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He who rules over the little mind rules over the entire universe.
I know that it is so My Lord, but I am just an ordinary human being and prone to all human follies and weaknesses. I have no ambition to rule over the universe but I definitely want to win over my mind , for, all problems in life have their roots nowhere else but in the mind alone.
When the mind is weak all the follies and weaknesses come to the surface, and I am helpless during those times when the mind rules over me ,though for a wee little time. But a few moments of freedom of will to the little mind is enough to create havoc and lead to anger, doubt in one’s faith and the one one has faith in, frustration and a lingering pain in the subtlest level as if the soul were in misery.
With Your Grace a little awareness of and a power to discriminate between the two states of mind has set in. Hence I wish I could control this mind moment-to-moment.
The reason for my intense desire to have a say on the little mind is not because I am in a hurry for reaching any higher realm. It’s only because I want to save my mind from its reactions to people who have an adverse effect on it ,and to the situations they create to trigger ego, anger, disillusionment and disappointment and doubt of all that I have faith in.
And it has become a life-saving situation for me for I find that many people in the spiritual line are as arrogant as those on others, or, may be even more, because they are not openly so and hence it’s even worse. I try to hold on to all that I expect to experience on the spiritual path ,but in vain.
This moment is one of those when the mind goes on rampage and seems to me to be all out to destroy all those divine thoughts, traits and tendencies that have been showered on me by You. I also know that the mind is as unpredictable as a monkey..
Hence, here goes my prayer
Oh! Why do you play with me so o Lord?
Why do you separate me from You time and again?
Aren’t You trying to wean me away too soon?
I am not even a toddler yet and You expect me to walk without your support?

Nay, Lord! Test me not so ruthlessly!
Umpteen times have I prayed to you
To keep my mind focused only on You every moment!
And not to let it wander here and there even for a fraction of a second

Whenever You give me my mind to control
It happens the other way around
It starts controlling me
And then it takes me wherever it wants to go

On its own without You to control it
It runs wild– unbridled and unsaddled
And gets stuck at the slightest obstacle
Maliciously erected by evil spirits

Such evil spirits as want to thwart my progress at any cost
For which purpose they invade some minds
That are those minds in destiny-relationships
And so also of those so-called kindred spirits on the path
Who test my faith , patience and perseverance beyond limits

Enough of this evil sport, O Lord!
Don’t ever let my mind stray away from You
May I sustain my faith
Even when surrounded by crises from all sides!

Pray let not bitterness, disgust and sorrow overcome me
And pray let not any external triggers kill my zest for life
Pray let not corrupt minds corrupt me as well
And pray let me not retreat my steps towards You

Pray let me not retreat my steps taken in lifetimes
Pray let not the selfishness of some I have to move with on the path
And pray not the arrogance of some who are with me on the path
Douse the enthusiasm in me and kill my spirit
For it’s even more disturbing and the harder to believe !

O Lord ! It’s painful that the the ones who are supposed to encourage
Create so much riot and confusion in the mind!
By their covetousness and discouraging words and actions
All done in jealousy on the path and a desperate effort to take all credit themselves!

O Lord! Let them take all the credit – who cares?
But let them not come in the way of other seekers on the path
Who sincerely want to contribute to Your work
It’s become so bad that I don’t get the opportunity to work with them

Or else working smoothly with them and enjoying it
Has become impossible!
A lot of subtle foul play happens
And team-work is just a sham – there’s no truth in it!

You may tell me “ the mind sees and experiences in this world whatever it carries within
May be so, may be not, in my case
I don’t know – You only know O Lord!
So pray dissolve my little mind in Yours for ever

Or bless me with the power to win over my little mind
So as not to be overcome by it
Anyway ,either way, it’s a win-win situation
For ,if the little mind takes over, You’ll come to save me!

And, if You bless me and empower me
To lord over my mind every moment
I can behold You in me every moment as me
So either way, You are with me…nothing else matters!
Pray make me so strong that nothing moves me out of my centre. Pray wave your Magic Wand over me and over all those around me, especially my so –called kith and kin and the co-seekers on the path. Pray bless me so that I get opportunities to do service in my vicinity and thus make life purposeful and blessed,





Arjuna is only one”. Repeatedly hearing this statement triggered my spirit of enquiry to reflect on its implications and come to the following conclusion:-

Arjuna of the Bhagavad Gita doesn’t stand for the name, which just symbolises the consciousness that Arjuna was in, that made him deserving to hear the Gitopadesa from Lord Krishna. After receiving the knowledge from Krishna, he rose to a higher realm of Consciousness and was able to  do his dharma or worldly duties in a state of dispassion, sweet surrender and infinite love for and trust in His Lord.

Thus, Arjuna in physical form can be many in this world – all those seekers of the Truth who are in the same consciousness as the Arjuna of The Bhagavad Gita. But without form, they are all One- the same Consciousness manifesting in different forms.

An unquenchable thirst for knowing the way out of this mire of world-illusion and a prayer from the core of one’s being to be freed from all that is cause for bondage and misery are the eligibility criteria to receive the Highest Knowledge, according to me. Above all, such utter helplessness, confusion about what is real and right and what is not,and last but not the least, unconditional surrender of every fear, feeling and emotion and the little mind that wanders here and there through the play of the senses, without filtering what to tell the Lord and what not to, just like that helplessness and openness required to make a real confession in the confession-box and not a conditioned one, are the true signs of love of and trust in the Divine. How many of us confess to the Lord without any  reservation whatsoever? (Anyway the Lord decodes what we say and what we don’t say, so we can’t hide anything from our Lord.)

In Arjuna’s state of consciousness, no one else is imprinted in the mind than one’s own mental turmoil which impels one to turn to the Lord’s Word for guidance, just like an innocent child, troubled about something he or she cannot get over, instinctively looks up to his or her mother for a way out!

O Lord! A prayer goes to you on behalf of all who can experience Your Infinite Love as compared to ours, for all those who want to hear and listen to Your words of Wisdom , for all those who sincerely look up to You for guidance on how to live in this world in this matter-body of the Five Elements,with the Five Senses, the little mind of fears, feelings, emotions and attachments that lead to bondage and misery, for all those who have had a taste of the Ambrosia of Your Love for man  and and are so addicted to it that the ephemeral experiences of this world cannot lure them away. This is the only addiction that intoxicates one, and, at the same time ,keeps one centred with greater focus , clarity of mind unclouded intellect, and of course a pure heart blossomed fully in His Love!

So here goes my prayer….

May the Five senses, which are used as tools to beget worldly pleasures, be the gateway to Heaven I.e. tools to keep no one else and nothing else in our hearts,  other than You, moment-to-moment. For, if You are in our hearts, we can be at peace with ourselves ans so with  the world as the entire universe is within You! If our senses respond or react to the stimuli given by this world without You , it leads to passion, entanglement, bondage and restlessness. But with You in my hearts every moment, our  senses will not go all out to catch whatever bait is thrown by this world. For, though indirectly it is the little mind that deters our progress whenever we  feel disconnected, it is true that the little mind does so ,spurred by the five senses. So, when the senses are controlled by You  with the reins in Your hand instead of in ours,  they will be a blessing to us. They already are, many a time, but can’t they be directed towards the ONE moment-to-moment? We don’t want to lose our awareness even for a second….so that the BiG MIND or the Consciousness will unseat the little mind for ever and enthrone itself in our hearts .
O Lord! May the senses not violate Your laws
And cause impediments on our path
May each be an instrument to goad us on
Yes! To goad us on towards the ultimate goal of this lifetime!
May our eyes see everything
But may they forward to the mind only that which keeps us centred
May our ears hear what all sounds may fall on them
But may the mind translate all that into the tunes You play on Your Flute
May our nostrils receive all that the waft of the breeze brings with it
But may all these be absorbed first by You enthroned in our hearts
So that all become one with the scent of sandalwood, roses, jasmines and tulsi that Your Presence exudes
May our sense of touch perform all its tasks assigned to it in this world
But may our minds retain memories of and cherish only those moments that we could touch The Lotus Feet
May our tongue indulge its taste-buds and power of speech
Only to that extent that our minds can fine-tune themselves
So that all that we taste bring back to us memories of the Ambrosia we had tasted
And so also keep us so pure, not to know hate, jealousy and anger
But to bless all unconditionally and receive your blessings

O Lord! Bless us with the power to bless our senses and befriend them
So that they keep us centred moment-to-moment
So that You don’t desert us even for a fraction of a second
When some other force may take its seat and make us forget You
For without You we are weak and nothing and may be overcome by these vile forces
The thrones in our hearts are not to be kept vacant
Come Lord and be seated on the Thousand-petalled Lotuses in our hearts
And with the entire universe within You!
And give us the “eye” to behold that sight every moment!
Please be our charioteer to navigate these matter-bodies through this battlefield of life
Please take the reins of our sense-horses in Your hands
And lead us to victory in this battle of Kurukshetra!


Let me start my perception on Love with my’ Selfie’ on the topic

child's love

1.Who do I love?
All those who acknowledge it and return it
All those who speak well about me and believe in me
All those who are either blind to most of my weaknesses, and ,most of the time ,are able to accept me as Iam
All those who believe in what I believe, who like and love what I do, who love or hate who I do!

2. Who do I hate or dislike or want to avoid, or even, want to change?
All those who disregard my love and don’t reciprocate
All those who speak ill about me ,and don’t believe in me
All those who, most of the time, are blind to my strengths and see only my weaknesses
All those who ridicule me, slander me and trigger my ego by their arrogance
All those who can’t accept me as I am

3. Do I believe that love can change into hate and vice versa for the same people?
i) Yes. My love metamorphoses into anger , dislike and disgust, may be, even hatred, when the same people, who once talked only good about me, start speaking ill of me ,and, start seeing my weaknesses, most of the time.
ii) Similarly, my feelings towards all those who talked ill about me and saw only my weaknesses most of the time, change to like and may be love when they start thinking and speaking good things about me and behave well with me.

Now that I ‘ve taken a ‘selfie’ and I sit back and ponder:
How can love turn turtle to become dislike overnight or in a few days, months or years? If it does so, then , what I perceive as love is not real. It is just a concept formed in the mind by attachment to certain ideas about good and bad that take shape because of the ego-syndrome.
Love can’t be that which changes with changes in people and situations from outside… those external triggers be the family members, be they other kith and kin, be they friends, be they be the society, be they the society, , religion/Faith, nationality or race , colour or creed, or, even God or Guru,for that matter.
animal love

Love is that natural spring deep within which has been covered by tonne-loads of ‘muck’ that may have been covering it for lifetimes and thus keeping it undiscovered . The moment this muck is cleared, the spring will sprout forth to bring all good to oneself and others around .
And, hate? It’s a non-entity…a phantom lurking in the dark alleys of a distorted ego . When this ego bursts and is reduced to nothing…dislike, hate , anger and all its companions disappear into thin air.
Out of all the people who we claim to love, how many do we, trul,y love ( love is always unconditional; if it’s conditional, it’s not love) if at all?

Do we even love our favourite form of God or the Guru, so?
Unless we find out the truth, which may be most bitter and hard to digest ,and ,unless we acknowledge it ourselves, and want to change this equation ourselves, we won’t look out for what is, truly, Love
( not true love, for there is nothing called true love and false love) – that never dies, that always is…that can never hurt, that always heals.
I am not averse to enjoying the different flavours of love that our Maker has gifted us with. But, what I want to say is that if in any relationship, be it of this world, or, be it with God, if,there is every possibility that the love can mature into its ultimate form, it’s a path well—taken.
The love between spouses can start with physical relationship but can mature to divine love , even given the conjugal bliss.

Love of the child for the mother has all possibilities…it can reach the heights ofan unconditional relationship, or, it can remain conditional.
Love for animals, love for Nature, love for God, love for the country, love for your religion or Faith….can all either open the doors for you to reach beyond .
A parent’s love for his or her child is , I think, the most unconditional, among all the relationships of this world.

love for infant

And, a mother’s love for her child goes a little further as a mother bears the child in her womb and gives birth to it…..the bond can’t be expressed, understood, but only experienced!
It doesn’t matter who you love or what you love as long as your love makes you so unconditional that it continues to shower on even those who may hurt you, slander you, hate you, or make life a living hell for you.
Is it possible to love so? Yes, I strongly believe it’s possible .And I know it’s possible. But I am not an example for it..But,may be, my conditions have become less…I have become less rigid…I am able to accept people and the situations they create ,much more than I could earlier.
But , I have just taken a first step…and….there’s a long ,long, way to go and I don’t know of any way of making the transformation faster….unless, of course, a miracle happens, it will take its own time. But, that doesn’t push me into inertia and stop me from working towards it.

Age doesn’t matter. Lifetimes don’t matter. I have now understood something. Whether the destiny relationships in my life from childhood to this 58 years of life…whether they become perfect or not, by all of them being able to love me as I want them to and by all of them able to accept me as I am, I need to undo all the chains of action and reaction, judgements and inhibitions about them;I need love them as they are, for they are mine, and, move forward, with renewed hope and resolution .
A day will dawn , I am sure, when I can make all of them free from the clutches of my mind , whether they do so or not. I pray for freedom from bondage to all those I am bound together with (not bonded with) be it in like and love, be it in dislike ,hatred, jealousy, anger etc., as may be.
The moment my prayer is heard, I will become complete, may be , in this life, may be in the next…I don’t know. Then will I be able to receive God’s Love to the full extent ( I have had a glimpse of it, and, a taste of it,may be)blossom in Love to spread the Fragrance around.

O Lord! What’s this image of you that you’ve made?
Is it what you meant it to be
Or. Is it that it has been broken by man
Who has re-shaped it on the remains of what you have made?

Animals neither think, speak or live and die in ‘strife ‘ within and without
For they live Nature’s way and do not upset its balance
But, man? He thinks, speaks and aces in love as he claims to
And has strayed far away from his destined path!

But, isn’t he lost in this concept of love
For, he searches everywhere and in one and all for it
But forgets to look deep within himself
To recognize what it really is and to understand it

Yes! To understand it so that he starts loving himself
To be able to love others and this world
If each and every man can excavate this ancient kingdom of Love
That lies buried underneath the debris of karmas or sins committed in the course of lifetimes

Each will get back his ‘lost kingdom’
That kingdom, which cannot be invaded, usurped or lost
But can only remain buried for sometime to be found again
Love! Love! Love!

It’s nothing else but what I am made up of
All this attachment, anger, hate, jealousy, sadness…what are these?
These are not I, for, they don’t come from Love!
They are just phantoms that seem to spring on me

And seem to hold me in their clutches for a while
But only till my guardian-angel comes
And breathes fire on them to reduce them to ashes
And all that is left is LOVE! LOVE ! and LOVE! That’s what I am!

It is possible that most of our relationships are tales of attachment mistaken to be love. It’s also possible that none of them is a tale of love, and, hence, a whole lifetime, or lifetimes, may pass before we have an experience of Love.
god love <a
If any of us or some of us have experienced this Love which never dies , which keeps one alive and in celebration moment-to-moment, which sustains itself and doesn’t need anything in return, which is indestructible and hate, anger, jealousy, spite , sadness can’t destroy it or make it less or more , then, these people are the most fortunate. Nothing else remains for them to achieve in life….for this, according to me, is the sign of true success and the purpose of this life…no hate, no anger, no jealous,….only peace, bliss , contentment, gratitude and blessing for all…..the spontaneous overflow of ANCIENT LOVE ! LOVE! LOVE!
loving God



Yesterday, my dad. mentioned to me that it was getting a little too cold for comfort. I reminded him of his earlier remark that it had been getting a little too hot for comfort. I expressed my wonder to him as to how man is easily shaken by the seasonal changes of Nature.

That shifted my conscounsness to another plan….man’s reaction to the seasons of his evolution on the path. This brought into my mind the reality that most of us react to not only the seasons of Nature but also to the seasonal changes of the mind as we evolve.

Inspite of the seasons, Earth is always there for us, strong, welcoming, all-embracing come what may…snow or autumn or spring or dead bodies! So also, the Individual Soul is untouched by all these seasonal changes of the little mind….man has to just dive deep enough in earnest quest of the truth and he will experience it that the play of the senses, the little mind in ego, passion, lust and other paraphernalia are just ‘phantoms’ that disappear with the dawn of the big mind. My ruminations on this expanded to give more clarity for me to pen down my thoughts and the verses below it:-

The four seasons…..Spring , Summer, Monsoons and Winter have an analogous equation to the four states of human evolution.
Spring equates with budding innocence and ‘one who knows not, know he know not, is a child, teach him’stage.
The second stage of Summer i.e. youth is that stage when all innocence is lost and the mind, through all the senses ,plays havoc to lead to extreme levels of feelings , emotions, desires
The third stage of Monsoons relates to that when satiety comes after satisfaction of some or most of or all stimuli of the senses and and the mind lodges itself in the Abiding Spirit in the individual – the Inner Eye opens up and showers a rain of Grace and desire for self-realization
The fourth stage of winter relates to that stage when all the senses are just there in
cold-storage and only a few select ‘flora and fauna ‘are active…rest in hibernation…to get rejuvenated for the next Spring…a new life…the Earth also cools down and again conceives all the activity of creation during winter to give to new life again.
The sequence in which these seasons come and go one after another is also synonymous with the physiological age of an individual i.e. childhood, youth, middle-age, old age culminating in death and then repetition.
But ,there is a fifth season in man’s life when all these four seasons overlap each other and come and go in unprecedented order. When a man starts his journey towards self-realization, his mental evolution need not be in sync with his physiological age…Summer may not bring passion, ambition , desire and passion and restlessness; he may continue to be in the mental state as he has been in since the onset of ‘Spring’, Monsoons may be intermittent during all seasons…as Grace pours down on him its bounteous showers to bring awareness, stability and clarity; the state of mind that winter brings with it can be his even during other ‘seasons’- facing the reality that man is alone on his journey…he is his own companion and hence has to keep his Spirit awake to urge him on.
It’s really a wonder ……the Four Seasons that come and tell us the story of man’s evolution and his journey towards Himself.
It’s rightly said , “Nature is the best teacher”.
Below is a poem that flowed in honour of nature and the endless journey of man towards God.


How beautiful was the countryside that I passed by
On that morning in the month of April!
The daffodils danced in delicate rhythms in the pleasant morning breeze!
The butterflies flew around throwing a splash of hues and colours on me!

The nightingale sang an old love-song of yore that it remembered
Some birds flew out of their nests to the vast expanse of the sky
In search of new pastures and new adventure!
The trees seemed to break into enchanting smiles with the sunrays
filtering through their leaves!

I stopped my car for a while and got out
And squatted on a rock beside which flowed a placid river
I could not help but lie there on the freshly-grown grass and listen
Listen to the flow of the water, the chirping of the birds, the song
of the cuckoo and the rustling sound of the leaves

After a while another sound woke me out of my ruminations
on the sounds of the countryside
It was the tinkling laughter and prattle of children
Walking along the sidewalk with their mother or father
The latter made me wonder how much the child’s laughter
was in sync with the environment!

This thought made me reflect on God’s design in man’s life!
The seasons that come and go to repeat themselves
Spring, Summer, Monsoons and Winter
Are analogous to the four stages of man’s life…Childhood, Youth,
middle age, and, old age ending in death

So also are these analogous to the four states of mind
on their way from innocence to maturity
The child is in its nature…hollow and empty all the time
So doesn’t store ‘muck’…forgets every moment as it goes
So doesn’t get depressed , disappointed and disillusioned!

The senses in the child are just getting into their adventurous journey
Of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste
So are initially on safe ground at that stage!
They don’t need to emulate Gandhiji’s three monkeys
For, it is’ out of sight, out of mind ‘for them!

But , as they grow up into their teens and then youth
Their senses become impatient horses
Taking every opportunity to gallop away on their own
The moment the little mind says ‘on your spurs’!

The youth lives through his adventure to middle-age
And then does his mind become aware and gives a command ‘halt’
Or another command ‘ slow and steady’
The horses slow down to a easy trot and both horse and rider
are in rhythm , Nature’s Way!

Then the mind-traveller wants to rest
But he has still some way to go to reach his destination
So he takes rest in ‘highway-inns’ in between the journey
He is in no hurry; he will reach his destination sooner or later!

Ha! There , at last, is his destination!
He gets down, lets go of the horses, to find new riders
He lies down on Nature’s bed …the welcoming arms
Of the Mother Earth-and goes into a reverie!

A reverie of his past journey and its adventures
He looks back and laughs to himself
It has all gone by like a dream!
Bygones are bygones! Let me rest for a while!

And he goes into deep slumber
Spring and its flora and fauna and the child in its innocence and joy
Summer and its heat and the youth with the senses
galloping to unknown lands
Running after ambition, desire , passion and lust

Monsoon and its cool showers and the easy trot of the senses
Not for adventure, but just to reach the goal
And the Grace descended in middle-age with inner awakening and awareness
Then, he onset of winter with its falling leaves and bare ground
And , with it, man’s loneliness and greater introspection on life
And culminating in death and oblivion and conception
The dream-reality to repeat itself!

Such is the journey of man’s life
Seasons come and go but this Earth is here for ever!
So also, people are born and people die
But the souls always remain here….to continue the endless journey
of man towards God!