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Quoting the ‘SELF’

MOTHER – the only bond of Earth that can never be a bondage; the most wonderful relationship,may be, next only to that with the Mother Divine!

CHILD- One of the greatest gifts of God, so also the greatest test on parents – the only possible relationship to make them unconditional in love!

GURU – The EFFULGENT SELF in name and form taken, to show the way – the ULTIMATE that a human being can reach in a human birth!

DEATH – A transit-camp where the soul-traveller halts and rests a while before proceeding again on the homeword journey…may be as another identity….in another name,  another body and another lifetime!

RELATIONSHIPS – God’s gifts…instruments of experiments for the evolution of man during each lifetime.

SELF-IMAGE – A tinsel garland that the ‘poor soull’ compromises with before finding the wealth within…the jewel of jewels , the Sun Within…the ever-shining, Self-Effulgent Self!

HAPPINESS OR UNHAPPINESS – An illusion wherein the mind perceives and experiences what it conceives!

FRIENDSHIP – A zero, the real value of which is not realized unless when added to the digits of needs and situations in life.