The Universal Consciousness is the greatest Scientist and when it succeeds in its experiment on a human mind, the embodied soul exclaims in wonder and delight “Eureka!. Eureka! “

At last a ray of light has entered the unknown realms of the mind . And it faxes a message from ‘The Source’.

“Scientists will surely find an antidote to this virus, but at the predestined time when the world is ready for it. “

Meanwhile, what can man do?
Man can break all walls that are purely in his mind, for, “something there is that doesn’t love a wall’ as Robert Frost says!

Will there be a time when, among the 7. 8 billion (approx.) people on this planet, there emit only vibrations of good thoughts, love and compassion?

For, it is the vibrations that emit from highly stressed-out individual minds carrying ego-bodies as negative thoughts such as anger, hate, revenge (on personal level or otherwise) that translate into words and deeds that harm one or two or more and all, ultimately,and, float around to afflict the collective consciousness ! It must have created a formidable enemy of man created by none other than man himself!

What an irony! God cannot mean any harm to man whom He created in His Own Image!
Time for reflection, penance and collective effort to break down imaginary mental walls that not only distance man from man but also can alienate man from The Self or God one believes in as ‘within’ or ‘without’ in name and Form, or both!

The Collective Consciousness is getting purified by the collective Grace and Power of spiritual Masters and millions of earnestly praying souls across the globe!

O Lord! Forgive us for we know not what we do! May ‘Your Kindly Light’ enter the dark recesses of every human mind to dispel this darkness enveloping the whole world and consuming many lives!

May the Sun of Your Grace shine on all human minds and dissipate ‘darkness’ for ever!


Have you all become aware of this reaction of the human mind to challenging situations in this world?
I have, many a time.
And I have realized one truth for sure. I wonder if it is only a truth for me or is it for all (leave alone exceptions) .a general truth!

When I hear of natural calamities or unnatural calamities as brought about by man, be it floods, earthquakes, road/rail/air accidents, the first thought that surfaces is “Oh! hope my children/my parents/my friends/grandparents are safe, healthy etc!
This thought is an instinctive one and is also akin to an involuntary action limited to positive affirmation, prayers etc for who all one has a sense of belonging to! Very natural. nothing to feel guilty about.. harmless selfishness!

In contrast, is or are those thoughts that may be congenitally so in some fortunate embodied souls,or, are voluntary in the beginning, but, by regular spiritual practices(to me, it is My Master’s Grace and the Sudarshan Kriya)as initiated into by those in that capacity to do so, these can take a shift towards instinctive, involuntary thoughts or prayers that go out to one and all one experiences that WE ARE ONE GLOBAL family and need to inspire, support, pray for , and work together as ONE to save each other, leaving aside all past hurts dangerously lodged in the mind if any, forgetting differences country, religion, ideologies etc.

When the shift happens, prayers go out to one and all simultaneously .. O Lord! Hope this doesn’t take innocent lives or afflict anyone with diseases that cause great suffering! O Lord.. Mercy!

Especially, we are indeed the most fortunate ones who, may be for just a few moments or may be more , have gone beyond those ‘I/my/mine gates’ and can instinctively involuntarily think about and pray for those, who, on the world-stage, have always talked ill of us, slandered us, insulted and ill-treated us every time we had to travel with them on life’s journey. Every time we might have tried to take a step forward to iron out differences or clear misunderstandings if any , these people may have rescripted, redirected and re-acted the story, maybe, to cover up what they think are ‘lacks’ and to keep up their social image of being good, loving, and what not! Poor desperate, struggling souls! They probably have never loved themselves and hence may not have experienced peace within!

Nowadays, my heart goes out to these souls as they don’t touch me emotionally anymore as they used to. Yes they used to take my gestures towards them as my weakness, emotional vulnerability and simplicity or naivety whatever! But I ‘played’along with them sincerely and it paid off with most! But there are a few.. I can count them on my fingers ..who can never change their ways.

It has become a boring game for me to sustain such destiny relationships at the worldly level. I have freed them from the shackles that I had tied them to, not by their behaviour ,words and action, but , by my own reaction to these with my ego-body and cloyed reason and intellect and emotions that must have tripped from the perfect balance.

These few have been transferred from my mind to my heart-centre by PURE GRACE and this has changed my equation with them. I don’t any longer keep in touch with them at the world level of communication through phone and mail but when I sit for my prayer and meditation, I pray to My Master to fill their hearts with so much love and peace that all their struggles within and without are over!

I used to do that earlier also, but the difference is that I have stopped repeatedly trying to convince anyone that I love them and I have stopped repeatedly saying ‘sorry’and asking for forgiveness in case I had done any harm to them intentionally or unintentionally.

And believe me this change within has given me such joy and peace as no-one can destroy. ..such infinite freedom within that I experience in this finite matter-body with its paraphernalia!
This moment this is the truth and this moment has been my experience moment-to-moment for quite sometime now.
Life is here and now or never!
This is for sure.. just like one needs to brush one’s teeth regularly to keep them healthy one needs to do Sudarshan Kriya or equally powerful techniques regularly for mental and emotional cleansing and sustenance as such!
Thank you O Master for Thy Grace, techniques, meditation and most of all.. SUDARSHAN KRIYA!!!
Such is the Power of Grace of the Master!



The greatest freedom is that born of uncertainty and helplessness.

The human mind is so opportunistic that it sifts and sieves with ‘the ego-intellect filter’ what it needs to surrender and what not! Nothing wrong in that. It’s just human error and alright to think surrender can be done !

But in the face of extreme circumstances such as a global war ..literally a war or in kind such as this pandemic, there comes a time when even the ego-intellect stops working .

Then ‘sharanaagathi’ or total surrender becomes a natural phenomenon. In those moments of this state of surrender, a state of being or consciousness , one experiences true freedom from all anxieties and fears about what one has absolutely no control over!

Then, at that moment, from ‘The Power Within’, which works through the ego-intellect but only to transcend it and go beyond , manifests itself as a purified intellect and humbled ego, and, from these spring forth a fountain of creativity and inventions.

It is a prayer to all the doctors and scientists of this world to do meditation together on scheduled dates and timings such as those given by my Master His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

I am prayerful and hopeful that an antidote for this virus will dawn as an invention in the great scientific minds of one of those who practise Sudarshan Kriya regularly, or, who may have been following and doing regular, daily any alternate and equally powerful technique.

The Current Scenario

In the current global scenario social distancing is the highest expression of humanness which in turn is the greatest service to humanity that one can do now

The true garland to the Covid 19 warriors will be to extend our wholehearted support.

For this we need to time and again recollect the DOs and DON’Ts as not to undo the noble, humanitarian selfless service they have been doing, by breaking the physical barriers
i). by garlanding someone or coming out into the streets to burst crackers as an expression of unity

II) by not waiting for one’s turn but making a beeline for the free rations or the free meals

III) by going around unmasked , so eager to feed the hungry and the needy as to forget the. doS and don’t S when out to support the Cause which is to survive this war .

iv) by crowding the market place and the places of worship to buy groceries ,offering prayers, respectively,thereby
throwing caution and sensitivity to the winds and breaking physical boundaries.

Admittedly, most of us are being very responsible. But there may be one in thousands who may be careless but that one, if a carrier or a yet-to-be tested victim of the virus, can give it to one or ten more and those ten can spread it around. there will be no end to it till more than half of the globe is wiped out!

Still all is not lost. There is always HOPE.

The government, the Police etc can be 100% successful at checking this pandemic by social distancing but this is possible only with the support of each and everyone of us.

So we may express our solidarity in various ways such as ringing bells, lighting lamps or candles at a given time from our homes, scheduling a date and time and collectively praying to the Almighty, in the Formless or whatever Form we believe in and worship as kindred souls, but all these from our homes.
We have no right whatsoever to jeopardize others’ safety as our rights end where others’ rights start.

The highest priority now is to survive and one cannot survive alone. Nor can we survive as exclusive groups . Interdependence is Nature’s greatest Eternal Law.
Survival is possible only if we brave the Covid 19 battle as ONE WARRIOR, ONE FAMILY., ONE NATION AND ONE WORLD.

O Lord may sense and sensitivity prevail!

Takeaways from Covid 19 Pandemic(contd..)

  1. Q 4.Already, there is limited supply of water as water-tankers are fewer and are not giving more than the minimum required. So unfortunate.
    Those of us who have bathtubs cannot use them when there is shortage of water supply. We have to perforce use only the Showerhead as it takes less water for a bath. Can it be any worse than this?

Ans. The Covid 19 virus can lead to water crisis if each and everyone of us we doesn’t take proactive measures to prevent it.

Already the virus had led to excessive consumption of water all over the world for hand sanitizing . This as predicted can lead to a grave water crisis. People don’t have pure water to drink and to cook food. You are whining about water for your bathtub! It is unfair.
In our country a bathtub is a high-end luxury which only those living in the high-end residential areas can avail themselves of. In fact, if we don’t use water judiciously and sensitively a time is sure to come sooner or later when using bathtubs will be against the law.
You may save water by
i) not keeping the water running while you are washing your hands, brushing your teeth, having a bath or cleaning utensils etc. You may turn the tap or showerhead on and off as and when required between lathering and washing.
ii) )You may save the waste water from your RO water-filter for household use,gardening etc.
iii) ) You may even think of doing way with the use of your bathtub or tap in the bathrooms and using only the Showerhead as it can reduce water consumption.
iv) Health faucets in your bathrooms are a blessing but if you don’t use water prudently, a time will come when edible water will not be available, or if so, can be afforded only by a privileged few…forget about health faucets and water taps in your toilets! They may be there but may not function! And perforce, you may have to resort to ‘other means’! This is not to frighten you but to make you more aware and mindful of how you consume natural resources!
May more awareness and sensitivity dawn to win this battle of Covid-19 and prevent another!

The Takeaways from the Covid 19 pandemic.. (continued)

Q. 3.What a curse is this Covid 19 virus! No cook.. no laundry , no Big Basket or other door delivery! We have to do everything ourselves. It is very difficult with two small kids and two oldies and both of us working from home!

Ans. It’s very difficult I understand, for you have grown up with these necessities,
comforts or luxuries whatever you call them..courtesy to the socio-econoomic scenario you have grown up in, to the possible cushioning given by your elders and may be due to the fact that you are one of those who belong to a socio-economic class which is many times better than what they belonged to and that you can afford it!

If you look at it from the other angle, these people who give you these comforts also have children and they have the same fear about the future of their children. But theirs is imminent ..of the next few meals or after next month or after six months when they may need to eat out of their savings, if at all they have, in chit funds or gold scheme , in most cases, to be able to fund their children’s studies and marriage. . Their problem is graver it is for survival as compared to yours,which is just for a few more comforts or luxuries!

In fact, this is the time for you to loosen your purse-strings a little more (many may already be doing it), and also, along with your friends and relatives and/or living community form different groups, to pool funds and help to sustain a few families like them, those who don’t come under the canopy of any Labour Act ..who even the governing bodies may not be able to reach out to as they may know whom to approach and how to go about demanding their rights to livelihood and survival. Only those of you who hire their services can help them by continuing to pay their salaries or wages during this phase and giving them a much needed break from the immense physical and mental stress they take on in their outdoor work added to home tasks. Doing their work will also sensitise you more towards their problems and awaken compassion in you. You will realize that they are the real warriors not only now but always . It will open in you the value of The dignity of labour .
In fact you can cultivate the benefits of not being so dependent and totally helpless without maids , cooks etc. When you look out for examples you may find that many countries already live these values. These services are not available as easily as and as cheap as what you get these for here. Those doing similar work in some countries are an economically independent and thriving lot ,who are proud to fund themselves through any work for sustaining their families and for realizing their dreams such as funding own higher studies.

This doesn’t mean you don’t hire these services. Our economy is yet to reach out to these lot and our dependence on them is a blessing for them as it helps them to survive. it is a give and take. Neither is doing the other a favour. Think about it!
May you stay safe and healthy and survive this war and may you help as many as you can in little ways.


What I share with all of you all may be just my perception and understanding .It may or may not be true for you on a personal level and so also in a macro level of the society, nation and the world at large. I don’t know ! I just wonder at the phenomenon happening within and want to share it with all.

Today after meditation there ensued a dialogue within.. between the matter-body Ego or world-consciousness ‘i’ and the Sublime SELF, the untouched pristine ‘I’ within! It flowed like a catechism. nothing less is it,for the dictation from within is the highest religion.. greatest scripture!
The questions that rose in me are too many so I will post one or two at a time with the answer or answers as and when they rise from within.
All of us may be aware of all this .But still it is like one looks into the mirror even when one knows how one looks! Here it is mirroring the SELF that is ONE in all of us and we need to ask these questions to ourselves and find our own answers from within!
Today I list down Q 1 and 2 and the responses thereof :

1.Q….If worse comes to worst of this virus-war, and if we are out of jobs, we can continue like this comfortably for a year and after one year we have to eat out of our savings that we have managed to do little by little to sustain ourselves after retirement and to provide a bit of support for our kids towards education and towards facing unprecedented challenges in life.
Ans.I.You are being anxious about something you don’t know for sure firstly , and secondly ,which you have no control over anyway. You don’t know how many and who will survive this is so uncertain.. why assume that it we may continue like this and it may get worse? Why not give the benefit of doubt to the positive affirmation that God’s plan is everything perfect. He punishes to redeem! IT IS NEVER FOR EVER! HIS MERCY IS INFINITE be it for man, or be it for all others of HIS CREATION! EQUAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES!

  1. Q.. We are not getting cakes, biscuits, and teatime snacks in the stores open nearby.
    Ans .You are cribbing about those edible items that you buy with your buying power but that mostly don’t give you any nutrition. in fact it only adds to your loose fat to jeopardize your health and creates problems of acidity, obesity, cholesterol etc that you need to cure yourself of through medicines or at fitness centres.
    You blame that the government doesn’t keep it’s promise to provide essential services at every doorstep .But this is definitely not essential services. Why don’t you think differently, if I can save the money I spend on these to buy monthly rations for a few struggling families nearby ? It will prevent further health problems and so also will it help someone to survive!
    Lokaa samasthaa Sukhino Bhavanthu! Lead Kindly Light! Satnaam Waheguru! Amen! Ameen!

A Prayer

O Lord! Here comes to you
A prayer from the heart
For all those unfortunate birds, animals and humans
Who are victims of Nature’s fiery show of temper
That is blowing as bushfires in beautiful Australia
Burning vast expanse of trees and forests
Thereby bringing the Sun’s heat to alarmingly soaring temperatures
And making it unnaturally and unbearably hot!
May Your Infinite Mercy pour down as cooling rains
May those who have lost everything in the fires
Find renewed strength by Faith in Your Infinite Mercy
So that their global brethren from all countries Unite in supporting this cause
Through collective prayers funds, and help in kind
For these unfortunate human beings to rebuild their homes
And start life afresh
Getting over the traumatic experience in course of time
May all animals that have been orphaned or become homeless
Get refuge in homes and sanctuaries
And get all the love and care that they deserve!
Amen! Thathasthu! Ameen! Satnam Waheguru!


Pray let’s Welcome The New Year!
May all that it may bring
Bode good , better
And the best for one and all!

O Lord!. May the New Year bring lots of GRACE into our lives
To bless us with health, lasting joy and peace within
May we nourish all with love and goodwill
May we spread joy, love and peace !
Wherever we are and wherever we go!

May our celebration not start and end
With just festive lights, candles and feasts
May we be blessed with unshakable Faith and strength of mind
To value and celebrate life in all its colors – come what may!

May we not ever lose our Faith !
May we not stray away from our true nature
By our conscious or unconscious reactions
To the vagaries of life !

For Life follows its own course
And does not always flow
The way that we want it to do
As we may think is good for us!
Which may not always be true!

So Life teaches us such lessons
Learnt easily or else the hard way!
But it’s never to put us down
But to uplift us!

To make us stronger , humbler!
To discipline our capricious minds!
To mellow us down to our true nature
And thus to make better human beings!

So may we not despair !
May we not waver in Faith!
May we not grumble and carp!
May we not ever lose Hope

Even when things look bad in life, as sometimes they do!
May we always find a way
To see things from the sunny side
And turn around our day!