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When you read the title of this poem

You may start thinking about your profession!

But, then, that’s not my purport in penning down these verses!

It’s just to ‘get you ready’ to start ‘thinking’!

Thinking, of course, about alternate answers to this query

And, you will be surprised to find that

As soon as the question lodges itself firmly within

An answer comes up, an answer in one or many lifetimes!

And what comes up goes as follows

What are you? What are you?

“You are”, you’ll tell me what you think of yourself at that time!

And, to look more deeply into this

Let’s list down all that You are not!

You are not what others think of you!

You are not what you think of yourself!

You are not what you had been earlier!

You are not what you’ll be tomorrow!

You are what you think of…

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I watched in fascination

As the tortoise crawled slowly along

And, as I watched, it suddenly drew itself into its shell!

I stood rooted to the spot, wondering at its unprecedented action!

And, as I looked around for a reason

I found its predator slithering away into the bushes

The tortoise could have smelt danger

And withdrawn into its shell, in self-defence!

This spectacle struck a chord in my mind

And, I mused over an analogous situation in human life

When the seeker on the path senses the danger

Yes! the dangers that may thwart his progress!

Dangers of ego, doubt, desire,anger, lust  and greed  

Such negativity as paves the way for confusion and non-clarity of mind

Such dangers as will not only impede his progress

But also goad him to regress his steps !

But, the seeker, awakened in Spirit

Observes this phenomenon, and, withdraws into…

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What is it that makes me ask these questions again and again?
Why is it that every time, I come up with new answers to them?
And how is it that still these questions persist in me?
When is it that I will get the ultimate answer to these questions?
Where is it that these questions come from?
And who is it that is asking these questions , again, and again, and again?

In me are thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires
In me are likes and dislikes, expectations and disappointments
In me are ego , hatred, fear,jealousy, anger , lust and greed
In me are love, peace, bliss, contentment and wisdom

In me are Jesus,Krishna, Allah , and the Gurus
In me are Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Sky
In me are every man, animal, bird, fish and insect
In me are mountains, valleys, waterfalls and deserts

In me are…

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All of us must have experienced this at one time or other – what gave pain in the past gives pleasure now, and, what gave pleasure in the past gives pain now. So it is possible that what gives plea…





polytheism--1      monotheism

I remember an incident in my younger days when I used to be skeptic and question some beliefs and their practices done by the elders in the family.
One such was when we were moving to our newly-rented house and each had to give a hand in setting up the house. I was giving my mother a hand in doing up the prayer room. She gave me about twelve photographs of different Gods and told me to hang them on the wall. My immediate response to it was a question I put up to her. “ Mom, why do you have God in so many forms? Don’t you get confused?” She just looked at me, may be, a little perplexed at this reaction of mine, but, then, smiled at me and told me that she would tell me about it before retiring to bed. She kept her promise and…

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O Lord ! What a masterpiece you have made of this image of yours!
An original cartoon made by the greatest of cartoonists ever heard of!
If I had the eyes of a cartoonist and the talent to sketch it out
I would make a caricature of myself as would do justice to Your Masterpiece that I am!

I would draw a face as round as the Full Moon, no doubt
But with greater width of the forehead
One and a half times as wide as a person’s palm
Wide enough for a small tea cup and a saucer to rest on it!

My ears are neither pulled backwards
As if inert and disinterested to hear anything
Nor are they drawn out like those of an elephant
And looking like a sieve used to clean paddy , in villages

But they are half-cocked up and look eager
Yes! They appear…

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I am not my name
I am not my body
I am not this little mind
I am not the Senses

I am not joy ; I am not sorrow
I am not pleasure ;I am not pain
I am not Faith ;I am not doubt
I am not love;  I am not hate

I am not beauty ;I am not ugliness
I am not courage ;I am not fear
I am not greed ;I am not jealousy
I am not desire ; I am not desirelessness

I am not wealth  ;I am not destitution
I am not arrogance  ; I am not humility
I am not the feelings ; I am not the emotions
I am not wisdom  ; I am not foolishness

I am not Light ;  I am not darkness
I am not creation ;I am not destruction
I am not strength  ;I am not weakness
I am not virtue ; I am not vice

I am not success ; I am not failure
I am not verbosity  ;I am not silence
I am not the thoughts ;I am not thoughtlessness
I am not hope ;  I am not despair

I am not the ego  ;I am not humility
I am not wisdom  ;I am not foolishness
I am not the lover ;I am not the Beloved
I am not kindness; I am not cruelty

I am not the beginning  ;I am not the end
I am not the forms ; I am not the Formless
I am not space I; am not time
I am not master I am not servant

spiritual enquiry

All these are in me but I am not these
They rise in me
And subside in me like waves in the ocean
They can’t exist without me

I  am THAT which has no beginning ; so also no end
So also am I THAT which  neither unites nor divides
For I am THAT which is beyond life and death
And  also THAT  which is beyond beginning and end; beyond Space and Time