who defecate in water-bodies and on river-beds

And educate them of alternate means
Pray let’s not expect to propitiate God

By ritualistic offerings of such things in the river
And be messengers of death
For many living and life-sustaining marine creatures !

Pray let’s not contaminate our rivers
By throwing industrial waste and burnt firecrackers in them!
Pray let’s stop polluting the air so much
That we are breathing in slow poison
And so also poisoning all flora and fauna around!

O Lord! When will that Moment of Grace
Awaken every embodied soul on this Earth
To ‘feel and live’ but in his or her mind alone
The hell that we let loose not only for ourselves !

But so also for all near and dear to us!
And all life that exists on this planet!
That moment will mark the resurrection for us!
Yes! Resurrection of our lost goodness!

For only when we realize the extent of harm we do
Will we unite as ONE !
To clean the environment and sustain its purity thereon!
So that ‘the Albatross’ of destroying God’s Land our Planet and all life on it
Is no longer hanging around our necks!

Lead Kindly Light!
Satnam Waheguru!


सज़ा तो यकीनन वह है

जो अनजाम बुरे कर्म का होता है!

और वरदान तो तब मिलता है

जब हम अपने कर्म से खुदा को खुश कर देते हैं!

पर मेरा अनुभव कुछ अलग ही है!

दुख तो बहुत झेला है हम ने जीवन मे

पर ये बुरे कर्म का अंजाम था

यह हम कैसे यकीन कर ले?

क्यों कि ऐसे कोई बुरे कर्म

हमे याद न आये!

जो इस जनम मे किया हो

और पिछले जन्मों का हमे पता नही अब तक!

हाँ ! ग़लतियाँ बहुत हुए होंगे हमसे !

बहुत कुछ अनजाने मे!

और कुछ जान पूछके!

यह मन की बहकावे मे आकर!

पर अब मुझे यह अनुभव है!

कि न मैं यह मन हूँ!

और ना ही हूँ मैं ‘वह’

जिससे भूल हुए होंगे!

पर इस जीवन मे गुरु से इतने वरदान मिलें!

जिनके साथ कोई भी और जितने भी अच्छे कर्म

अगर हम से हुए हो गुरुक्रृपा से

और हो भी रहे हो

तो भी तोले नही जा सकते!

और अब पल पल हम बहुत तडपते है

कि हमारे पास ऐसे कुछ भी नही है

जिसे हम उनका यह ऋण वापस कर सके!

सिवा उनके विश्व के लिए काम मे हाथ बढ़ाने की!

पर हमे इस जनम मे स्वयंसेवक बनकर

जितना और जैसे हो सके

उतना ही करना है

पर इस मन का क्या करे!

यह तो मुझसे अकसर यह कहता है

कि सब कुछ मिला!

पर जो सब से बडी इच्छा रही है

‘आर्ट ओफ लिविंग’की शिक्षक बनने की

वह अपूर्ण रह गया!

तेईस साल मे (‘जीवन जीने की कला’ मे)जो न हो पाया

इसका यह मतलब हुआ कि

मैं जो भी हूँ जैसी भी हूँ

गुरु की इच्छा से ही हूँ!

और जो भी मुझे अपने सबसे ऊँचे लक्ष को पाने से

हार मानने के पात्र बने

वे सिर्फ पात्र हैं कारण नही!

कारण तो गुरु ही जानें!

अब बहुत देर हो चुकी!

यह शिक्षक बनने की इच्छा

मेरे साथ ही रहेगा मरते दम तक!

और इस जीवन के उसपार भी!

और मैं तब तक जनम लेती रहूँगी

जब तक मैं अपने गुरु की सेवा करने

शिक्षक बनने लायक न बनूँ!

पर एक प्रार्थना है गुरु से और आप सब से

कि मैं गुरु को इसी रूप मे पाऊँ!

जब भी वे मुझे सुदर्शन क्रिया सिखाने का वरदान दें!

वह सुदर्शन क्रिया जो

जीते जी मर्त्यु से

मौत के पार भी जीवन का

चिरन्जीव होने की सच्चाई का अनुभव दिया!

(गलतियां माफ करें)

अहंभाव से अहं की आभाव तक

अहंभाव सिर्फ वह नही है
जो व्यवहार मे व्यक्त हो जाए !
अहंभाव वह भी है जो अव्यक्त हो
और जो अहं का भाव से शुरु होकर
मन मे क्लेश, क्रोध, भय, ईर्षा आदि पैदा करता हो!

जो कोई किसी से बुरे बरताव करे
वह तो अहंभाव से घिरा है ही!
पर वह व्यक्ति भी अहंकार का ही शिकार है
जो दुख, ईर्षा, भय, क्रोध के अंधकार मे खो गया हो!

ऐसे मे व्यक्ति अपने से ही अपने आप को दूर करे
अपने अंदर ही अंदर घुट जाये!
और वे सब कुछ मन मे ही दफना दे
जो तनाव के माध्यम बनें!

और फिर वह खुद को ही उतना ही नुकसान पहुँचा दे
जैसे फीता कृमि करें
शरीर मे प्रवेश करके!
और आदमी अंदर से खोखला होता जाये!

यह अवस्था एसा दलदल है
जिस मे अकसर हम गिर पड़ते हैं!
और यह दलदल एसा है
कि कोई भी हमें बचा न पायेंगे
सिवा गुरु के !

या सिवा कोई एसा व्यक्ति या अद्भुत घटना के
जो वह अंदरज्योति को जलाये!
जो हमे एक ही पल मे जाग्रत कर दे!
और अहंकार को अहं की आभाव मे बदले!

तो वह बेहद खुशकिस्मत है
जो यह ग्यान पाये
कि अहंकार ही दुख क्रोध आदि का कारण है
दूसरे सिर्फ़ माध्यम हैं!

‘सो हं सो हं’ से मन हुआ रोशन!
ओर मिठे सारे अंधकार धीरे धीरे!
जो विचार बुद्धि और भाव को मैले किये
और फिर गूँज उठे ‘सो हं सो है’. का अनहद नाद
हर जगह हर पल जीवन मे!