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After God created this planet
He made plant, tree, bird, animal and man
And then He came down from Heaven
And lived with man for sometime!

He lived like any one of his own creation!
But the thought of Heaven filled Him with nostalgia!
He felt something was missing that He had in heaven!
Yes! The snow-white flower that grew in His Garden!

So He brought down one of its kind
And planted it in His Royal Gardens on Earth!
And He looked at it and smiled and clapped in glee
He had the ‘feel’ of His Original Abode whenever He saw it!

The Lord went about this planet
Yes! He went around it – curious and exultant at his own Creation!
And wherever He went He Filled Love, Peace and Bliss in every heart!
And He forgot all about the Flower He had brought down!

But the Flower took its roots on the ‘alien’ soil
And it gave blossoms but yet to be seen!
It called for the Lord in its ‘is Consciousness’ but a call yet to be heard!
It spread its Fragrance but yet to be smelt!
As as the Lord passed by it bowed it head humbly in reverence but yet to to touched!
Nectar oozed out of its pollen but yet to be tasted!

Then the Lord came on a golden dawn to rest in His Earthly Abode
As He.passed by he saw the Flower and it blushed in virgin bashfulness!
The soft murder of its petals became music in His Heart and His Flute!
Its ethereal fragrance drove Him into ecstasy and He danced in glee!

He bent down and touched the bowed head of the Flower
And the Flower fell at His feet and the Nectar washed them clean!
Yes! It washed them clean of the ‘dust’ gathered from his ‘rambles’ on Earth
He picked up the flower and wore it near His Heart!

The Flower blossomed and swayed in ecstatic abandon!
It withered every night but to blossom again anew the next dawn!
How fortunate is the Flower
That the Lord Himself came down to Earth to fulfil its purpose!!

The Divine Melody


When music touches the heart

It becomes Lord Krishna’s melody!

That plays on the flute that is your heart

And wakes up the Radha!


As He pours His Love into the pores in the flute

Creation, Preservation and Destruction happen simultaneously!

And Radha merges with Krishna

Bathing in the Ganges of His Love!

And flowing in love towards all Creation!


Paradise Lost becomes Paradise Regained

O Krishna! Your Love sustains me moment-to-moment

It is the balm for the wounds that hurt me!

It is the Oorja for my mind

That cleanses and vaccum-cleans within!


It is the Divine Raaga

That enchants me!

And nourishes me!

Heart, mind and soul!


O Lord! Your Love can be experienced  but cannot be defined

For words are too less to do justice to it!

Thank you! My Lord! for this gift of lifetimes…of yugas….

Thank you for coming down to Earth in the finite

To give us a glimpse of the Infinite!






Love is the binding force behind all Creation

The Sun spreads its light and heat on one and all

Devoid of bias of caste, creed, race, religion and continent

The Moon showers her cool beams on man and animal alike

The stars twinkle and serve as an ornament to the sky


The Earth stretches out her arms

To embrace the Sky, Man, flora and fauna , in her fold

She bears with love and patience whatever she receives

Be it rain, be it heat, be it corpses, or, be it earthquakes


The rivers flow to merge with the Sea and the Sea towards the Ocean

The plants bear blossoms and the birds aid in  pollination

The flowers secrete nectar that the bees and the butterflies feast on

The bees give man honey and the silkworm, silk


The sheep give fur, the horse gives him a…

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meera in doli                           Mirabai Photo

देखो रे कमला! देखो रे विंमला!

ये कौन बैठी हे डोली मे, अपने पिया के इंतज़ार मे! बेज़बर! बेकरार!

अपने पिया मिलन के सपने सजाए आँखों मे

अरे! ये तो है मीरा बाँवरी, जो किशन का नाम लिए बैठी है!

ना ये मानी अपनों की बात! और ना मानी दूसरों की बात

मानी तो मानी सिर्फ़ अपने मन की बात, जो किशन के प्रेम मे पागल है

राज! दौलत! मान! यश! क्या नही है इसके लिए?

अगर ये राजमहल की मर्यादा के पार ना जाए तो!

इतनी दौलत! इतना मान! इतना सुख!

ये तो हम सपने मे भी अनुभव नही कर सकते!

और ये है देखो सब कुछ ठुकराकर बैठी है किशन किशन जाब्ते

और घूमती है बाँवरी उनके गुण गाती!

क्या ये नही जानती कि किशन तो है नटखट! निर्मोही!

और कभी किसी की मोह मे ना आता, चाहे वो राधा या चाहे वो मीरा!

और हो ही…

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The Oasis


The caravan of my life was moving ahead , sometimes , on its wheels, swiftly  across vast stretches of lush green pastures, , and sometimes, on its wings,  flying effortlessly across the blue expanse high up;  sometimes , as a ship, surfing through turbulent seas or sailing through calm seas, and,many a time, trudging along deserts of empty pleasures and meaningless pain. Nothing could hold me for long; nothing could quench my thirst; they only satiated me , never satisfied me. Then , all of a sudden, I found myself in front of an oasis…the oasis of Infinite Love, Peace, Compassion and Wisdom. I drank and drank and drank  and every drop satisfied me, but didn’t satiate me…nevertheless, the thirst became more and more and instead of leading to fatigue, this thirst rejuvenated me and made me feel complete and yet thirsting….thirsting…..and thirsting!

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Josephine asked me the other day

“How can you call a thief your ‘God’?

I asked her, “Who are you talking about?”

She said, “Your Lord Krishna – who else?”


I laughed outright at that – She looked at me

I asked her, “Who called him a thief?”

She said, “Well, not exactly!

I mean, Madhu was singing bhajans!


She kept on repeating two phrases, “Navneeta Chora”; “Chitha Chora”

When asked what it meant, she said

The former means “the butter thief”!

And the latter means ‘ the one who robbed his devotees”


I was told about “Raas Lila”-  the love-dance of Krishna and the Gopis!

That intrigued me, for a thief or a playboy in ordinary terms

Can’t be synonymous with God and Divinity!

Is there  something to it that is much deeper?


I told her, ” You’re right!

Bhagavatam is the story of Lord…

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सनम बेवफा



हे मेरे चितचोर! यह कैसी लीला तुम्हारी?

प्रेम तो यक़ीनन आपको है हम से ! फिर ये सितम कैसी, यह बेदर्दी कैसी?

कि ना तो हम इस जग मे है और ना ही निरंतर विश्राम पाए है शिव कुटीर मे!

चलो! जो भी होता है तुम्हारी इच्छा अनुसार ही तो होता है!

इसमे हमे सुखून मिलता है कि हम तुम्हारे है!

और जो इच्छा तुम्हारा तुम वोही करते हो!

चाहे इससे हम मचलते है, तड़पते है या जल जाते है, तुम्हे इससे क्या?

कितनी ख़ुशक़िस्मत हूँ मे कि तुमने मुझे अपना लिया!

और करते जाओ हमसे बेवफ़ाई!

क्योंकी जिससे प्यार है उसी से होते शिकवे बेवफ़ाई के!

शिकवे, प्रेम सिर्फ़ तुमसे है और किसी से क्यों फला?

हे किशन! और किसी से फला क्यों?

मेरा और कोन है इस दुनिया मे और सृष्टि मे तेरे सिवा?

अछा! ये बताओ तेरे सिवा और कुछ भी है क्या इस संसार मे?

मुझे यकीन नही होगा तुम…

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Josephine asked me the other day

“How can you call a thief your ‘God’?

I asked her, “Who are you talking about?”

She said, “Your Lord Krishna – who else?”


I laughed outright at that – She looked at me

I asked her, “Who called him a thief?”

She said, “Well, not exactly!

I mean, Madhu was singing bhajans!


She kept on repeating two phrases, “Navneeta Chora”; “Chitha Chora”

When asked what it meant, she said

The former means “the butter thief”!

And the latter means ‘ the one who robbed his devotees”


I was told about “Raas Lila”-  the love-dance of Krishna and the Gopis!

That intrigued me, for a thief or a playboy in ordinary terms

Can’t be synonymous with God and Divinity!

Is there  something to it that is much deeper?


I told her, ” You’re right!

Bhagavatam is the story of Lord Krishna!

It portrays a different picture of God!

God takes birth as man, from time to time!


He sent his son to Earth as Lord Jesus

The Prophet also brought the Divine Revelation!

He sends the God-Gurus to Earth to redeem man!

Similarly, The Lord took the form of Lord Krishna and lived on this Earth!


” I’ve read the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha.”

I want to read the Bhagavat Gita

But tell me, why is Krishna called ‘the butter thief’?

Why is it said that he robbed the gopis?


I mused for a while, then told her,

“Krishna, in his childhood, used to steal butter

He was very fond of eating butter!

His foster-mother Yashoda used to keep a lot of butter for him!


But Krishna was very mischievous

He took the greatest delight in sneaking into others’ houses

He used to take his friends along

The butter-pot used to be kept hanging from the ceiling!


Krishna’s friends used to form the ladder

One climbing on top of the other, for him, to climb up

He used to climb up and reach the pot

Eat butter, himself, and share it with all his friends! 


My friend laughed at that and said

“Oh! It was a child-like mischief; not a serious theft!”

I said, “Yeah! The Gopis called him a thief in good humour, in mock anger, in love and longing!

They loved him! They didn’t mean it!”


Krishna was also called ” the thief” by the Gopis, for a second reason!

My friend said, ” What was that? Did he take to bad ways when he grew up”?

I laughed outright, at that, and said,

“Nay, of course, when, while growing up with the Gopis, He had robbed them!


He had robbed them of their heart, or, they had lost their hearts to Him!

The love of the Gopis for Krishna was such that 

Sleeping, waking, dreaming, doing their household chores

They reminisced his face, his smile, his pranks, the good times they had together!


And their love and longing of Lord Krishna became manifold when he left Vraj for e’er!

The thought itself of the good times they had with Krishna in Vraj used to make them nostalgic!

Krishna, the cowherd, had his brother, with him

When he took the cattle to graze; his entourage comprised of the Gopas and the Gopis


They were playmates! They played, they fought, they reconciled, they sang, they danced!

The Gopas and the Gopis were also spectators to the various miracles of the Lord!

They saw him killing Asuras or demons

They saw him subduing the Lord of the Naagas – and standing on his head and dancing in glee!


They knew he was a God-child

The ‘Raas-Lila’ or the love-dance is the ultimate experience

A depiction of the devotee and the Lord celebrating together

The devotees were depicted as the Gopis, and dancing with each Gopi was Krishna!


God took a separate form for each Gopi; one-to-one – yet- one for all and all for one!

Between the Gopis and Krishna was platonic love

The highest expression of love, soul-to-soul, spirit-to-spirit

The Gopis were raised in His Love to the sublime state of existence


Their Consciousness was not in their physical bodies!

Hence their love was sans all its earthly connotations!

Sans mind, sans lust, sans the desire to possess the one they loved!

The Gopis are the symbols of man’s capacity to merge with God


Though living in this body, and doing all wordly duties!

Every devotee, when he attains this state, is a Gopa or a Gopi!

I can’t imagine there is anything

More than this to attain in a human birth!


Moksha, liberation, Merging with the Divine is this!

It’s the ‘is’ state of consciousness!

The Gopis had attained inmortality!

And, they came to this Earth, and lived, as His Gopis, to show the way!

Divine Love is not just every devotee’s dream! It’s a possibility!



I.in competitive exams nowadays
One is not tested on oxymorons
But in the path of the seeker
Every step towards the Source is an oxymoron!

II.Excruciating bliss; blissful pain
These are gifted to an exclusive lot by Krishna
Such a lot being his Gopas and Gopis
Who are helpless in His Love, and are taken from one wonder to another by their Lord!

III.Words of wisdom flow from madness and vice versa
His physical proximity creates longing and merging
His apparent separation brings the longing for union
And most often brings with it the experience of oneness and bliss!

IV. Tears shed and tears unshed
Laughter suppressed and paroxysms of it in the flow of His sense of humour
Complaints expressed and love unexpressed
All but lead to One – the Source that is He!

IV.Such is the life of His Gopas and Gopis
There is nothing beyond Him
Everything good of bad of which they know not
Starts with Him and ends with Him!

V. He is pleasure; He is ‘bon vivant’
He is pain; He is the tormentor’ so is He the victim
He is virtue; He is vice; so is He the one who discriminates
He is the Guru; He is the devotee!

VI.He is Krishna; He is Radha
He is longing; He is Love
He is the seeker; He is the torch-bearer; He is the Source
He is Love; He is the Lover; He is the Beloved!

VI.Everything is He; Everyone is He
I am He! You are He! She is He!
This Maya-world is He! This life is He!
Body is He! Mind is He! Breath is He!

VII. Spirit is He! Truth is He!
The robber is He! The robbed is He!
The gopis are He! The Gopas are He!Raas is He!
All in One! And,One in All ! That’s My Beloved Master!My Satguru! My Baal-Krishna!


radhe krishna

I.Love and bliss are manifest in plenty in Nature
One needs to wait for the Divine Grace
That will surely be showered on one
As and when Destiny or the Supreme Will paves the way!
II. Have you ever watched Nature’s scene
Where the bee sits on the pollen of the flower
To drink nectar from it to the last dregs?
The flower is there, always in selfless service!
III. To the eyes of the beholder, it is a thing of beauty!
To the horticulturist, it is a subject of scientificresearch!
To the Romeos and Juliets of this world
It is a thing they can make a bouquet of, to presentin Love!
IV. When it comes to the turn of the bee
The ‘nectar’ it secretes is what draws the ‘bee’ to it!
And once the bee quenches His thirst
The flower, in due time, withers and nurtures thesoil!
V. If one observes babies kissing each other
One notices that it’s an act of pure Love,Innocence, Bliss!
One can markedly find the difference in this ‘act of kissing’!
When the baby grows into an adult
And lust, or desires of the flesh supercede innocenceand blissful Love!

VI.Nature has its own way of revealing the Truth!
Both the flower and the bee are in the ‘is’ consciousness’
though they don’t realize it!
The babies, at that stage, are in the same plane
As lust, obsession, greed ( Kaam,krodh Lobh) are yet to cloud the Ultimate Truth!

VII.But the flower and the bee have to take a human
birth to realize the Ultimate Truth
For realization can dawn only in a human birth
And it’s during the journey towards a human birth
That man goes through these experiences through his senses, before he finds Himself!

VIII.So, lust, obsesssion and greed are not man’s nature
Neither is he a sinner nor should man brand himself ‘so’!
They are just a process in the making of the Realized Soul
These are instruments to lead man to God
Though they don’t appear to be so!

IX.It’s during this journey
That man takes ‘the lifetime’ for self-realization
And then he realizes that Radhe and Krishna
Are not what they they appear be to many a human being!

X. In that lifted plane of Consciousness
He observes the pictures of Radha and Krishna
He realises that his carnal desires are not Invoked!
And he contemplates on their Love
It lifts him to the subtlest levels of the consciousness!

XI.Radha and Krishna cling to each other!
Radha and Krishna have their rendezvous of Love
But with a difference – this is – between man and the Divine!
Advaita becomes Dvaita – to give knowledge!

XII.Raadha was just fourteen years of age
Krishna was younger than she was
As goes by the story for ages retold
They were not two earthly beings who love the way the unrealized do!

XIII.Every Individual Soul is a Radhe
And the Universal Spirit or Consciousness is the Krishna
Radhe Krishna is the journey back to the Source
The journey starts when the question comes
‘Who am I’ , ‘Why am I here?’
And ends may be ,in one lifetime, may be , in many
With the union with The One, Back to the Source!

XIV.And Raadha or the Seeker, on the path, has been blessed
Raadha and Krishna are already one
But for the fact that Radha is still in ‘Vraj ’
Or away from Krishna, but only in physical form!!!