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On Mothers’ Day




“Amma! Amma! Amma!”My little ones held their hands in their tiny ones and called me the first time they started speaking!That was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.I relived those moments when I saw my granddaughter speaking her first few words calling her mother!

What can be a more unconditional relationship of this world that that of the mother?If in any relationship of this world, unconditional love is possible, it can be only that of the mother for her child….not even the other way around (unless it is a story of Divine Love)

Generally speaking no one in this world can take the place of the mother….not even God himself.

But , it may happen in a seeker’s life that every relationship becomes a bondage . Then he or she looks for, thirsts for, yearns for, longs for, cries for, pines for such unconditional love as it is of the mother for the child, but with a difference … that…it will not become a bondage but be a bond of eternal Love, Peace, Bliss and Faith. And such seekers are very fortunate who are able to experience such a bond with the Divine…in the Formless and/or in the Form he or she believes in and may have experienced as Divinity Incarnate! And the seeker-infant experiences the unconditional love of the Divine Mother in every situation in his or her life…every day, every moment! The seeker feels that the Mother is with him or her unconditionally….when he or she falls, She picks her up and comforts her; when he or she errs, She chides and punishes , if required, but to reform and not to condemn! When he or she is joyful and wants to talk to Her and play with Her, She becomes his or her companion . When he or she is in sorrow, She comforts her at times, and lets her be… to come out of it stronger and wiser .
The ultimate relationship, though , it is generally said and experienced by the wise, is that of the Radhe-Krishna experience or the Beloved experience, I feel it is only the third last one! For, the second last experience is that of the seeker experiencing the mother in the Divine. And, the ultimate experience, according to me, is that of the seeker experiencing God as his or her Divine Child…whom he or she had conceived and borne in the womb of the consciousness for lifetimes and yugas, in the cycle or cycles of all the eighty lakh species that he or she may have embodied himself or herself in…. in the quest for this God-experience.Even in the experience of the Divine as the mother, there are expectations, disappointments, anger, doubt, rebellion and all that experience that the child must have gone through with his or her biological mother.

But, When the seeker feels like mothering the Divine, he or she becomes truly unconditional….no expectations, no disappointments, no disillusionment, no heartbreak, no loss of trust, no doubts, no anger, no retaliation…..even if all these crop up, they don’t stay for ever… just as they never do even in a biological mother’s heart! It is the WONDER OF WONDERS!

Prostrations to the Divine Mother,who took human form, as Maa Vishalakshi to give birth to my Guru. She is the Shakthi Incarnate, the Power Supreme, who mothers not only my Master, but all flora and fauna and all Creation. One can’t understand Her but One can experience or at least imagine what such Love must be that flows in the Mother’s Heart for All as Her children , being a witness to all that each of us think, speak and do, on our path of evolution ….to reach our known or unknown destination…to rest for Ever in Her All-Embracing Lap!She gives us her message to man to grow from one relationship to another ….to finally be a mother at heart, to one and all…just like Her!On Mothers’ Day, as a tribute to all mothers, biological and otherwise, I have this to say…that…God has created man in His Own Image, but in giving man the ultimate experience of His Infinite Love, He has assumed the mother’s image!

Hail to all Mothers! ( Note: This is not addressed exclusively to biological mothers, but to all human beings, man or woman, girl or boy, who have a mother’s heart! }

Quoting the ‘SELF’

MOTHER – the only bond of Earth that can never be a bondage; the most wonderful relationship,may be, next only to that with the Mother Divine!

CHILD- One of the greatest gifts of God, so also the greatest test on parents – the only possible relationship to make them unconditional in love!

GURU – The EFFULGENT SELF in name and form taken, to show the way – the ULTIMATE that a human being can reach in a human birth!

DEATH – A transit-camp where the soul-traveller halts and rests a while before proceeding again on the homeword journey…may be as another identity….in another name,  another body and another lifetime!

RELATIONSHIPS – God’s gifts…instruments of experiments for the evolution of man during each lifetime.

SELF-IMAGE – A tinsel garland that the ‘poor soull’ compromises with before finding the wealth within…the jewel of jewels , the Sun Within…the ever-shining, Self-Effulgent Self!

HAPPINESS OR UNHAPPINESS – An illusion wherein the mind perceives and experiences what it conceives!

FRIENDSHIP – A zero, the real value of which is not realized unless when added to the digits of needs and situations in life.