PIG AND MAN ( A satire- to share knowledge)

pigs eating dirt

1.I happened to ponder on pigs the other day
When one of my close ‘kith and kin’ provoked my
Anger, not what it used to be – a reaction
But anger – in awareness – in knowledge – in love!
2.The Muse of Poetry became the lyricist
The word that flowed in creative anger
Was something like – ‘pig’
That thought brought to me a picture in the mind!
3 A picture of the pig with its piglets I saw the
other day!
I sat for a while and watched them !
Yes, watched them
As they cleaned up the area!

4.I felt a passing sense of guilt that I had done
injustice to the pig!
The pig does it in selfless service
It lives the way Nature has willed it to be!
Some men also clean the dirt strewn by others
There are three types of men who do so!

5.The first type do it for their living
The second type are those
Who, in ego, in jealousy, in self-image (a concept)
Collect others’ dirt , neither for a living nor in honour of Nature
But to live in a glass-house – of happiness, security, success and so on!

6.Infact, this last class of men do disservice o man, to God, to society, to themselves!
They collect dirt from here and there
And then they strew it all over wherever they go!
And ,hence wherever they go they carry along the
7.Unless, ofcourse, a good Samaritan comes
The One of the third type of men, who honour life, this earth, all the life forms!
Who clean up the place wherever they go and who don’t think as we all do
That , one should clean the dirt strewn by one, oneself!
8.They know, the realize, they live the knowledge
That the place has to be cleaned so that the stench doesn’t stay!
And thus they purify the atmosphere
For the fragrance of Creation to spread far and wide!
9 Each of them says “ How does it matter who cleans it up?
I’ve told him, guided him, given him the knowledge!
It’s for me to clean up the place!
Even if it so happens that he doesn’t give a hand,but, instead, strews dirt all over again!
It’s for me to clean up this place as long as I have life
And as long as His Grace is on me
I’ll give my due to my God!
To Creation, to Mother Nature, to the Satguru!

11.And live life as a human, the highest species of Life!
And, the richer, by ‘wealth’ showered!
Yes, richer by wealth showered
Of learning the lesson of life even from the lower species!
12.I’m not meant to eat dirt to sustain myself like the
I need to just clean up ‘within’ and ‘without’!
To spread the Fragnance to make life worth living on
this Earth!
Not just for myself , but for one and all!



radhe krishna

I.Love and bliss are manifest in plenty in Nature
One needs to wait for the Divine Grace
That will surely be showered on one
As and when Destiny or the Supreme Will paves the way!
II. Have you ever watched Nature’s scene
Where the bee sits on the pollen of the flower
To drink nectar from it to the last dregs?
The flower is there, always in selfless service!
III. To the eyes of the beholder, it is a thing of beauty!
To the horticulturist, it is a subject of scientificresearch!
To the Romeos and Juliets of this world
It is a thing they can make a bouquet of, to presentin Love!
IV. When it comes to the turn of the bee
The ‘nectar’ it secretes is what draws the ‘bee’ to it!
And once the bee quenches His thirst
The flower, in due time, withers and nurtures thesoil!
V. If one observes babies kissing each other
One notices that it’s an act of pure Love,Innocence, Bliss!
One can markedly find the difference in this ‘act of kissing’!
When the baby grows into an adult
And lust, or desires of the flesh supercede innocenceand blissful Love!

VI.Nature has its own way of revealing the Truth!
Both the flower and the bee are in the ‘is’ consciousness’
though they don’t realize it!
The babies, at that stage, are in the same plane
As lust, obsession, greed ( Kaam,krodh Lobh) are yet to cloud the Ultimate Truth!

VII.But the flower and the bee have to take a human
birth to realize the Ultimate Truth
For realization can dawn only in a human birth
And it’s during the journey towards a human birth
That man goes through these experiences through his senses, before he finds Himself!

VIII.So, lust, obsesssion and greed are not man’s nature
Neither is he a sinner nor should man brand himself ‘so’!
They are just a process in the making of the Realized Soul
These are instruments to lead man to God
Though they don’t appear to be so!

IX.It’s during this journey
That man takes ‘the lifetime’ for self-realization
And then he realizes that Radhe and Krishna
Are not what they they appear be to many a human being!

X. In that lifted plane of Consciousness
He observes the pictures of Radha and Krishna
He realises that his carnal desires are not Invoked!
And he contemplates on their Love
It lifts him to the subtlest levels of the consciousness!

XI.Radha and Krishna cling to each other!
Radha and Krishna have their rendezvous of Love
But with a difference – this is – between man and the Divine!
Advaita becomes Dvaita – to give knowledge!

XII.Raadha was just fourteen years of age
Krishna was younger than she was
As goes by the story for ages retold
They were not two earthly beings who love the way the unrealized do!

XIII.Every Individual Soul is a Radhe
And the Universal Spirit or Consciousness is the Krishna
Radhe Krishna is the journey back to the Source
The journey starts when the question comes
‘Who am I’ , ‘Why am I here?’
And ends may be ,in one lifetime, may be , in many
With the union with The One, Back to the Source!

XIV.And Raadha or the Seeker, on the path, has been blessed
Raadha and Krishna are already one
But for the fact that Radha is still in ‘Vraj ’
Or away from Krishna, but only in physical form!!!


sudarshan kriya

Many of us have the UPS at home. It is always on and connected to the Mains. When the power supply from the Mains turns off, it supplies power , and then gets re-charged when the Mains turn on. It’s very simple; we just need to buy the UPS and connect it to the Mains.

Similarly , in this human birth, all of us have our own Main Connection to keep life going…whether it be by visiting temples, churches or dargahs, or, be it chanting prayers or mantras and counting the rosary, we have all experience the Life-Force current sustaining us in every situation in life.

Yet, sometimes ,nay, many a time, in life, and especially, due to the stress levels going up-day-to-day in today’s environment, we become victims of stress and don’t realize it till such time as it takes its toll on the mental, physical and emotional levels. This is because stress has reached the subtler levels.
Hence, just like we make contingency plans in the corporate sector, we need to have a similar plan to save ourselves at all costs, for the sake of all our kith and kin, for, we need to keep standing strong, and sturdy in all ups and downs of life for all of them, and, for this priceless life itself.

Regular Praanaayama brings the body, breath and the mind into a harmonious alignment to keep one balanced and stable in life; yoga and meditation are all the remedy for this . Anyone who practises this after taking the shiksha must have experienced this.
The Sudarshan Kriya is one of the examples. It is not just the technique which works. It is “The Grace’ behind the technique. Sudarshan Kriya is the UPS. Just like we buy the UPS and have to keep it connected it permanently to the Mains, its very important to practise the Kriya after doing the course, come what may. Life goes on as usual, situations are the same, relationships are the same, but, your mind is not the same anymore -. Stress can’t victimise you anymore; and you remain hollow and empty moment-to-moment with regular kriya, a bit of seva, once-a-week satsang which adds a new dimension to life.
Regular kriya and meditation keeps you calm within, centred, alert, sharp, dynamic and blissful and aware, at the same time, as the Divine blows into the empty pipe and blows out all the stress by the rhythms of His Breath, day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

Spirituality is not just a concept it is the practise in life of applying all that has been said over ages by the Wise . Just the intention to practise it and the sincerity may not work; we need to work upon ourselves from the gross, this body, to the subtle level of the consciousness, to make a difference to our lives. New horizons may manifest; only those who are courageous enough to work upon themselves instead of blaming the whole world, situations and relationships and even the Divine, can take up this commitment to themselves.
Spirituality is just a means to an end…not an end in itself….one can maintain the quality of life by working on oneself and thereby direct thought, word and action, oneself, to a great extent, if one is on the spiritual path.

What is spirituality worth if one can’t forget and forgive in one’s own small world of kith and kin of day-to-day life; what is spirituality if one can’t remain stable , strong and sturdy and deep-rooted in Faith inspite of the worst situations in life.
We just need to take a ‘first step’. It’s rightly said , ” If you take one step, God will take a hundred steps…we really experience “LIFE” and realize how precious it is and can’t be grateful enough for it….as, a rolling stone gathers no moss….those who do regular spiritual practices are like the rolling stone.




Those of you who live in glass-houses – beware!

Beware! For, perhaps, you deceive yourself by a false sense of security!

And, it’s all the more pitiable when you throw stones!

Yes, when you throw stones at others’ houses!


I feel great compassion for these kind of people

For, they appear to be  all the time green-eyed with jealousy!

Yes, green-eyed with jealousy for a petty reason!

Yes, for the petty reason that others may live in bigger and more beautiful ‘structures’!


And the mere thought of it makes them feel insecure!

They start throwing stones, hoping to break their houses

And they think , once broken, theirs would look more beautiful!

Of these, their targets, some break, being made of glass!


But some remain invincible, sturdy, towering above the rest!

For, these are not made of brittle stuff!

But, of stuff that can stand heat, rain and seasons

And stand the test of time and tide!


You have tried to break them, but, in vain!

You must’ve got tired of throwing stones, by now!

And, for a while, you may comfort yourself with the thought!

Yes, with the thought that you’ve broken some houses!


But, then, let me ask you, what have you gained by it?

Some among those may get together to throw stones at yours!

And,many hands working together, can break it faster than you’ve done!

And, you end up in a’ double loss ‘!


Yes, you end up in the double loss that you come to realize

Has been just due to your unawareness!

Unawareness that no one is perfect! It’s human to err!

You’ve , of course, been a cause of your own undoing!


You’ve to re-build your house all over again!

And, along with that, you’ve to undo what you’ve done to others!

May be now, or, later, for you can’t get away with it!

So, you re-start from where you had started!


You’re not criminals! I am not your judge!

I am also just like you, prone to err, as a human!

But , then, this awareness has made all the difference!

Yes, it’s made all the difference for the ‘light of knowledge’ to dawn!


The light of knowledge to dawn that

You can build houses of brick and mortar to keep burglars away

But the real house that gives shelter for e’er

Is that of flowing in love, towards one and all!


Yes! That’s the only true security that no one can take away

Be thankful that you’ve been brought to this world!

Be thankful for all that you have!

And don’t envy others for what they’ve!


Everyone is made in God’s design!

And work towards making people more secure!

Yes – secure in the service of God and His Creation!

Secure in the service of humanity!

Secure in the service of the big family that you have!

You don’t belong to just your kith and kin by genes!

You belong to the entire world and they belong to you!


So! Let’s bygones be bygones!

Turn a new leaf from this moment!

And stamp your existence in this world

Yes!! Stamp it in such a way as never to be erased!



Time – In a Nutshell




When we get to ponder on ‘time’

We remember the time ‘by the clock’

We think of the time we take to reach our office, school, etc.

We also think of the time that has passed by, and the time yet to come – the Past and the Future!

When we get bored doing something

Listening to a soporific lecture, or, bored at a social function – an unavoidable social commitment

We keep looking at the time

We feel it’s moving a ‘snails’ pace’!

When the lover waits impatiently for his Beloved to come

When a student waits eagerly for the results to be declared

When passengers wait for a delayed plane to take off

We have a similar experience!

But, when one is in the company of his Beloved

When one doesn’t want to part with his beloved

One feels that time is moving too fast!

One wishes that time would stand still for a while!

Actually, time neither moves slowly not too fast!

It’s the state of mind of a person which makes him feel so!

It goes at a steady pace and keeps moving!

Be it – by the clock

Or, be it – time as defined in calendar terms, lifetimes and yugas!

A man’s life is ‘programmed’ within the parameters of space and time

As, it can’t be otherwise – he has to make the best of it!

Be it the Past, the Present, or the Future!

Be it the ancient or modern times, or, be it time-spans of lifetimes!


When man lives in the present, he will never bother about time!

He will not worry about or regret the past nor worry about the future!

He will re-live the lessons of the Past in his Present

He will plan for the future by sowing its seeds in the Present – not worried about their germination
and blossoming!

He will spend every day, hands-on with time – dynamic every moment

He will achieve time-management at the simplest, hence, the most difficult level

Which is, of course, time-management to reach to the workplace; to achieve a goal

Time-management to get enough sleep and rest!

For, time-management is vital to live a dynamic life

That gives scope to the individual to blossom to the full!

So, one must keep pace with time, and move parallel to it

It’s rightly said – “time and tide wait for none!”

It’s also a wise saying

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves!”

To take oneself beyond the confines of time

One needs to know how to keep pace with time, first!

You are not doing a race with Time – just keep moving, purposefully, tirelessly, steadily!

Everything naturally falls into place when you do this!

Once you blossom, within the confines of time and space

The Supreme Force opens up a new inner dimension to your life

Where there are no limits of Time and Space!

It’s only for thought, word and action in this world

That you need to keep pace with Time!

In the Inner Realm of the Consciousness

It is timelessness and there is nothing but the Void!

You mark your own space; you mark your time!

You can live a lifetime or many in a split second!

You can re-live past lives by taking birth again in the same form!

You can live parallel lives of different times,places, forms!

This is the result of the full blossoming of the Consciousness!

I know ( I can’t prove I know, and need not!)

That Our master is an example of the above!

Time and Space are in His Consciousness!

He travels forward and behind in space and time

For the sake of all those who have realized they belong to Him!

I mean, all his devotees, who have been His,Present, Past and Future!

So, time has different dimensions for different people!

Consciousness is the prism; it mirrors time as and when it is reflected in it!

So, before we start exploring into the macro-dimensions of time and timelessness

Let’s make a regimen for respecting time!

Its role in our day-to-day life, in our successes

In fulfillment of our desires, achievement of our goals!

First things first, so, let’s set priorities on time

Let’s live our life fully, at each and every stage of life

Childhood, Youth, Maturity, Old Age

Let them all come by turns – let’s live them as they come!

For, old age can’t be lived in childhood and vice versa

Youth can’t be lived in toothless nineties and vice versa

Past had better not be lived in the Present

And Future had better be left alone, except for the planning!

Time-management experts say nothing more than

What age-old rishis have told us in different terms

To set a time for everything!

Right from the time for getting up to the right time to go to bed!

They have also set an opportune time for every worldly activity

Right from the naming ceremony, and the first birthday!

To the time to honor the departed, the ancestors!

So also a time to perform yagnas as well as funerals!

The astrological calendar is an example of the above!

But, then, one might say, it doesn’t come true always!

I ask you – When you are so unpredictable

When you can’t predict what you’ll think, speak or do the next moment

How can you expect predictions to be perfect!

Predictions can be done to an extent that Nature and Creation allow!

Beyond that, there is always uncertainty!

Science, be it astrology, be it some other branch of it

Has its own limitations – that is – of trying to scale the Infinite with the finite!

So! That’s that! Let’s be like children!

Let’s make our own regimen in our individual lives!

To make every day better for us as well as others

And not take time as an excuse to be as we are!

Static! Unsteady! Inconstant! That’s what we are!

Let’s learn a lesson from these ruminations on time

Time for getting up, time to go to bed, time for meals

Time for work, time for hobbies, time for rest, time for prayer and meditation!


Time for silence! Time for speech!

Time to talk! Time to just listen!

Time to learn! Time to preach

Time to manage time for everything in life

Short of time to be born, time to die!





silence & sound

The night creeps silently behind the day

And envelopes him in her warm embrace

She whispers ‘sweet nothings’ to him, hums a love note or two in his ears, proclaims her love!

She departs, to silently tread the expanse of the Earth and the Sky!


She watches as the owl wakes up and stirs in his nest

And gets ready to be sentinel for the night!

She hears the cricket, the panther and the bat

Go about their chores as Nature has planned for them!


She is distracted by the sound of water lashing against the shore!

She walks slowly towards it, squats on the sands

And devours the sight of the silent, steady waves coming from fathomless depths!

She is awed at the sight of exotic shells of all kinds left behind by the waves!


She looks up at the new moon, and, is wonder-struck by its beauty!

She looks at the stars in fascination and they seem to wink at her!

She lets her dark, flowing, tresses down and lies on the shore!

She feels the sand with her hands; she loves the smell of it!


Her eyes follow the stealthy, slithery movement of a snake as it finds its way

Its slimy body shines like velvet and its eyes sparkle like emeralds

She closes her eyes , and and she lets it all nourish her soul!

She muses for a while, on the wonder of this Creation!


She thinks about the sound of silence and the silence of sound!

How they are merged one into the other, just like her and her beloved ‘Day’

Sound and Silence are so merged into each other as ne’er to be separated!

One can’t exist without the other, and, vice versa!


When silence becomes your nature and not an action done

It is latent expression, subtle expression; sublime expression!

Hence, more effective, and, a more powerful way to communicate!

Devoid of words, devoid of superficial thoughts and language!


Silence can speak volumes, silence can move mountains!

Silence can subdue psunamis , silence can subdue the mind!

Silence can bring joy, peace and insight into the fathomless depths of the ‘Self’!

Silence can give power; it can reveal the Ultimate Truth!


The silence of the placid river

The silence of the cemetery where the dead stay buried

The silence of the night cloaked in the sounds of creatures that live and die in her realm

All these lead to joy, peace, and profundity!


Silence is golden when the other is not a good listener!

Silence is golden if it can prevent a negative outcome!

Silence many a time can have a greater effect than words!

Sllence can be a weapon used to create joy, peace and love!


But , it’s the wise who say

Silence can sometimes be golden, sometimes deadly!

Talking of silence that can harm

Is the silence of the Cold War as happened between two Superpowers


Harmful silence is that kept in harmful anger

Against a word or action of another to which you react!

It is the silence of cowardice

That keeps the oppressed so; for they lack courage!


The silence of the panther as it creeps up to the tiger to catch his prey

The silence of the snake as it comes out of its hole to hunt for food

The silence-in-sounds and vice versa of the wilderness

The silence and roar of the fathomless Ocean!


All the above keep the balance of Nature

Creation, Preservation and Destruction, every moment!

The contrary is the case

With the silence and sounds of mundane existence!


The din of the traffic, the roar of the psunami waves

The bomb-explosions and the mock-war practice

The street-brawls and the brick-batting due to riots

The loud-speakers and the fire-crackers!


These don’t bring peace, joy and camaraderie between man and man!

Instead, eardrums can be damaged!

Terror strikes and many die many times before their real death!

Someone loses his eyesight, someone ends up in a casualty ward – with burns, injury and what not,

and, fatal, it can be!


Sound, like silence, can also be for a positive result!

Just like Sounds-in-Silence and vice versa as seen in Nature

There are other instances of the two

Merging one into the other, to be symbiotic!


The Silence Profound of My Master’s Mind

Manifests itself in his Thoughts , in His Words

In His Actions, in His Teachings!

In other words, all these come forth from the Inner Silence!


The sound of His Feet as he approaches

The sound of His tinkling laughter

Like that of a child with an inner sense of music

Brings joy and celebration to his devotees!


The sounds-in-celebration in His Durbars

Where His devotees sing, dance and celebrate – music as a language of silence!

And, that too, from an inner silence that happens in His Proximity!

Are all sounds-in-silence and vice versa!

That all Creation celebrates and joins in, either silently, or, in expression!


So, what is apparent silence may not be so

What is apparent prolixity or wordiness may not be so!

Fasting and prayer, unless it is a flow of silence

Are only so in the literal sense!


Fasting is a happening in celebration!

Yes, in celebration of the Silence Within!

Where the body listens to the Mind

Mind is the parent, the body is the child!


So, there is no strife between Silence and Sound

There is no dichotomy between these!

The strife is in the mind, and hence the dichotomy, imagined

That silence can harm or heal; sounds are no different!


So, also night and day are two-in-one!

They are two sides of the same coin!

Days are dark and bleak; nights are starry and bright!

Nights can be noisy; days can be quiet!


Silence and Sound! Being and Expression!

Be it being and thought, being and words, being and action

If all are born from the womb of Silence

The Earth will become a Utopia; and; a real one, at that!





divine love

All the pleasures of this world
All that wealth, beauty, sex, name, fame, power
And success, can bring, is satisfaction – but only for a while!
To end in satiety – a feeling of boredom and tiredness of mind

When all that you want in this world is achieved
When there is nothing more to desire or wish for
When your life is perfect in worldly terms
You become satiated – you are just fed up!

It is then that you look for something beyond
It is then that you look for something to aspire for
You look for something to work towards
You start looking within!

And then you realize that all this panorama in life
Love, hate and relationships
Do not last for ever!
Love of man for man may brings expectation, disappointments and disillusionment!

Whereas, in Divine Love, the entire scenario is different!
There is no response or reaction from the Divine!
The Divine loves you just the way you are!
No expectations! No disappointments! No heartbreaks!

The Divine knows that if it’s a rose, it has to have thorns – Nature’s way!
He deftly and gently culls the thorns from the rose bush
Nature does service to the Divine
And the rose blooms again – but, without thorns!

We are all flowers; we blossom, each of us, in our own time
We are all part of Nature; part of the Divine
Part of all Creation; but with a difference
That we, in due time, realize this fact!

This realization sparks an inner fire
An inner fire to love and to be loved for e’er and e’er
Which, of course, a human tells another he does
But, though he means it at that time, it doesn’t remain so!

One wants to dream and live it, as well, in reality!
One wants someone who one can turn to
For unconditional love, support and understanding
One looks for someone who one can turn to, unconditionally!

Yes, the one who one can turn to, unconditionally!
Who one can surrender the good and the bad alike to
Who one can surrender the dreams and realities to
Who one can surrender the fulfilled and the unfulfilled desires to!

The inner fire is so pure that its glow reaches the heavens!
The Guru-God emerges on the scene!
The Shiksha follows; the Diksha is taken!
In due time, Divine Love dawns!

Yes, in due time, Divine love dawns!
Love for the Infinite in the finite!
Yes, Divine Love dawns!
You find what or who you have been looking for!

It’s Krishna! The Universal Spirit!
Till realization dawns, separate from Raadha ,the Individual Spirit!
But, It’s all One! One in many! Many in One!
Love, the Lover, the Loved One, or, the Beloved – all are One!

Truth is One! Its manifestations are many!
So, at last, you’re one with the Source! The Lord! The Self!
There is contentment! Satisfaction! Peace! Bliss!
There is celebration – moment-to-moment!

But all this, devoid of satiety, unlike earthly love
So, no boredom! No monotony! No blandness!
Love and longing go hand-in-hand, moment-to-moment!
Union happens moment-to-moment!

The love-story doesn’t end
The romance doesn’t end
It’s for e’er and e’er and e’er!
Divine Live has no end! No beginning!

Realization marks a goal, it’s always there!
Man’s journey towards God has no end
But there’s a goal in every step!
There is Love, Romance, Fulfillment, Celebration!

Yes! In every step, the Lover celebrates the Divine!
In pleasure, in pain, in successes, in failures
In doubt, in trust, in the evil, in the virtuous
In life, in death, in the grave, in matter, in Spirit!

Celebrations! Celebration! Celebration!
That is the life of a devotee blessed with Divine Love!
It’s the greatest gift of God to man!
The Gift of the Infinite! The true purpose of Life fulfilled!


7 states of consciousness 1

The journey of the Self from man to God
The journey that one undertakes in each and every lifetime
Is a journey back ‘home’!
When all duality ends – 1+1 becomes 1 !

It’s for this journey that man takes birth
Chooses his parents, his environments and the life he will lead
So, the ultimate purpose of his life
Is to find himself; as he has ‘lost’ himself ‘on the way’!

But, then, this is not remembered by him
As he takes form and grows up in his mothers’ womb
At the infant stage, there is innocence, divinity
But no reminiscences of his former state!

Later, little by little, as he grows up
He loses his innocence and divinity
And lives his life in illusion
Yes, in the illusion of a false purpose of life!

He is so much a victim of his environments
That he gets trapped in a vicious circle
The vicious circle of thought, word, action and karma
He lands up in a maze!

A maze of likes and dislikes, love and hatred
Pain and pleasure, good and bad
Greed and jealousy; anger and lust
Which are, of course, variables!

These are variables for the fact that
They are projected from the little mind
The little mind also is not a ‘constant’
It’s unpredictable; it’s also a variable!

So, the life-circus goes on and on
Devoid of the real purpose; devoid of meaning
And, in due time, as ordained,
An anti-climax brings a ‘twist’ to the ‘love-story’!

The anti-climax brings man to such a state
Where he feels all that he has lived for
All that have passed by in thought, word and action
Have been nugatory! His life is a ‘0’!

It’s at this point of time when he looks for a purpose
Wonders if there is a purpose in life
And, if so, what is the purpose?
He mentally invokes God, the Guru, The Self, the Consciousness!

The ‘Deeparaadhana’ has been done!
The deity within has been recognized and worshipped
The ‘Nada’ opens; and life changes!
The journey starts; it’s just a question of time, now,may be, one lifetime, may be two, may be

The Guru (the Poojari) approaches the Seeker
He gives Theertha and Prasaad
This Theertha ennobles man
And he becomes introspective!

He uses his external eyes, ears and other senses only for their essential functions
And sees, hears, touches, smells, tastes
More and more with his inner senses
Which are a gift given to him by the Big Mind!

When the Big Mind starts manifesting in thought, word and action
The little mind is there – but just for name’s sake!
It is the little mind which sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches
It’s the little mind which translates the above!

Yes, it’s the little mind which translates the above
Into the vicious cycle of thought, word, action and karma
But, the Self or the Big Mind is not trapped anymore!
The Big Mind is the Master, not a slave anymore!

The ‘Big Mind ‘ is the mother; the ‘little mind’ is the child!
The Big Mind is the Observer, the little mind is the ego
The Big Mind lets the little mind play its tricks
But of no avail; it’s like ‘child’s play’!

Yes, it’s like child’s play to the Big Mind
All that the little mind thinks, acts, does, judges
Don’t get decoded into karma as they used to
Moment-to-moment it all disappears!

Like ripples in water
One moment it’s there – the next moment it’s not!
So, the seeker is not stuck!
The journey continues!

Any long journey undertaken is tedious
And the traveller is tired
But this journey is unique in that
It rejuvenates the traveller!

This feeling of new life is due to the fact that
The energy-giving chakras in the human system
Have been tapped; they start working!
This becomes possible by guided yoga and meditation under the canopy of the Master’s Grace!

The first step in the journey is made
When the energy point at the lower part of the spine is tapped
Courage to start for the unknown destination
Courage to look within and to look ‘beyond’ dawns!

Next follows the cleansing and energizing of the Sex chakra
The chakra which is the root of all creation
That which procreates kaama or lust
Sex and satiety give way to devotion, “ Meera Bhav’ and purity!

This purity leads to the inflorescence of the Lotus-the Solar Plexus!
The first petals open up – miracles happen!
That which gave jealousy and greed
Starts invoking Love for the Divine, spurts creativity, exuberance and wonder!

Alongside, the longing to know the Truth dawns!
Man wants , and is driven by an inexpressible force
To find out more about religions, the scriptures
The customs, the superstitions, what really is, and, what is not!

All the way on the journey from the Solar Plexus to the heart
The emotions get cleansed; the imbalances are set right
And, when it comes to the centre of the chest, ‘the vakshasthalaa’
Only pure emotions flows – the Ganges – moment-to-moment!

At the centre of the chest, when the Consciousness wakes up
The heart responds; the ‘raadhe-krishna’ bhav dawns!
Love is raised; Love is purified; Love is platonic; Love is Love!
Love and longing creates, preserves , destroys, and, repeats itself!

These pave the way to the realization that
All these would not be possible without His Grace
This gives man the knowledge that he is the chosen one
For, every man, when he comes to that stage, is the chosen on – many Raadhaas – only one

So the next Chakra is activated at the throat
Gratitude for the gratuitous gifts showered by the Lord
Moves one from prolixity to silence – silence to prolixity!
Words become too less to describe Him; too many words are still far short of what He is!

After one feels grateful, further longing, excruciating but sweet pain
Helplessness and complaints in love and longing follow
The experience and irrepressible wish to be always with the Lord
The Gopi-bhav dawns; Love reaches its sublimity!

By the fifth Chakra, the Panchaamrita is fully consumed!
And it has an effect in the Gopi-Bhav chakra – the third-eye chakra
Following which, power and energy flow ceaselessly
The seventh and the last Chakra is open and vibrant! Maata, Shakti wakes up!

The body, the senses, the little mind
Man’s life, his situations, his karma
His successes, his failures, his tears, his joy
All these just go on as before!

And, along with the karmic oscillations in his life
The Consciousness also unseats Himself from one Chakra
And enters the other; can be from a lower to a higher chakra
Can be the other way around; but always in the highest three or four levels!

And all these happen not by frantic, feverish pursuit
Not by running from pillar to post; from one Guru to another
Not by scepticism and experimentation
But by the light of love and sweet surrender, as gifted by the Lord Himself!

So, this journey can’t be planned, undertaken or cancelled as per man’s will!
It’s the Divine Will which plans this journey for man!
It’s the Divine who creates His own image in man
Plants the individual soul in ‘matter’ of the five elements!

It’s the Divine who adds mind to matter
To reminisce, to recollect, to relive past karmas, yet to be burnt out
So that ‘the mind-in-matter- chooses its parents, next life and situations
And the greatest love-story of all times, ages, yugas, starts
Of Meera and her Lord, of Raadhe and Krishna, of man and his Creator!




My cousin asked me the other day

“Why do you need a Guru?

Why do you need a ‘stepping-stone’?

Why do you need someone ‘to lean on’?


I kept quiet at that time, for, I knew

That she was not in a frame of mind to listen

And to understand what I would have to say about it!

That night, I pondered on her question, and hence, follow these ruminations!


A Guru is a friend, guide, and philosopher!

Someone who is there always, for you, to turn to!

For succour, for guidance, for advice, for peace!

He is someone who loves you unconditionally, the way you are!


The Guru is one in whose vicinity, and, under whose guidance

The ‘individual’ in you blossoms to its full extent

A Guru shows you in the ‘mirror’ of His Mind

What all you are not, and what you really are!


A Guru is not a ‘stepping-stone’, he is not a ‘need’!

He is not a convenience, he is not a commodity received in a barter with God!

He is not someone to ‘lean on’

For, he doesn’t make a ‘parasite’ of you; he makes you stand alone, mighty , powerful, hardy!


A Guru is not someone you turn to for selfish acquisition of worldly assets!

He is not someone you can use as a ‘scapegoat’!

To master the support of the gullible man!

The Guru is not one who provides a ‘magic robe’ to cover knavery and treachery with!


He is not one who holds your hand in politics and diplomacy

To come to the limelight, himself!

Or to ‘auction’ his mission, his message

For power and influence – the easy way out!


The Guru is one who is the form manifest of the stone idols or deities you worship!

The Guru is one who receives whoever comes to His Abode!

Be it a layman, be it a politician, be it a criminal in the eyes of the world!

He is the one who is like the well – the ‘thirsty’ go to the ‘well’ and quench their thirst!


The Guru is the ‘Sulphur Spring’ that you can take a bath in

And are absolved of all illnesses of body and mind!

He is the Ganges in which ‘ablutions’ are done!

And the one who does so, slowly, but surely will be relieved of the burden of carrying ‘corpses on his shoulders!

Yes, the corpses of past karmas, which bend him down

The karmas, which are synonymous to corpses, are washed away!

And those ‘that are to be burnt are burnt at the altar

A ‘burning for a cause – ‘burning’ to be cleansed’!


The Guru is the ferryman, who takes you across!

He is the ferryman, so also is he the ferry!

He is the river; he is the river-bank

He holds your hand while you are ferried across!


And gives you dauntless courage and faith in turbulent waters’

When you are terrified ,and , howl like an infant

He takes you in His Invisible Arms

He sings a lullaby and puts you to sleep!


He is always there, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind!

Sometimes as a friend, sometimes as an enemy!

For, enemies can make you improve yourself if you let them do so!

Friends will always see your strengths only; enemies will always see your weaknesses

So friend or enemy, see the Guru in Him!


The Guru is there as your successes, as your failures!

For, successes, if taken well, can help you to grow further ,and make others grow

Failures, if taken well, become stepping-stones to successes!

So, failure or success, see the Guru in them!


The Guru is there in your joys and sorrows!

Your joys, if you don’t react to them, can’t move you from your ‘Centre’

Sorrows, if you take them in your stride, will take you into yourself; back to the Source – where you’re Love and Peace!

So, joys or sorrows, even if you react – may it be for a while – see the Guru in them, and,you can take them with equanimity!

The Guru is there in the good and the bad, alike!

Good and bad are concepts, if not applied and lived, in the “Inner Light of Knowledge”!

Ravana was evil; Rama was Dharma Incarnate!

Both enabled man to discriminate between good and bad and their outcome!


Same was the story of Kamsa and Krishna’ The Pandavas and the Kauravas!

Good gets recognized only because of bad and vice versa!

This awareness, when it dawns, and when applied in life

Real-life situations, can help ‘the fortunate’!


To make a difference

To their thoughts, words and actions

And to their lives

And those of others, as well!


So, the Guru is the one who brings the devotee to such a state of realization!

And life becomes a sport, played with commitment!

One is not feverish about one’s success or failure!

Life for its own sake, as an expression of love and gratitude!


After the Guru comes in your life-scene

You are more secure – secure in His Infinite Love

You are ready to come to terms with the world more than you had ever been!

I mean, acceptance in the mind, and conscious action, to make it a better place to live in!


After the Guru emerges in your mind’s horizon

A change happens in the way you think!

In the words you speak! In the actions you do!

Awareness brings a ‘shift’ – in the very same things that you’d been doing!


Anger , when it wells up, is conscious anger most of the time

Anger that has a positive effect

On the one who gets angry ( His BP doesn’t shoot up!)

And on the one who one is angry with!


The results are miraculous!

Any time anger doesn’t work, it means your ego has intervened!

So you surrender your ego to your Guru and all is taken care of!

A few jolts, a few ‘Om Shakes’ and

You are back again on the ‘rail’ of awareness!


Your criticism, when you are aware

Is criticism from the throat, and not from the heart!

The heart does its job! Neither you nor the one criticized is affected adversely!

Whenever criticism brings negative results

Just be aware that it is your ego that has again ‘ put a spoke in the wheel’!


Observe your ego, you can’t surrender it, anyway, every time!

Just observe it, and the surrender will happen!

The Guru is the one who takes care of you!

He sees the pitfalls, warns you, or, when you ‘fall

He lets you be afraid and regret for a while, then saves you!


The Guru is one who will not judge you any time!

I mean, he won’t brand a criminal a criminal!

For, He knows that crimes are many!

Some by Law, some emotional crimes, that have not been recognized as such!

The Guru is the Ocean!

The Ocean is the source of sustenance for many!

For the fish, to live in; for the skin-diver, to experiment on its hidden treasures

The flora and fauna for existence as per Nature’s plan, and so on!


Whatever is asked for, at the Guru’s Durbar

Be it expressed, be it unexpressed

Is granted to the seeker; be he a politician, be he a businessman!

So, if you want to ask for something, why ask for wealth, power and success by wordly standards?


Why don’t you ask for the greatest of boons?

To grant you the gift of Divine Love for the Inner Blossoming!

So that you make this world, a paradise not only for yourself but for all around as well!

So that you become the chosen one to know, experience and live the purpose of this human birth!


Come one, come all, to the Durbar of my Guru!

Where joy, peace and celebration happen every moment!

Where multitudes of seekers find the purpose of life!

Where knowledge and wisdom are a means to an end – to give peace, joy; to find the true purpose of life!


My Master is such an Enlightened Soul!

Who heals through his spiritual techniques like ‘the Sudarshan Kriya’!

And enables you to see yourself, what or who you truly are!

A part of the ‘Whole’ – You’re Love; You’re Peace! You’re the Divine! You’re Nothing, yet, Everything!










She rules hearts, wherever she goes

Nay, not with the rod, but with a smile!

She wins you over, not in battle, but in Love!

Who else can she be but our Diksha Guru, Bhanu Didi?


No princess ever trod on Earth, be it Cleopatra, or be it Helen of Troy

Nay, no beauty had the power to heal and bring peace

The former became cause for battle and devastation

So also was the case with the beauties of Hindu myths like the Apsaras

Who were instruments of strife and confusion in the kingdom of Heaven!


Nay, beauty takes a new sense when one comes to know her

Her beauty is not solely of her form!

She mirrors the beauty within, the peace within, the goodwill within!

She has a soothing effect on whoever she turns eyes on!

An effect that lasts and heals!


She is the ‘Good Samaritan’, the Messenger of Love and Hope

Nay she cannot be anything but this

As she was born in the womb of Grace, nursed and brought up by Grace

Fathered and tutored by the Divine!


She shared her toys with the Divine

She had her sibling rivalry with the Divine

She grew up to adulthood under the fond care of the Divine

She became Love Incarnate! Peace Incarnate! Grace Incarnate!


She is an example to emulate; yeah, she is

Of the woman, who makes her family a heaven

She has well-irrigated the lawns

And the rich harvest is being reaped by her kith and kin!


Now she is irrigating the pastures, through her Sahaj Diksha & Gurupuja

Many a human life has found fulfilment through her initiation

The fortunate ones are running the Marathon of life

With the torch of Her Grace lit in their hearts!


She is a happy blend of maturity and innocence!

In calendar years she is neither too young nor old

But she looks, and is, as innocent as a child

Gifted with the wisdom of centuries!


She gives me a gut feeling that she is Gayatri Maata

The one holds the promise of peace and prosperity

If one really looks to see, one is struck with awe and wonder!

At her tell-tale eyes ( of love and compassion) and doe-eyed glance!


She is vibrant with love for the Divine, her parents, her kith and kin and the world at large

She is vibrant with zeal and zest to serve one and all!

She is another name for versatility!

She is a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother, a good Shishyaa and a model Guru, all rolled

into one!


She is the blessed one, she is the fortunate one

All those who come into contact with her are blessed and fortunate!

Thank you, Bhanu Ji, for your service to humanity

For being what you are; we love you; we adore you!


May the fortune which knocks at your door multiply

May you be armed with Infinite Power to give Love, Peace and to Heal!

May you be crowned with success and fulfilment in your mission of Peace!

May the Divine Light light your path every moment!