“ सो हम “…” सो हम”

करते करते “सो हम” “सो हम”

गूंजने लगे जब ॐ के झंकार तन मन और दिल की हर धड़कन में

दिखें हमें झलक प्रभु के तब इस जग के हर रंग और रूप में

तुझमें मुझमें उनमे और प्रत्येक व्यक्ति में

करते करते “ सो हम” “ सो हम”

गुजरने लगे जब हर पल प्रभु के रहम की अनुभूति में

खिल उठे मन की आँगन में

उनकी महर की चमन

करते करते “ सो हम सो हम”

ओझल हुए जब चित्ताकाश से तनाव और धुंधलापन के बादल

बरसने लगे तब हम पर ‘रिम झिम’ ‘रिम झिम’ प्रेम और हर्ष के बूँदें

और धो डाले ये सारे मैल तन मन और पंजेंड्रिय की ओदनि से

करते करते सो हम सो हम

महकने लगे जब घर आँगन

चन्दन और तुलसी की सुगंध से

गिर पडे तब ‘टप टप’ अक्षों से निरंतर गुरु की आभार के अश्रु

फिर क्यों ना मनाये हम जशन

जीवन में हर पल हर दिन का

जब वे सिखाये हमें जीवन जीने की कला

हर सांस की लय के साथ



Rising Sun
Murmuring Brook
Wading ducks
Chirping birds!

Caressing breeze
Swaying stalks
Dancing blossoms
Hovering butterflies!

Giggling children
Twinkling eyes
Gaping wonder
Reminiscing lyricist!

Soothing Silence
Soaring Spirit
Uplifting Consciousness!
‘Breathing’ Nature!


When I think of how stress, if neglected, can be harmful, even fatal to an individual, an analogy comes into my mind – of that of a tapeworm, which slowly, but surely, kills the victim eating into his or her entrails – be it his or her her brain, liver or intestine etc.

Those victims, who succumb to stress, may be extraordinarily hypersensitive individuals, and may be mentally and emotionally vulnerable in varying degrees. At a tender age, the ego-shell, which serves as an armour for the growing child, is tampered with, or broken here and there, thereby jeopardising the child’s cognitive development . This can clog the brain and regress or even retard its development, upset the mental equilibrium of the child, precipitate emotional imbalance, that can worsen by constant, consistent pressure from further external stimuli .

This imbalance can erupt like a volcano at a point of saturation, or, if suppressed, can be ‘a stealthy ‘killer’ that can lead to the worst possible situations in the victim’s life – where he or she may not understand the world and vice versa and hence may live under tremendous pressure. It may affect not only his or her life, but also those of his or her near and dear ones, as most of us may generally mistake the victim’s behavioural patterns as childishness and immaturity, showing off, ego, arrogance, hypocrisy or eccentric behaviour.

We may not understand that behind the adult is he or she who is ‘stuck’ in that state of mental/emotional growth of somewhere between 11 to 15 years – Not even parents, kith and kin and friends, who love him or her dearly and unconditionally. It can worsen his or her state by exposure to undue stress in his or her immediate environment, and so also the social and professional circles that he or she moves in. He or she may be grossly misunderstood, ridiculed, condemned, hated, even boycotted by some .

This can create a ‘disconnect’ between the victim and the world, and can lead to diseases of body and mind, gradually but surely, over a period of years and decades. It can further lead to severe and chronic depression, anamolous behavioural patterns sometimes, and, at its crescendo, can also drive the victim to desperation. He or she may take to drinking, drugs,or, may commit suicide, may even commit a murder or rape and may even turn into a terrorist and land up in jail as a ‘branded’ social pest’. How unfortunate!

In a few cases, he or she may even be living life very well, discharging all duties of this world as a responsible individual, but there may be still something ‘lacking’ in his or her life. Very few of his or her near and dear ones may come to know this, for, they may just accept it and love him or her unconditionally. Thus, life may carry on for the victims and all around him or her.
Gradually , it may lead to the direst possible consequences as mentioned earlier, but for the ‘MIRACLE’ that can happen in his or her life through an external agent that can give him or her the power of introspection and the courage to admit to himself or herself and accept it that he or she is different from the world, and, cannot carry on this way, but, needs to change, but how – he or she may not know.

“ Miracles are those that happen to ordinary people, under extraordinary duress.
These miracles may be a play of unknown factors called Providence and can happen in many ways.

I know of, and, can vouch for two such ways as I have directly and indirectly experienced in my life.

Just like a dying sea-giant comes up in all his ebbing giant strength in the last moments before his death, a victim may put in all the ‘power within’. He for she wants to ‘fight for survival’ in the world, may be, less for his own sake, but more for the sake of his or her near and dear ones. It is at this ‘nadir’ of one’s life that ‘the killer instinct’ iof an individual ,can come into play to make the ‘impossible’ ‘possible’. He or she does so by using stress as a ‘launch- pad’ to reach his or her ‘zenith’ in life.

As an example of the latter are those very few, who are enigmas.They may have gone through the worst situations in life but by providence and/or by self-effort, they have kept their ego shells intact to be able to live life kingsize. Their ego is in its rightful place and gets back to its shell when it senses danger and they are able to..’wade through’, ‘struggle through’, ‘ float by’, and, ‘fly over’ the very same situations as the hurts cannot penetrate their ego-shells and may just abrase, peripherally. So they end up as as strong self-made individuals who are examples to emulate. They stand out – unique and dauntless, majestic,tall and royal – amidst all kinds of stress ,mostly stress caused by harm done by man to man, especially in close destiny relationships and social circles that man has to Iive in and adapt himself to, in all life-situations.

Alternately, The Supreme Power may appear ‘out of nowhere’ in some form or other, and directly intervene to bring about a ‘MIRACLE’ to bring a change within the individual himself or herself – a phenomenal transformation to bring about corresponding changes in his or her life and relationships, for the better.

These generally happen to those who become totally helpless and surrender in prayer . It can only happen with prayer and the willingness to change oneself rather than trying to change the whole world. These victims want to change for their own sakes as they can no longer handle the roller-coaster ride of life, its uncertainty and unpredictability. No longer do the different flavours of human relationships trigger their ‘taste buds’. They know that their inter-personal relationships are directly linked to the intra-personal one .There comes a time when these individuals start looking around for something other than a few hours’ seminars . Placebos can work for many,but, these may not completely cure them of their their illness.



With practice of Sudarshan Kriya, The time-span it takes to heal an individual completely depends on the degree of hurt done – how deep in the subtle layers of the mind it has penetrated and rusted . It is just like soft moss can be pulled out from a surface easily but the hardened moss needs to be scrubbed very hard to take it out. .

We take a bath daily to keep our bodies clean. We sweep and mop the house regularly to keep it free of dust. What about the ‘muck’ that gets settled within us? It cannot be cleaned by a body bath.

Sudarshan Kriya does both .It sucks out all the muck that settles within as toxins of emotional hurt anger etc . The accumulated muck is cleared out over a period of time..may be 20 days,20 months

It took me almost two decades to be completely cured of the repercussions of umpteen years of accumulated stress, though healing had been happening. And, daily practice of kriya prevents further impressions from settling in the subtle layers of the mind.

Believe me – if my Beloved Master His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Founder of ‘The Art of Living’ had not come into my life and initiated me into Sudarshan Kriya, I would never have accepted the world and relationships as they are and would not have been able to cope with the complexities of life . Unchecked and ever-increasing levels of stress might have ruined my life and those of my near and dear ones.


Creative Art


Many a piece piece of creative art such as a painting, a sculptor or a piece of writing’, needs to be perceived and understood against its background , covertly or overtly as may be depicted by the artist , as a first step towards doing justice to it. By background, I mean, the personal background of the artist/writer/sculptor i.e. the kind of life that he or she has lived till that moment of self-expression happened; the state of consciousness in which the sculptor must have created his or her art – Be it Sir John Milton’s “On His blindness”, be it ” Autobiography of a yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda, be it “the power of Now” by Elkhart Tolle”, or, be it “You can heal your life” by Louise Lynn Hay.

Secondly, many or most of such creative art may have been directly or indirectly been influenced by the historical, social and political environment , and the social and cultural values prevalent at that place and in those times.


ZZZZZZ….ZZZZZZ…ZZZZ!!!!! The busy bee hovered around, resplendent in its shiny dark-brown coat. And, as I watched its flight, fascinated and wonderstruck at Lord’s Creation, it perched lightly on a freshly-blossomed rose – a feast – not only to the senses, with its beauty, smell, and, soft and silky texture, but also to the soul, thirsting for something that can bring it closer to the Creator, its soulmate and its Beloved.
In this state of consciousness, every gift of Nature to man , like the rose, kindled ‘that’, which is beyond the senses. The very senses, which used to give gross satisfaction and evanescent fulfilment, have now become the media for ‘Communion with the ‘Self’.
It is a Revelation that happens some moment or other in every seeker’s life, in any of the lifetimes that the embodied soul takes off on its ‘conscious’ journey towards perfection. This moment marks the beginning of a new life or rebirth for the awakened soul, after lifetimes of ‘slumber’ in a ‘bottomless pit’ of illusion, delusion and ‘inert life’. What else can one expect in the dark world of Maya or world-illusion, with all it has to offer – beauty skin-deep, the physical body with its ‘grossest’ expression of the senses, and, the ‘little mind’ that had had a ‘disconnect’ from the ‘Big Mind’- and the experiences all these bring, such as pleasure and pain, lust, feelings and emotions such as earthly love, hatred, jealousy, joys and sorrows, and, not to say the least of it all, the ‘limited’ ego and the intellect , that sift, sieve and judge; justify, praise and criticise, and, make something on Life’s canvas, similar to Modern Art – the artist gives ‘abstract’ expression to his perception – and the latter differs from the one who views it and interprets it. Each perceives his own imagination/thoughts/ideas/concepts as manifested in it. This, I believe, is true of human life as well.
We try to understand, judge, improve others as our minds are always focused outward, caught in the ‘web’ of the ‘little worlds’ that we live in – our families and friends and other social circles that we move in , our relationships with others, and, the problems thereof that we confront in life.
We fail to realise that whatever the situations and the problems we face in life, many a time, are not because of the people we attribute it to, or, due to the situations that we think have been created by them. These are more or less created by us by, if we may say, the ‘Law of Attraction’. ‘Like attracts Like’. It doesn’t mean that there is a ‘black and white’ division of ‘good and bad’..If it were so, if we think, speak and act in a good manner, we attract only ‘good people’ and ‘life-sustaining’situations around us, and, vice versa.
Good and bad are relative terms. What seems good to one may not be so to the other, and, vice versa. In the bargain, we are deluded, and, take our perceptions not as such, but, as ‘Reality’ and respond or react to them.
With the ‘Dawn of Grace’ a stage comes in a seeker’s life when he becomes just a ‘witness’ to ,or, ‘observer’ of all this ‘screen-play’ in life – comprising of the script, the production, the direction, the props, and, the characters, including oneself and their respective roles . Such a seeker remains ‘STILL’ in mind , yet ‘dynamic’ in life. Life goes on as before, but, no more ‘indelible’ or, ‘lifetimes-lasting’ impressions are formed through the senses, the mind, the intellect,and, the ego.
It all transcends human limitations, and the seeker continues to live , celebrating every breath and every moment , with gratitude. Jai Gurudev!!

The Divine Melody


When music touches the heart

It becomes Lord Krishna’s melody!

That plays on the flute that is your heart

And wakes up the Radha!


As He pours His Love into the pores in the flute

Creation, Preservation and Destruction happen simultaneously!

And Radha merges with Krishna

Bathing in the Ganges of His Love!

And flowing in love towards all Creation!


Paradise Lost becomes Paradise Regained

O Krishna! Your Love sustains me moment-to-moment

It is the balm for the wounds that hurt me!

It is the Oorja for my mind

That cleanses and vaccum-cleans within!


It is the Divine Raaga

That enchants me!

And nourishes me!

Heart, mind and soul!


O Lord! Your Love can be experienced  but cannot be defined

For words are too less to do justice to it!

Thank you! My Lord! for this gift of lifetimes…of yugas….

Thank you for coming down to Earth in the finite

To give us a glimpse of the Infinite!






Nowadays the above in an oft-repeated word

It’s on the lips of child, man, and woman!

It has led to devastation of life and property!

It has orphaned many, has made life a nightmare for many!


But, then, when one looks at it in a ‘bigger light’

One realizes that it has also led to ‘creation’!

Yes! It has led to creation of new bonds of love, kinship and universal brotherhood!

It has brought neighbour and neighbour together!


Yes! It’s brought neighbour and neighbour together!

Such neighbours as had always led a ‘cat and dog’ life!

The paltry differences have been forgotten

For a global cause!


This awareness lights up a spark of hope in me!

That all is not lost yet! Man can redeem himself!

Or, if he forgets this fact, God and Nature come to his aid!

For, by apparently taking away human lives…

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1.Take me O Lord coming as Yama! Here am I waiting for You!
My palanquin is waiting outside; its bearers in anticipation
Of the auspicious journey to my real Home!
They are blessed who’ll be instrumental in uniting You and Me!

2.The waiting has been long enough!
I am getting tired of waiting, waiting, waiting!
The longer I wait, the more do I have to bear
All the tirades, homilies, tall praises for you, and, vain attempts to turn me away from You!

3. Till now, patient have I been
Long have I borne happily all these burdens
Of evanescent joys and sorrows, and, worldly relationships!
Playing a role has become almost impossible, now!

4. ‘Almost’ I say, because, I have to continue my part
Till such time as You direct me otherwise
No longer am I happy and enthusiastic in playing my role
The actor is no longer in…

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