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If God is ONE and is FORMLESS why has man created so many forms and names of God, in this world?

A child is borne by a woman in her womb for nine months. During this time, she is not aware of his or her form and gender. But she can come to know the gender by scan,as is done nowadays to check the baby’s progress. . Then she gives birth to it and sees her creation in form. She has mixed feelings of love and wonder. An instinctive love for it pulls her to him or her every moment , to talk to him or her, and, to utter meaningless expressions of love, which, neither mother or child understands, and, which is beyond what can be expressed in words . But, still, she calls the child by whatever name as comes from her heart, and, the name may change every time she picks up the child to love it. The name may have a meaning in one or more of the languages of the world that man communicates in, with others. Or, it may not. Or, she may give it a meaning as may dawn in her in the same consciousness in which a name dawned in her.

Did all the Gods and Goddesses get their name the same way ? An intense longing and love for the Supreme must have been experienced but without name and form – in the Formless and the Nameless, in the consciousness of an embodied soul. These may have been the Rishi or ancient sages of yore or devotees who experienced an ineffable Power Within . Then they must have created the form of Radha and Krishna or Shiv and Shakthi or any of the other gods and goddesses – each name and form dawning in them corresponding to a a different colour of quality that emerged from the whiteness . And, then it must have passed down from one generation to another, for centuries, yugas !

I think a human being can experience God and connect to Him i.e. to the SELF deep within him or her, only through Name and Form (given exceptions ).


“Look! How they blossom together COLLECTIVELY in The IS-CONSCIOUSNESS created by the the pure vibrations in the environment of the Five Elements as produced by the ‘Is-Consciousness’ in individual blossoms, and spreading far and wide to radiate beauty, bliss, peace and upliftment of the consciousness as an experience to the seeker of ‘The Truth’ – the experience he or she goes through when the ‘’external’ antennae of the Five senses turn inward to transmit the experience to the ‘unknown depths within’”.

I wonder and talk to myself as I look at these flowers, which have blossomed in my niece’s garden. The gardener has done wonderful work, no doubt.

But, looking at it from a macro-view, just look at them! Wherever they are, and whoever has planted them ,where and when they are to be planted, Nature’s Way, – be it in a private garden, be it in a public park, or be it as a potted plant in a veranda to beautify someone’s home, they blossom – of course – provided they get the right quantity of air, heat and light from the Sun .

But, Man?

What about Man? Have we, as human beings, a lesson to learn from these flowers?

Yes, or, so I believe. They don’t say to one another ‘ You are the rose, so you can’t be by my side.” Neither does one say “ You are a cactus. You have thorns. You are not one of us’, nor does the other say ‘so what, I am as useful to man and all Creation as you are, though I may not look as beautiful to many. So what if I am thorny and may not look as pretty or smell as fragrant as the t? In fact, don’t forget – the rose also grows with thorns in it’.

They don’t know ‘ I ‘ and ‘You’, and, ‘He’ and ‘She’. So they don’t know ‘dos and don’ts’ and ‘shoulds and should-nots’ and hence they don’t have an Identity-crisis like man – Man, woman, girl, boy; Hindu/Muslim/Christian .and so on,,there is no end to it.

So also, they have no identity crises of race, class, religion, caste and all man-created chaos which has made life hell for many.

An enlightened master, in fact, all the enlightened souls, must be those who are in the

‘is-consciousness’ every moment and hence they must be carrying their matter-body around till their purpose of life is fulfilled..but they must be wielding power over the matter-body with the senses, the mind , the emotions and feelings etc. of anger, fear, jealousy, guilt, pleasure and pain, etc. So they must be experiencing all these but just as ‘a witness’. The full blossoming of the Consciousness in human form…in that Infinite Space,but living in the finite matter-body with all its paraphernalia as just apparent to the world but is not actually there —-just like the storm visible in a painting…the storm is real, but only in the painting. The painter would have done full justice to the painting if he had experienced it himself, survived it and depicted it on canvas for us.

That is what the enlightened souls who lived and who are living on this Earth have been doing!!!

My Beloved Master His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is one of themor, rather, as I experience Him as.


What is it that bridges the gap between ego and love?

What is it that links ego to THE SELF?

A voice within me’ kindled my ‘spirit of enquiry’ as I sipped my morning cup of tea and reflected on the first thought which rushed to my mind – may be, it was my last thought before I slept. This may be because one of my closest of friends had come to me the previous night to ‘let go’ of what bothered him, day in and day out – a problem in one of his closest relationships. I recollected that he had mentioned about ‘Unconditional Love’ that he had for her , which she could not give back.

I asked him – if he had unconditional love as he claimed he had for her, how could he expect her to give it back? He started getting into polemics in self-defence. I ended the discussion then and there, and suggested to him to reflect on what transpired between us , later, in his moment of solitude and introspection.

Any relationship, which is conditional, cannot be love. It may be attachment to something or someone and may be one-sided or reciprocal. In case it is the latter, it can be mutual attachment of the matter-body level of the senses, the feelings and the emotions at the grossest level. I think we can even call it ‘ a projection of the ego-consciousness’ vis-a-vis the relationship, where, the two individuals may be in the same level of consciousness. This, I think, is the reason both have expectations and disappointments leading to misunderstandings, and, at its worst, can lead to real fights that may lead to a ‘disconnect’ – a total lack of communication between the two, in which case, both just ‘exist, but not ‘live’ together. This may last for a whole lifetime and the relationship may break for once and all. So unfortunate – but better than that of ‘mere existence’. And, in case of the former – I mean – one-sided attachment – I repeat attachment – one may be attached to the other person , but, the other may either be in a state of ‘slumber’ as far as the sensitivity to the relationship is concerned – in an artificial shell created in defence – of what – a false ego? Or, ego in the wrong place and in the wrong situation? I don’t know, but I wonder! Or, the other may have transcended the experience and expression of ego in the matter-body consciousness, and hence, in the relationships.

Ego, when it transcends the body-consciousness, merges with the SELF, to be self-effulgent, and, to be a blessing for the individual in his or her life and relationships. Life becomes a CELEBRATION in LOVE, Bliss and GRATITUDE , moment-to-moment, even given, clouds may appear in the horizon of the SELF, but only temporarily, to disappear with the rays of the ’ SUN of GRACE’ splitting out of the clouds to evaporate the clouds into thin air.




When you read the title of this poem

You may start thinking about your profession!

But, then, that’s not my purport in penning down these verses!

It’s just to ‘get you ready’ to start ‘thinking’!

Thinking, of course, about alternate answers to this query

And, you will be surprised to find that

As soon as the question lodges itself firmly within

An answer comes up, an answer in one or many lifetimes!

And what comes up goes as follows

What are you? What are you?

“You are”, you’ll tell me what you think of yourself at that time!

And, to look more deeply into this

Let’s list down all that You are not!

You are not what others think of you!

You are not what you think of yourself!

You are not what you had been earlier!

You are not what you’ll be tomorrow!

You are what you think of…

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I watched in fascination

As the tortoise crawled slowly along

And, as I watched, it suddenly drew itself into its shell!

I stood rooted to the spot, wondering at its unprecedented action!

And, as I looked around for a reason

I found its predator slithering away into the bushes

The tortoise could have smelt danger

And withdrawn into its shell, in self-defence!

This spectacle struck a chord in my mind

And, I mused over an analogous situation in human life

When the seeker on the path senses the danger

Yes! the dangers that may thwart his progress!

Dangers of ego, doubt, desire,anger, lust  and greed  

Such negativity as paves the way for confusion and non-clarity of mind

Such dangers as will not only impede his progress

But also goad him to regress his steps !

But, the seeker, awakened in Spirit

Observes this phenomenon, and, withdraws into…

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What is it that makes me ask these questions again and again?
Why is it that every time, I come up with new answers to them?
And how is it that still these questions persist in me?
When is it that I will get the ultimate answer to these questions?
Where is it that these questions come from?
And who is it that is asking these questions , again, and again, and again?

In me are thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires
In me are likes and dislikes, expectations and disappointments
In me are ego , hatred, fear,jealousy, anger , lust and greed
In me are love, peace, bliss, contentment and wisdom

In me are Jesus,Krishna, Allah , and the Gurus
In me are Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Sky
In me are every man, animal, bird, fish and insect
In me are mountains, valleys, waterfalls and deserts

In me are…

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polytheism--1      monotheism

I remember an incident in my younger days when I used to be skeptic and question some beliefs and their practices done by the elders in the family.
One such was when we were moving to our newly-rented house and each had to give a hand in setting up the house. I was giving my mother a hand in doing up the prayer room. She gave me about twelve photographs of different Gods and told me to hang them on the wall. My immediate response to it was a question I put up to her. “ Mom, why do you have God in so many forms? Don’t you get confused?” She just looked at me, may be, a little perplexed at this reaction of mine, but, then, smiled at me and told me that she would tell me about it before retiring to bed. She kept her promise and…

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