Capital punishment has been a burning issue of dispute

Yes! A burning issue of dispute in the courts of law and justice!

Be it the gallows, the electric chair, hanging till death, or, point-blank shooting!

The question is – Has man the right to punish so?

The deserter is said to deserve capital punishment
The deserter is the one who runs away from the battlefield!
But, then, this world itself is the biggest battlefield that’s every been!
And the deserter is the one who commits suicide!

The one who deserts this battlefield of life
Is the guiltier of the two, as mentioned above!
For, the one who commits suicide violates the laws of God and all Existence!
Do you think he deserves capital punishment?

Of course, you can’t give him capital punishment of the four discussed earlier!
These are possible only when one is alive!
Anyway, you and…

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It was one of those moments in my life
When I was sitting by a lake
And watching the ducks waddling in it
How graceful they looked and how white they appeared, ‘within’ and ‘without’!
I mused a while on the wonder of God’s Creation!

My thoughts were abruptly broken by a wounded bird which fell at my feet!
Just a gunshot and that ended the life-story of the bird on its flight!
Man kills cow or bird or animal
Be it for pleasure, or, be it for food
All amount to the same……man still lives in the old way “Might is right”
And forgets that “ our rights end when others’ rights start”!

I picked up the bird and kept it in my lap
Gently did I caress him and soothe him in his moment of agony
For he was half-dead or half-alive, and in pain!
I felt sad…

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My friend and I were taking a stroll the other day
And, she called out to me “LOOK! How the silkworm has made the cocoon
And has encased itself in it in self-defence!
But will man allow it to grow into a moth and break out of the cocoon!
I am sure not, for, he can’t do trade in it!

What if he waits for the moth to break out?
Then the silk will not be worth it! For, it will not be in strands!
So, he collects the cocoon with the worm inside it
And boils it and takes out the silk, but kills the worm!

Is man’s design coming in the way of ‘Nature’s design’ here?
Is n’t it a sin to trick the worm and take out the silk to make himself richer?
Or, is it also part of the ‘balance of Nature”?”
She asked me and…

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Hello! Circus in town! Circus in town! Do you want to come?
One of my friends said, “Wow! Get me also a ticket!”
But the other one said, “Nay! Nay! I don’t like to go to the Circus!
For, we’ve pleasure, ,of course, but at others’ expense!cud

I asked her, “ What do you mean?”
She said, “Those, who do dangerous acts, do it for a living, hence at own expense!
So all those who work in the Circus belong to this group!
But the spectators have their fun at others’ expense!

Yes! Animals performing in the Circus are beaten, starved , to be tamed and trained to do so!
For whose sake? For the pleasure of man?
Such gross injustice! I can’t bear it!
I would suggest to you to contemplate on this!”

We heard her; I felt a deep sense of guilt
But, only for a few seconds…

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hope 1

It’s the only lifesaver that comes to my aid to enable me to survive amidst ‘ life-storms’. Without it, I would get ‘yoked’ with the trials and tribulations of life. It’ the only weapon that I wield and stand in the battlefield of life, when all others are wrested from me . It leads me through ‘dark’ alleys, in which fearsome, hideous monsters are waiting to attack any easy ‘prey’, into the kingdom of Light. Without it,I can’t survive. Others can disarm me of all weapons except of Hope. Hope is that weapon which can’t be wrested from me by anyone buy by me myself! So I keep this weapon sharp and ready every moment by meditation, whatever service I can do, and, prayer. I can’t buy Hope like I can buy the other weapons for battle. It is not made from steel or iron but from God’s Grace Bounteous…

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Many of us have the UPS at home. It is always on and connected to the Mains. When the power supply from the Mains turns off, it supplies power , and then gets re-charged when the Mains turn on. It’s very simple; we just need to buy the UPS and connect it to the Mains.

Similarly , in this human birth, all of us have our own Main Connection to keep life going…whether it be by visiting temples, churches or dargahs, or, be it chanting prayers or mantras and counting the rosary, we have all experience the Life-Force current sustaining us in every situation in life.

Yet, sometimes ,nay, many a time, in life, and especially, due to the stress levels going up-day-to-day in today’s environment, we become victims of stress and don’t realize it till such time as it takes its toll on the mental, physical…

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