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On Mothers’ Day




“Amma! Amma! Amma!”My little ones held their hands in their tiny ones and called me the first time they started speaking!That was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.I relived those moments when I saw my granddaughter speaking her first few words calling her mother!

What can be a more unconditional relationship of this world that that of the mother?If in any relationship of this world, unconditional love is possible, it can be only that of the mother for her child….not even the other way around (unless it is a story of Divine Love)

Generally speaking no one in this world can take the place of the mother….not even God himself.

But , it may happen in a seeker’s life that every relationship becomes a bondage . Then he or she looks for, thirsts for, yearns for, longs for, cries for, pines for such unconditional love as it is of the mother for the child, but with a difference … that…it will not become a bondage but be a bond of eternal Love, Peace, Bliss and Faith. And such seekers are very fortunate who are able to experience such a bond with the Divine…in the Formless and/or in the Form he or she believes in and may have experienced as Divinity Incarnate! And the seeker-infant experiences the unconditional love of the Divine Mother in every situation in his or her life…every day, every moment! The seeker feels that the Mother is with him or her unconditionally….when he or she falls, She picks her up and comforts her; when he or she errs, She chides and punishes , if required, but to reform and not to condemn! When he or she is joyful and wants to talk to Her and play with Her, She becomes his or her companion . When he or she is in sorrow, She comforts her at times, and lets her be… to come out of it stronger and wiser .
The ultimate relationship, though , it is generally said and experienced by the wise, is that of the Radhe-Krishna experience or the Beloved experience, I feel it is only the third last one! For, the second last experience is that of the seeker experiencing the mother in the Divine. And, the ultimate experience, according to me, is that of the seeker experiencing God as his or her Divine Child…whom he or she had conceived and borne in the womb of the consciousness for lifetimes and yugas, in the cycle or cycles of all the eighty lakh species that he or she may have embodied himself or herself in…. in the quest for this God-experience.Even in the experience of the Divine as the mother, there are expectations, disappointments, anger, doubt, rebellion and all that experience that the child must have gone through with his or her biological mother.

But, When the seeker feels like mothering the Divine, he or she becomes truly unconditional….no expectations, no disappointments, no disillusionment, no heartbreak, no loss of trust, no doubts, no anger, no retaliation…..even if all these crop up, they don’t stay for ever… just as they never do even in a biological mother’s heart! It is the WONDER OF WONDERS!

Prostrations to the Divine Mother,who took human form, as Maa Vishalakshi to give birth to my Guru. She is the Shakthi Incarnate, the Power Supreme, who mothers not only my Master, but all flora and fauna and all Creation. One can’t understand Her but One can experience or at least imagine what such Love must be that flows in the Mother’s Heart for All as Her children , being a witness to all that each of us think, speak and do, on our path of evolution ….to reach our known or unknown destination…to rest for Ever in Her All-Embracing Lap!She gives us her message to man to grow from one relationship to another ….to finally be a mother at heart, to one and all…just like Her!On Mothers’ Day, as a tribute to all mothers, biological and otherwise, I have this to say…that…God has created man in His Own Image, but in giving man the ultimate experience of His Infinite Love, He has assumed the mother’s image!

Hail to all Mothers! ( Note: This is not addressed exclusively to biological mothers, but to all human beings, man or woman, girl or boy, who have a mother’s heart! }





hope 1

It’s the only lifesaver that comes to my aid to enable me to survive amidst ‘ life-storms’. Without it, I would get ‘yoked’ with the trials and tribulations of life. It’ the only weapon that I wield and stand in the battlefield of life, when all others are wrested from me . It leads me through ‘dark’ alleys, in which fearsome, hideous monsters are waiting to attack any easy ‘prey’, into the kingdom of Light. Without it,I can’t survive. Others can disarm me of all weapons except of Hope. Hope is that weapon which can’t be wrested from me by anyone buy by me myself! So I keep this weapon sharp and ready every moment by meditation, whatever service I can do, and, prayer. I can’t buy Hope like I can buy the other weapons for battle. It is not made from steel or iron but from God’s Grace Bounteous…

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Exploitation of animals



“Cling…clang! cling…clang!
As the sound reached my ears, it aroused my curiosity. I looked down from the window of my flat on the 4th floor of the apartment I stay in.
The sight that I beheld made me ponder ….and wonder!
A young man was walking along the road. He held a rope in his hands and a cow was tied to the rope at the other end.
It was 12-30p.m. (I.S.T). The man saved himself from the hot afternoon Sun with an umbrella.
What about the cow? It was exposed to the heat.
Something urged me to leave my routine chores and go down. I went to the gate and saw the man had halted there with the cow. A few ladies had approached with vermilion, a garland and some sweets and were worshiping the cow. The worship ended with the man extending his hand, a little too soon…

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Come! Let’s flock together..Nature’s Way!!!

birds of same feather flock together

In those moments in life, when I am with myself, especially immediately after meditation,  I like to sit quietly and look at the sky, the flowing water and greenery around.. It was during one of these’ retreats at sunset that I was struck with wonder when I beheld  flocks of birds flying in  formations back  to their nests .

I recollected a wise man’s words, rightly said. “ Birds of the same feather flock together.”

Now what does it mean? Does it convey the message in the literal sense? It does! For, pigeons fly in their flock, doves in theirs, and so on. It’s not only with birds, it’s with animals as well – be it a herd of elephants or deer, or, be it a pack of wolves. They are gregarious by nature.

What does it imply when it comes to man? It can’t be in the literal sense! It means that those having a common identity of a country, race, goal, interests, etc. naturally form a distinct group. This can be accepted as man being gregarious by nature.Well and good….because it’s for love of something, interest in something, etc. in common which brings a rapport among them and builds up greater  understanding, being in the’ comfort’ zone. This sort of ‘flocking’ is very much Nature’s Way as it is a natural comfort zone. It’s the instinct to survive.

But, is he so, any longer? It’s a big question mark!

Nowadays it is found that mostly, people belonging to a group,club, society or political party,  have something more vitally common to share…a strong dislike or disapproval of someone or something. An  ‘unnatural’ comfort zone of sharing the same dislike and hatred or other negative feeling for some people and some things keep people together as one group much more than the sharing of common likes, interests.

Why is it s? Knowing of others’ discomfort shifts our focus from ourselves and our feeling of lack within, isn’t it? It gives  a  false sense of security…..a veneer deceive. ….but whom? The society or ourselves?

For example, if a certain Mr.X(A’s once-upon-a-time bosom friend or a relative or even a stranger, may be) has been found to have fallen from the right conduct with regard to A, or,  if  Mr. A comes to know about it from someone else, he, for vested interests, and, may be,in bias, communicates the same to his entire social circle….. family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Suddenly, A comes to the limelight. He gets quick responses….his friends are tripled in no time , and, encouraged, he shares it with all on his social networking sites. Those who already have an instant dislike of or discomfort with Mr.X, spread the news about him….. from one to another, and another, and another and so on…its unending. Has this helped to improve the man if he has really committed this error? I doubt it .For, anything done in a rush or passion or strong likes and dislikes, unconscious anger, is generally done in unawareness. And, many a time, the word spread around , like the one about Mr.X, may be later proved to be a rumor by his rivals or enemies, then what? It’s too late to change opinions. Mr. X is already ‘branded’  ! Mr. A may repent and ask X for forgiveness and they may become friends…but what about all those whom A used as instruments to achieve his destructive goal ? Some of them may have never met X, leaving alone having been personally harmed by him. Is there any sin..any unholy act….. which is greater than this?   What an unfortunate turn of events!

Have we not experienced this even in our small world of family relationships , our workplace and friends’ circles that many a time wrong information has been spread about us to become irreversible judgments in the minds of those who have too willingly lent their ears to it and also spread it within no time? Have we not been shocked that a certain word spoken or action done in one of those unprecedented tempers or state of mind has been taken for ‘all time’ like the’ Gospel Truth’? The so-called near and dear ones, best friends, faithful followers have not understood that that person is almost always in his nature, and his positive behavior is ‘ consistently predictable’. Just one moment of letting out the steam, unawareness is enough for others to catch on to, forget about enemies, it’s even worse with so-called well-wishers, they are ready to brand you, to make you feel  guilty, to crucify you, to sermonize. All the faith, so-called love, camaraderie, collapses like a pack of cards.

Let’s take the other side. If someone does something very  good , are we equally fast in recognizing this , spreading the word and making a “FAITH” net? I am afraid not. A person who mentions something in faith will not get so many listeners who want to be his friends,for man’s thinking has become so ‘out of his true nature’ that he has forgotten to reinforce the positive and doubt the negative. It’s the other way around .

If we hear something negative, bad or something shameful about anyone, let us not  jump at it, to catch it as if it were a precious stone! If our equation with someone has become negative  due to any reason whatsoever, let us not try to mar others’ equation with him or her.

It has been said by the wise, ” When you want to say something good about someone or do something good, do it immediately. Similarly, if you think ill of someone or feel hurt about someone’s words or behavior and want to talk to people about it, just don’t do it rightaway! Give yourself some time to get over it, to think more level-headedly rather than emotionally. In most cases, you fill find that it was something too trivial to be taken serious note of….and it has all been a matter of not able to handle it with a calm mind and a mature it happens when dulled by emotional deluge!This is an empirical fact to me as I have observed myself and my reactions to external stimuli in many a situation in life…which has made me more aware and the more skillful to handle such inevitable negative stimuli of situations in life.

Let us refrain from forming  judgments about anybody unawares and from  passing  them on to others making a negative ‘ life-draining’ net. Let’s be  prudent with the thoughts that we entertain about others..…let’s filter them before take them in, to ensue later as word and deed.

Any edifice of human relationships that  collapses with the slightest ‘tremor’ is not based on the strong foundation of true love, faith , and understanding. It is just a convenience, as gets demolished within no time.

When in a flock , pack, group or herd, birds and animals are stronger, because they are truly together.
Let us learn a lesson from the birds… to flock truly together in symbiotic identities such as families in, as colleagues , as nation-builders…in the true sense….to give a positive example of ‘ flocking together… Nature’s way’ !

The Oasis


The caravan of my life was moving ahead , sometimes , on its wheels, swiftly  across vast stretches of lush green pastures, , and sometimes, on its wings,  flying effortlessly across the blue expanse high up;  sometimes , as a ship, surfing through turbulent seas or sailing through calm seas, and,many a time, trudging along deserts of empty pleasures and meaningless pain. Nothing could hold me for long; nothing could quench my thirst; they only satiated me , never satisfied me. Then , all of a sudden, I found myself in front of an oasis…the oasis of Infinite Love, Peace, Compassion and Wisdom. I drank and drank and drank  and every drop satisfied me, but didn’t satiate me…nevertheless, the thirst became more and more and instead of leading to fatigue, this thirst rejuvenated me and made me feel complete and yet thirsting….thirsting…..and thirsting!

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Problems in Life



Look at the crocodile! Isn’t it fearsome? Children may think it’s real…..but we all know it’s made of rock  and is as harmless as a paper-tiger!

This brings to my mind an aspect of life similar to the rock-crocodile. Problems in life!They are just created to make one aware and alert.

What one thinks to be problems in life are not really so……they just appear to be so!

If God creates a problem, he sends a solution also with it. They are inseparable.

Now in my late fifties, when I look back on my life spent on this planet (in this lifetime) and the problems I had as all along the path, I realize that almost all of them were as they were….how I reacted to each or took each as a challenge and moved ahead made all the difference.

We can say that almost all problems are self-created !

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polytheism--1      monotheism

I remember an incident in my younger days when I used to be skeptic and question some beliefs and their practices done by the elders in the family.
One such was when we were moving to our newly-rented house and each had to give a hand in setting up the house. I was giving my mother a hand in doing up the prayer room. She gave me about twelve photographs of different Gods and told me to hang them on the wall. My immediate response to it was a question I put up to her. “ Mom, why do you have God in so many forms? Don’t you get confused?” She just looked at me, may be, a little perplexed at this reaction of mine, but, then, smiled at me and told me that she would tell me about it before retiring to bed. She kept her promise and…

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The greatest freedom is freedom from the bad memories of the past , those which had stayed because I had been associating them with the people who were part of it and attributing it to them,.Those memories and those people were just instruments of the Divine to take me through my karma towards realization and fulfilment.The moment this knowledge got firmly embedded in me, they dropped just as darkness is dispelled when a match is lit..

So, whatever happens in our life, good or bad as we perceive them to be, whoever comes into our life, with good impressions or bad ones on our mind, depending on how we have responded or reacted to them ,are blessings in disguise…to make one purer, stronger and more aware, now , only gratitude flows towards all those memories and people associated with them! It’s natural to feel gratitude for good memories and the people associated with them, but when it becomes your nature to be in the same flow as regards bad memories, a shift happens, as it has happened with me! I feel very light in body and mind and am able to look at life and its tests without fear, without bitterness, without sorrow, without disillusionment, without judgements, without expectations, and hence, with an experience of infinite freedom! Once the mind gives others freedom to think, speak and act the way they know to, it will exercise its freedom judiciously to save itself and not to get caught in the network of collective karma. I am free, I am free, I am free, this moment….may this moment lead me to the next and so on…..Amen! Amen! Amen!

Memories of the past the bad ones , if stored, bring only utmost misery and hatred, spite and bitterness and feeling of revenge. It kills you every moment, though you don’t realize it, just like the tapeworm,once it gets into the brain, slowly but gradually eats into our entrails. Whether the others who your anger is against, who you want to take revenge on, are disturbed by it or not is besides the issue,for, if they are , it’s not due to you; it’s due to their own lack of awareness’; if they are not; it’s due to their awareness that bygones are bygones, neither party can re-play the life-scene and correct it, we can only make a new script and new scenes with the same parties concerned!

Remember this! No one is perfect in this world! The closest understanding of perfection is when wisdom dawns that each human being is perfect the way he or she is, in God’s design.. see perfection in those ‘apparent’ imperfections! It’s just like a ‘jewel in rags, which when unravelled, shines through, till then, no one knows or recognizes it.

If you are not able to forget and forgive, others also may not be able to! For though you may say that you have not hurt anybody, you might have done so, though unintentionally and unawares. So, the people who were instruments for your bad experiences in life ,may also be in the same boat!

So, sit up and think! What would you like to do if you have nursed some grudges against some people till now? May the Almighty light your path with awareness, ability to take the most bitter pills of life with a sense of humour, a bigger perpective of life and the courage to work upon yourself!

Please say the following lines at least once a day from your heart

Free me! O Lord!

Free me from entanglements

Free me from ego

Free me from desires to hold on to my joys and the instruments for it!

Free me from sorrows and the desire to give ‘tit for tat’ to the instruments for it!

Free me from bondage as this is the root-cause of all these vagaries of the mind!

Free me from jealousy when it catches me awares and unawares

Free me from anger that is deadly and that clouds my reason and kills me within

Bless me to remain calm, detached and dispassionate

When confronting people and situations that may otherwise harm me and them and many others, as well

Bless me to be free from all judgements of people and situations in the past, present and future

Bless me to live in the present…moment-to-moment…in love,in prayer, in bliss, in GRATITUDE!

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Unconditional Love

As long as there are expectations in a relationship, unconditional love is not possible.

This realization strikes a chord in my mind . A voice inside me says that it’s impossible for man to have no expectations at all in a relationship, whichever it it siblings, be it parent-child ,be it husband and wife, be it friends, or be it any other.

The degree of expectation may differ from more to less and least when it comes to such relationship as the parents’ is, with their children, the most unconditional of all earthly relationships,

Thus unconditional love remains impossible but only as long as one is in one of the lower states of consciousness.

When, by a touch of Grace,a human being experiences the bondage that makes relationships so conditional, a strong intention to be free of it rises in him.But he can’t break free from it by his efforts. He acknowledges the play of the Divine in binding him to worldly ties. The more he wants to break free, the more and more the bondage.

The journey of man from bondage in every relationship to a strong bond with one and all culminates in his being free from all bondage. Thereafter , he starts living  all relationships of this world in bliss, peace and a sense of fulfillment . Strong bonds of love gradually but surely take roots in relationships that had almost been dead or had been just a way of existing in life and not living it, actually.

Any human being in whose life such a transformation happens is one of those most fortunate ones , for, this miracle can happen only by His Grace.

Only when man starts to love all those around whom God has gifted him with, can he be said to have taken the first step towards God. For, it is easy to believe that one loves God or Guru or any form that one believes in, unconditionally ,for, it is not a human-to-human relationship albeit the form may be a living Guru or spiritual guide. It is the most difficult but not impossible to love unconditionally with those one lives with and moves with in life…one’s parents,children, siblings, kith and kin and friends. The man-god equation is the final step and the easiest…the steps leading to it are all these relationships which are tools given to man to evolve and go higher and beyond, to his Eternal Self.

To meet God, we need to be human first in every way. We need to go through the uneven terrain of relationships, love, expectations and desires, passion , bondage, dissatisfaction followed by the quest for the Ultimate Reality slowly paving the way for knowledge of the Self and the wisdom to understand and live life and relationships to the full…..enjoying it all but still untouched by it all….that is man’s path to unconditional love as paved by God!