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A butterfly perched on the window-sill of my room 

I looked at it! And I looked on, fascinated! 

It flitted across and rested lightly on a jasmine 

And then, it flew past ‘flashing’ a dash of colour and knowledge!


Yes! It flashed the knowledge of its karma as compared to man! 

A butterfly goes from one flower to another 

And lives its life of celemration! 

Celebration of Nature! Celebration of Innocence! Celebration of its life!


This thought brings to me memories 

Memories of what my friend told me the other day 

That Mr. X is like a butterfly! 

That he doesn’t stick to one female, but has a new affair every time!


I think that’s a misinterpretation of the butterfly’s life! 

A gross manifestation of the little mind 

Which loses the awareness of the essence of life 

That the butterfly is in its nature! Man goes…

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The Mother Bird…A Teacher of Life

Chop! Chop! Chop!
And the branches fall
To expose a bird’s nest
Where there was once a foliage!

The Mother Bird and her chicks
Flinch from the merciless heat
Mother Bird flies hither and thither
And perches on my balcony!

She likes what she sees….a cool , quiet corner
Flies away to come back with some dry leaves and twigs
Spreads them in a cosy corner
And gingerly places her egg in it!

Then to and fro she flies between her old and new nests
To bring her chicks to their new home
Happy and chirpy are they now!
All misery and pain forgotten in a moment!

I watch awe-struck and ‘awakened’
As the Mother bird rests awhile
And the chicks snuggle up to her for warmth
While she pecks at them fondly!

Such innocence and divinity do I find in that sight
No grudges against the one who destroyed their home
No anger! No revenge! No curses!
No little mind judge herself or the one who cut the tree
No ego to draw rigid lines of right and wrong
No ‘should be’ and ‘should not be’ as to mar this peaceful ‘moment’!

She looks straight into my eyes
And so do I feel I can read through her eyes
What is within !
Nothing can I see in them but innocence and divinity that shine through and through!

O! if man could be like the bird
And retain his innocence and egoless state of consciousness!
O! If he never grew up but remained a child at heart for ever!
Living in innocence, in playfulness..Nature’s Way…moment-to-moment!

Unnatural Calamity!!!

Fireworks during festivals… temples, homes or public places

In celebration  ?… In proclamation ? …In ostentation?…of piety?

Fire-flowers blooming  in the skies as lotus, rose and hibiscus

But becoming the torch to light many a funeral pyre!


By rules  overlooked, diluted or flouted, power misused ?

By insensitivity to the truth

That our rights end where others’ rights start

That our right to live the way we want

Should not end others’ right to live?

That our celebration of God in the name of religion may be a question mark?


For many a time it ends up in blindness and burnt victims

And many an animal dying or falling sick  many a time in fear

As nightmarish for them as has been

For victims of air-crash , bomb or gas- explosions

Over and above which is the inconvenience and discomfort caused to many

Yes! To many …be it a child, be it an old man.. or be it a patient!


All this display during festivals trespassing all laws

Laws on levels of sound and units of fireworks used

Laws on the venues of such display and celebration and the timings thereof

All come to naught…..till such time as irreparable harm is done!


By many a precious life lost before its due end

Just as the curtain falls before the play ends!

Oh Lord! Festivals here are celebrations for many

But at the cost of such being the burial ground and funeral rites for many!


Why do we rejoice and celebrate without awareness, caution

And without the right precautions to avoid injury and death to many ?

O! Lawmakers! Lawbreakers! Pious enthusiasists!

Can’t we also be peacemakers

For any law is to maintain peace  And not to blow any to pieces!


It could be any of us there with burnt parts strewn all over

Searched for desperately by near and dear ones to burn to ashes as a religious rite

Or, it could be any of us, again, looking for the remains of a close relative

It has happened with many, it may happen with him, you and me!


So let’s wake up and stand together henceforth

In making suitable laws as lawmakers, in supporting such laws as power-wielders

And in obeying such laws .. as the public

To wake up to a safer celebration of festivals and piety!


Such celebration as will not bring harm to any man, animal, bird, fish or insect

For we can’t give life…how can we take life ….in celebration?

It’s a prayer that pours forth from the soul

A prayer to live but let live as well!






sri sri yogaYoga…yoga…yoga

It ‘s in the headlines nowadays
So also is it on FM, Television , Facebook and Twitter!
And of course going global  in a big way!
Who are those who practice and preach Yoga?

Many are seekers of good health
Some wisdom, and, some of peace
And ,some  others, may  be, of the satisfaction of being ‘trendy’!
No matter what he or she seeks

It is a new beginning and a fresh lease of life
For surely does it bring good health
And a disease-free body
Or, to say the least, reduces the suffering due to ailments
For many an ailment is due to stress and a harmful life-style

Surely does it lead to a stress-free mind
A pure intellect not dulled by fear, superstition doubt and negativity
Yoga , with regular practice, doesn’t bring any blessings from heaven
Neither does it increase the awareness, the power of the mind
Nor does it increase the IQ!

For all these are already there within!
Yoga just cleans the chakras
And rejuvenates each cell in the body
Unclogs the blocks that mar pure thoughts , reason and intellect

It stabilizes the mind and the emotions!
To manifest as power …of undivided focus, increased awareness
To tackle oneself, others in ‘to do or not to do’ situations!
Each of us is gifted equally by God

For He is as impartial as can be
But in the journey of lifetimes we have collected ‘muck’
And carried it along to this moment
It’s a psycho-somatic phenomenon!

All those moments that we have not lived in the present
Have remained as impressions within us
As health hazards…be it of the body, be it of the mind and the emotions
All these come to naught with regular practice of yoga!

Believe in it and do it and it happens!
For, what you believe in, happens to you!
Practice of yoga does not harm any religion, race or creed
But brings peace, bliss , contentment and positivity in life!

And the deepest impressions that are the subtlest possible
Can be erased with the practice of Sudarshan Kriya
It’s a wonder….the greatest of gifts given to man in this kaliyuga
Riot—worne as man is ‘within’ and ‘without’!

Man wants to swallow a few pills
And take the easy way out
To rid himself of disease of body and mind
He seems to get some relief by drinking, smoking and drugs!

All that he seeks from outside to rid himself of stress
Be it fine arts, sports , and other things that he loves to pursue
Are of course very good and do good
But then they can’t bring long-lasting results

For, the blocks within don’t let them do so
And these can be removed by nothing else by regular practice of yoga
So let’s all make a new beginning and rejuvenate ourselves
Let’s make a start to honor this International Day of Yoga!

Come one! Come all! Join the yoga bandwagon!
No better life,,, no greater luck…no change of people and circumstances
But, for sure, a change will happen in you, in course of time!
The same people, the same situations, the same world
The same challenges in life, but you alone won’t be the same!
You will change for the better!

Better health, less, lesser and least stress
Greater memory, A joyful disposition
A peaceful mind , increased awareness and a positive outlook!
The latter are our only hope of remaining happy and peaceful

For if we are peaceful and happy, we spread the same around us
For without all of us being happy
We can’t make it a better world for our posterity
So … Yoga , Yoga, and Yoga!

Let’s all commit ourselves to regular practice of yoga
On a daily basis at least for the next three months
Let’s  do it 100%, putting our heart and soul into it
With unshakable faith and grateful hearts!

It’s time to come together this way
The only way to uplift the collective consciousness
And slowly but surely bring about a change
Yes ! A change within ourselves, in the family, in society, in the nation, in the world and in All Creation!

May the Lord bless each of us
With the awareness and willingness to receive this gift !
Come One! Come All
Gift yourself with this golden opportunity!

To ‘meet yourself’, ‘understand yourself’ ‘love yourself’ and love all!
And bring out the real YOU from within
And live life to your optimum
And then do you spread the fragrance Nature’s Way!






Many of us have the UPS at home. It is always on and connected to the Mains. When the power supply from the Mains turns off, it supplies power , and then gets re-charged when the Mains turn on. It’s very simple; we just need to buy the UPS and connect it to the Mains.

Similarly , in this human birth, all of us have our own Main Connection to keep life going…whether it be by visiting temples, churches or dargahs, or, be it chanting prayers or mantras and counting the rosary, we have all experience the Life-Force current sustaining us in every situation in life.

Yet, sometimes ,nay, many a time, in life, and especially, due to the stress levels going up-day-to-day in today’s environment, we become victims of stress and don’t realize it till such time as it takes its toll on the mental, physical and emotional levels. This is because stress has reached the subtler levels.
Hence, just like we make contingency plans in the corporate sector, we need to have a similar plan to save ourselves at all costs, for the sake of all our kith and kin, for, we need to keep standing strong, and sturdy in all ups and downs of life for all of them, and, for this priceless life itself.

Regular Praanaayama brings the body, breath and the mind into a harmonious alignment to keep one balanced and stable in life; yoga and meditation are all the remedy for this . Anyone who practises this after taking the shiksha must have experienced this.
The Sudarshan Kriya is one of the examples. It is not just the technique which works. It is “The Grace’ behind the technique. Sudarshan Kriya is the UPS. Just like we buy the UPS and have to keep it connected it permanently to the Mains, its very important to practise the Kriya after doing the course, come what may. Life goes on as usual, situations are the same, relationships are the same, but, your mind is not the same anymore -. Stress can’t victimise you anymore; and you remain hollow and empty moment-to-moment with regular kriya, a bit of seva, once-a-week satsang which adds a new dimension to life.
Regular kriya and meditation keeps you calm within, centred, alert, sharp, dynamic and blissful and aware, at the same time, as the Divine blows into the empty pipe and blows out all the stress by the rhythms  of breath, day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

Spirituality is not just a concept it is the practise in life of applying all that has been said over ages by the Wise . Just the intention to practise it and the sincerity may not work; we need to work upon ourselves from the gross, this body, to the subtle level of the consciousness, to make a difference to our lives. New horizons may manifest; only those who are courageous enough to work upon themselves instead of blaming the whole world, situations and relationships and even the Divine, can take up this commitment to themselves.
Spirituality is just a means to an end…not an end in itself….one can maintain the quality of life by working on oneself and thereby direct thought, word and action, oneself, to a great extent, if one is on the spiritual path.

What is spirituality worth if one can’t forget and forgive in one’s own small world of kith and kin of day-to-day life; what is spirituality if one can’t remain stable , strong and sturdy and deep-rooted in Faith inspite of the worst situations in life.
We just need to take a ‘first step’. It’s rightly said , ” If you take one step, God will take a hundred steps…we really experience “LIFE” and realize how precious it is and can’t be grateful enough for it….as, a rolling stone gathers no moss….those who do regular spiritual practices are like the rolling stone.





Salutations  to Thee O King among trees!

Held sacred by many an ancient religion

Acclaimed by Lord Krishna Himself in the Bhagavad Gita

Worshipped even by  by saints, who meditate under thy shade!


From where thou grew high up in the Himalayas

Flowed the holy river Sarasvati

It was under thy shelter that Lord Buddha got enlightened!

And hence have thou earned the name “the Bodhi Tree”!

Lord Vishnu was born under thy shelter; so also do all Hindu Gods and Goddeses reside in thee!


Thou are one of the most widely used in the oldest of Sciences, ‘Ayurveda’

By umpteen ways are thou used to cure man of illnesses

Be it asthma, be it diabetes, be it heart disorders

Be it gout, be it ulcers, or, be it indigestion

Be it earache, or be it a wound that doesn’t heal!


Thou art a cure for all….by thy leaf, extract, bark, root, fruit or leaves

Thy leaves are food for camels and elephants

Thou are a shelter for many birds, insects and snakes alike

And so also are thou used as an ornamental tree

For, doesn’t  thy presence add to the beauty and grandeur of a place?

And, surely does man,bird  and animal feel vibrations of peace in thy vicinity!


Thou art one of the longest living trees on this planet!

Thou were worshipped as the Goddess Mother by the Indus Valley people!

Thou art said to be a charm to cast away evil eyes

And so are thou said to drive away bad dreams to the gates of hell! 


Thou symbolise all that is auspicious for man

Be it for protection from foes,be it for progeny

Be it for fulfillment of desires

Or, be it to cure contagious diseases!


Scientific  research has led to a revelation

That Thou are the Only One that gives Oxygen round the clock

Even a waft of the breeze from thy direction is said to be a healing agent

And thus are thou revered as the most eco-friendly tree!


Thou art a symbol for spiritual understanding, as by the ‘Ramayana’

For the Goddess Sita sat under thee and wept for her Lord Rama

And Lord Hanuman sat on thy branches and looked on!

For he could do nothing ,but still ,was a witness to everything!


Thy fruit and seed are symbols of body and soul, as said in the Upanishands

The body is symbolised by thy fruit

For, it’s external that experiences through the senses

The Soul  is like the seed , inside, and just a witness!


Thou are one among the longest living trees on this planet!

O worthy One! I revere you and worship you

For all that thou give to man and the entire Creation!

Salutations to thee O Holy Peepul – the King among trees!




“Vaanprast” in Sanskrit means going to the forest

Or, in other words, giving up worldly life

To retreat into a natural, strife-free environment

To spend the last few years of life in contemplation and tapas!

But, then, this is considered Dharma only

If one has done one’s duties in this world

Duties towards parents, towards wife and children, duties towards other kith and kin

For, otherwise, it can be an act of ‘escapism’!

And, I know, duties don’t just end with ‘irrigating the lawns’

One has to share the collective duty of ‘irrigating the pastures’ as well!

I mean, our duty doesn’t end with bringing prosperity, security, peace and contentment to our family

For, family, in its broadest sense,, has a different connotation!

The whole world is my family, your family, everyone’s family

The world with its geographical divisions, racial divisions, communal divisions

And,  worst of all, divisions due to ignorance, ego, greed for power and fame

Divisions due to the “Frankinsteins” of superstitions, fear, irrational approach!

So, even if one has completed ones’ duties towards one’s kith and kin

One can’t take “Vaanprast” i.e. retire from active life

For, there is a lot to be done; many to be cared for

Many to be fed ; many to be clothed!

The battle of Dharmakshetra is yet to be won

On one side are in array the wielders of Dharma or human values

On the other side are fanaticism, terrorism, bigotism, jingoism and nihilism

The first and foremost to be fought against and won over, in the array of enemy lines!

Once these are subdued, come exploitation, corruption, opportunism, chauvinism , sanctimony

Once these are also trounced, the rest can be defeated, surely, in due time!

As, it’s from the roots of some trees that strength and succor are gained by its parasites

Once the roots are destroyed, the above can’t survive for long!

I am not talking about ‘cutting the trees as Nature has gifted us with

I am talking about the trees of negative elements

The leaves of which are ‘the pests of society’

And the victims of which are the situations that the world, and, or country, have to confront, now!

The victims are victims of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, superstition, fear

These victims are victims of psunamis, floods, bomb blasts

They are victims of child labor, oppression, opportunism

They are victims of cold war, or, war and bloodshed!

Be it war and bloodshed between two border countries

Be it communal riots within the country

Be it riots that are due to dispute between border states

Be it for language, for water, for power, for exploitation of the ignorant, the gullible, the weak, the foolish!

These victims are all arrayed on the other side

With their stalwarts, their spokesmen, their Senapatis

And, along with them, are also the victims

of AIDS, of rapes, of addiction (drugs/alcohol), of Depression, of bird flu, of Dengue Fever!

The more Science has advanced, the greater have become the challenges

For, the number of diseases has increased manifold

The worst are those that are spread by unawareness from man to man

And that are due to lack of a sense of belonging!

When one has such demonical enemies to fight

Demonical  –  as they are not God’s plan or Nature’s plan

Not the Divine plan of Creation, Destruction and further Creation!

Just like the tree that sheds its leaves in autumn

And gets new leaves, buds, flowers and fruits in Spring!

These enemies are those monsters which have been created by man himself

Which are becoming more and more powerful day by day

That by the time all of us ( not just a few, but, each one of us) realize that we need to kill these monsters, it may be too late!

But, better late than never! So, ‘Vaanprast’ is a long way to go!

By the way, even in the woods, there is no peace, nowadays!

Man is intervening in the plans of Nature

And man-made disasters can occur in forests as well!

But, when one contemplates on ‘Vaanprast’ in an infinite sense

The ‘van’ or the forest is in the mind, renunciation is not an action

It’s a happening, in the mind!

When one does everything, keeps living in this world

But, with a difference!

Yes, with the difference that one is not attached in mind

Not at all attached to one’s life, one’s pleasures, one’s pains

Not at all attached to one’s ego, one’s egoless state

And least of all attached to one’s successes, one’s failures, one’s strengths, one’s weaknesses!

One, as the Observer or Saakshi, has already achieved “Vaanprast”

One doesn’t need to go anywhere’ for ,all that is, is within oneself!

There is battle within; a “Dharmakshetra”; let it last as long as it does

The enlightened one is not the oppressed, is not the oppressor

He is not the victim; he is not the prey; not is he the predator

He lives, he wakes up, he goes to bed, he does his duties in this world

He laughs, he complains, he feels sad, he is happy, he prays, he fights!

But, with a difference, sans mind, sans reaction, sans judgement, sans the desperation to run away!

“Vaanprast” in this kaliyuga is the greatest of miracles

That can happen to any human being, any Seeker

For, in the midst of this Maya-world, he has to live it as he lives a reality!

So, think before you decide to take up “Vaanprast!”