When my Lord comes calling
And says, ” My Beloved! Your penance is over!
It’s time to come home, now to my Abode! To my Heart!
To beat as One! To shine as One Light! To be never two again!

Then will my life attain fulfillment!
AThe birds of my heartstring will sing in unison!
The fresh blossoms of my newly-wed Self
Will dance in his Etheral Rhythm of Joy and Bliss; in His Love and Glory!

What you Mortals call Death is the golden gate for me!
Yes! It’s the golden gate to the Abode of the Highest!
A brief sojourn in the Spirit, after which I’ll merge into Him, for once and for ever!
The Creative Spirit resting on its Non-Dual, Non-Creative, Sachidananda State!

So, pray you, my dear kith and kin in this world of mortals
Pray check your tears of farewell, genuine or crocodile tears, as may be
Pray be blessed with the awareness that this mortal body is nothing and everything to me!
In the sense that, till my Lord comes calling, it’s everything; after which, it’s nothing!

Till the time comes for the Spirit to leave this mortal body
It’s guided by the Spirit to live its karma and burn out reserves of lifetimes!
The Spirit knows when to drop this body, hence is expectant and eager
To explore unknown lands, or rather, to return to its long-forgotten abode!

Pray don’t send me a tearful farewell!
Just understand that I am going to where I deserve to go
His Love has made me deserving to unite with Him!
Never to part again! Never to be in another life-cycle!

So just wish me a grand home-coming
Rejoice and celebrate when my mortal remains burn on the funeral pyre!
The Spirit is all-knowing, and knows, when the time comes, to drop pthis body!
Then a long sleep and I wake up again!

Not as a newborn in your world!
But as the Light in His Eyes!
As the Song in His Heart
As Praan in His Breath!

He is Chiranjeevi!
So, there is no death for me as well!
No pain! No pleasure! No more bubbles in His Consciousness!
To send me in another body to this mortal world!

Enough is enought! I can’t be away from Him!
He’s no choice! He’s already listening to me!
It won’t be long before He calls me by His chosen name ‘Gurpriya’
And I drop this body and merge into Him!
Light unto Light! Radha unto Krishna! Soul unto Soul!





A very common sight in the temples of South India
Is the invocation of the Lord Diety in the temples
With caparisoned elephants and the Panchavaadya
The musical sargam or symphony of five instruments played alternately, sometimes together!

This way of invoking the Lord’s Grace and celebrating Him is called “the Sheeveli”!
An analogous festival or celebration happens in the Inner Nada or Altar of the Self
Whenever the little mind dissolves into the Big Mind
The ‘Sakshi’, ‘the Darshak’ wakes up to see the diety within!

The caparisoned elephant is the new-born physical body purified in the process!
Its accompaniment is the ‘Panchavaadya’ of the five senses!
The senses which have gone through the fire of love and longing for the Lord!
Become purer than gold – a medium of ‘Self-Expression’!

The five senses, at this state, of course, continue to do all the normal functions of mundane living
But, with a difference – that they do so to survive in the physical body!
For, beyond the physical body i.e. after death, these don’t survive!

So the body becomes the temple; the heart is the chariot
The Self is the diety; the ‘Sheeveli’ or festival procession happens!
All Nature, all Creation, all the Gods celebrate this festival!
For, this inner sheeveli is not a festival that occurs as often as in the ordinary temples!

It occurs in many yugas, may be
The devotee gets liberated – liberated, once for all, from the little mind!
The little mind has dissolved into the five elements!
Never to entrap this body, these senses, the thoughts, words and actions, again!

The ‘sacrificial fire’ has swallowed it in its flames!
The ‘repeated psunamis’ have eroded it and caused it to dissove into the ocean!
The waft of the breeze from ‘Kailas’ has carried it away!
The vast expanse of the Infinite – the Sky of His Grace has sucked it into the void, for e’er and

Now, firmly seated on His Throne is the Lord, in the Inner nada or the Altar clearly visible to
his devotee!
The Nada closes and opens only for bathing, decorating the Lord!
The caparisoned elephant to the accompaniment of Panchavaadya invokes the Lord and clebrates
It’s a festival today; It’s a festival tomorrow; It’s a festival every day; It’s a festival
every lifetime!

Life or death; psunami or conflagraition, bomb blast or war-threats
The temple remains open; the worship goes on as usual!
Divinity in man is not seasonal; it doesn’t end with death!
It doesn’t end with cataclysms; it doesn’t end even in this kaliyuga, for it is exactly that
which sustains man!

Divinity is our very nature
And the realization of this is the festival!
Once realized, the ‘balance of nature’ within you is regained!
Paradise regained! Sheeveli! Panchavaadyam! Celebration!




S.O.S.!    S.O.S!    S.O.S.!

Buzzed the alarm deep inside!

Vaguely did I hear it in the beginning

Used to the din of the mind!


The mind often bathing in the shallow waters of the Sansara

Which is, but, just a bubble in the Ocean of Consciousness

Which is there, one moment, and disappears the next!

But it did ring a bell deep within the unfathomed depths of the Virgin Self!


Slowly, as if pulled by an unknown Source

But, surely, did I move out of the shallow watrers, into new unexplored depths

Wherein I experienced Warmth and Light and the Glory of the Sun’s rays

The Sun within! the Light within! The Glory within!


I’ve tried to define the Light many a time, but in vain

It can’t be explained in words through poems or lyrics

Yes! Of course, that Light! that Sun! that Glory

Has embodied itself in human form – as My Master, My Beloved Guru!


My Master is the Light within Me!

That reflects as a smile, a loving touch, a loving look

And a longing that burns to make me purer every moment

He is the Light, and I am the prism that reflects it in all directions

Sans creed, sans caste, sans race, sans religion!


With the Supreme Light clothing my Self as My Lord, My Master

There’s nothing more to desire in life!

Slowly, but surely, am I being used as an instrument of the Divine

To chisel out and shape with love and care!


Yes! To shape more and more human lives

To be able to receive and reflect the Supreme Light as a Prism

For, other than this, there’s no other vision, no mission, no purpose

As life’s a void without a vision of the Supreme Light!


And so has my life been blessed by the Divine!

To be an Akshayapaatra of His Love and Grace

For, here’s abundant resource in me to give

And, when I give, it generates more! And more! And more!


And there comes a time when the giver and the receiver are one

Each one is an Akshayapaatra in himself or hereself!

Who’s the giver? Who’s the receiver?

All is but just One Supreme Power!






The Bhagavad Gita – second-to-none among  the scriptures

Has been ‘the leading light’ to many a seeker!

To many a seeker of Truth; of the purpose of life!

It has not nly been a subject of religious discourse, but also that of scientific research!


I am not a fellow of any prestigious university

That has the Bhagavad Gita as an optional subject of study!

Nor am I a religious teacher or an enlightened soul!

But, still,  the Bhagavad Gita has kindled a few questions in me!


Yes! It’s kindled some questions in me

Of the purpose of life and how to live this life!

Some of the interpretations that have most attracted me

Are those about the Gitopadesa!


I vaguely remember some, I can’t vouch for any!

It’s the inner experience of the above

That’s brought the equation

Of all that the title of this poem conveys!


The Gita is the scripture of this human life I’ve been gifted with!

The ‘chariot’ is the body of the five elements!

The ‘charioteer’ is the Guru – the Self – the Consciousness – always a friend, guide, and philospher!

The ‘horses’ are the five senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste!


The ‘reins’ are love, faith, and sweet surrender

The above help in keeping the ‘horses’ under control!

The ‘saddle’ is the Grace of the Master, or Divine Love, on which, one sits securely!

To be able to remain sturdy, and, in full control!


The ‘bridle’ is the awareness gifted to one, to be focused!

To be focused on a single path!

And not to look this way and that, to compare and be more confused!

Yes! Not to be doubtful of one’s choice of the saddle!






Thank you! Guruji!

Thank you for this life!!

The lifetime which has come to me , I don’t know, may be

After thousands and thousands of such

One lifetime after another in Search of the Source

And the Search ends here and Service in Gratitude begins

Yes! Service in gratitude begins

For having attained my Guru in physical form in this lifetime

Nothing more to gain! All Paradise is witness to this

And will surely receive my message

That this is my lifetime in a million or so

And , hence is priceless,

Day-to-day, moment-to-moment

May I live in Bliss, Joy and Gratitude

Gratitude to my parents, the ones who were the reason for this lifetime

Gratitude to all my siblings and kith and kin

Gratitude to all those happy and unhappy events and their memories

Gratitude to all those positive and apparently negative situations

Situations and circumstances that have led me to this moment!

May this moment lead me to the next, then to the next The clouds have disappeared The Sun has risen!

I can feel the flow of love for all moment-to-moment

All emotional hurts…all the roller-coaster rides . Were never our doing… Nor were all the very fortunate and miraculous events That each of us may have gone through

It’s all Maya and the play of Mahaa Kaal
Grace has descended on us from the Heavens
Let us kneel humbly in gratitude, surrender, humility, joy and peace
To be able to receive the bounty that is pouring down from the Heavens!
Let us stand together in unison, in harmony, in Love
And May the Paradise Lost be Regained!