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As I sat by the riverside
I looked into the water
Throwing one pebble after another into it
Each pebble made a disturbance in the water

Each , as it touched the water
Brought a disturbance but only on the surface
And a bubble or two came up
But to disappear in no time!

So also as the little mind during its journey
Hits against imaginary walls it perceives, and hence experiences
Between it and the Big Mind
Walls on its way that thwart its progress towards its destination
It makes an effort to break each
It breaks one and another stands in its place

This happens during most of its journey
The river of the little mind experiences disturbances in its flow
The thought bubbles come up and disappear in it
But unlike the bubbles in the Big Mind
For they set forth the chain of thought , word…

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Hello! Circus in town! Circus in town! Do you want to come?
One of my friends said, “Wow! Get me also a ticket!”
But the other one said, “Nay! Nay! I don’t like to go to the Circus!
For, we’ve pleasure, ,of course, but at others’ expense!cud

I asked her, “ What do you mean?”
She said, “Those, who do dangerous acts, do it for a living, hence at own expense!
So all those who work in the Circus belong to this group!
But the spectators have their fun at others’ expense!

Yes! Animals performing in the Circus are beaten, starved , to be tamed and trained to do so!
For whose sake? For the pleasure of man?
Such gross injustice! I can’t bear it!
I would suggest to you to contemplate on this!”

We heard her; I felt a deep sense of guilt
But, only for a few seconds…

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I strolled across the counryside 

‘Inebriated’ by its ‘pulsating’ beauty

It all looked like an idyllic painting on a canvas!

I drank to the last ‘dregs’ the  ’scented breath’ of exotic flowers brought to me by a waft of the breeze!

The path lined up with flowering trees on both sides awed me with their presence

And  I was drawn by an unknown force to a river-bank

To squat on it and gaze on, mesmerized , at a lone white lotus

It was a moment of reveleation…a spark from the Souce, as I felt a silent communion with the lotus!

It stood tall, high, royal, and graceful!

The petals were half-open or half-closed

And its leaves floated above  in the water

Growing in it, and nurtured by it, yet, untouched by it!

The lotus grows, Nature’s way , to its full bloom

Be it a dirty pond, or be it…

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Those of you who live in glass-houses – beware!

Beware! For, perhaps, you deceive yourself by a false sense of security!

And, it’s all the more pitiable when you throw stones!

Yes, when you throw stones at others’ houses!

I feel great compassion for these kind of people

For, they appear to be  all the time green-eyed with jealousy!

Yes, green-eyed with jealousy for a petty reason!

Yes, for the petty reason that others may live in bigger and more beautiful ‘structures’!

And the mere thought of it makes them feel insecure!

They start throwing stones, hoping to break their houses

And they think , once broken, theirs would look more beautiful!

Of these, their targets, some break, being made of glass!

But some remain invincible, sturdy, towering above the rest!

For, these are not made of brittle stuff!

But, of stuff that can stand heat, rain and seasons

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It is as slippery as an eel… and can’t ever be caught!
It is as capricious as a monkey!
It is a contrast of darkness and light
For, it often coocons itself into its’ ‘dark’ world of finite dimesions
Then hibernates to break out into’Light’ and the ‘Infinite’ realms!
It travels faster than light, more silent than silence itself
And when it’s noisy, it reverberates louder than thunder itself!

It’s nothing but the human mind that man has no control over
But needs to be just a witness to
And be entertained by its ‘games’
In time it shifts from an ”entity to a non-entity’
As slowly but surely does it dissolve in the ‘Self’- like salt in water

No ‘eel’ to catch, no ‘monkey ‘ to predict
No cocoon or darkness one gets lost in!
But just a ‘hollow and empty’ state ‘ of Silence
In the womb of…

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I am nothing! I know nothing! I do nothing!

I am Nothing! I know Nothing! I do Nothing!
For I am a ‘puppet on a string’
Held in the tiny hands of My Maker
My Lord….My Little Krishna!

He pulls one string here and he pulls another string there
And sets me in motion on ‘ a roller-coaster ride’!
A ride of a lifetime
In this body, mind and matter!

Sometimes on bumpy and jerky roads
With blazing Sun and scorching heat or clouded skies
Of Insipid joys or dry-eyed sorrows
Of shrieking silence and silent voices
Of drr…..aa….gg…ing hours and craw…..ling minutes
Or of fleeting years
Of slee……ping Spirit and the Shrinking Self!

At other times.. on lush-green pastures and clear sky
With rising Sun and blessing warmth
With pouring rain and emerging rainbow
With shining Moon and shimmering stars

Of Blossoming Spring and celebrating Existence
Of chirping birds and chattering monkeys
Of dancing peacocks and crooning nightingales
Of playing children and bubbling life and awakening laughter!

So do seasons come and so do they go
But I was, I am and I will be …..for ever and ever
These are nothing but transient experiences
Of the Embodied Soul on its journey to its Eternal Abode!

These are not I…!
For I am Nothing! I know Nothing! I do Nothing!
He is Everything! He Knows Everything! He does Everything!
And I am just one of His Puppets on a string that he plays with!

So do seasons come and so do seasons go…..SO WHAT?
Be Still O Mind! Befriend Your Self!
Discard your old robes ..of desires, ego, shallow feelings and emotions
And dissolve Yourself in the unfathomed depths of His Supreme Self!

To emerge…..effulgent and resplendent in Your New Robes
Of ageless wisdom and life-fulfilling action
Of unflinching and expanding Self and dauntless Spirit
Of Eternal Peace and Unconditional Love
Of Unshakable Faith and Sweet Surrender to the Divine Will!
Peace ! Peace ! Peace O Little Mind! Dissolve and Disappear
For I am Nothing! I know Nothing! I do Nothing!




Josephine asked me the other day

“How can you call a thief your ‘God’?

I asked her, “Who are you talking about?”

She said, “Your Lord Krishna – who else?”


I laughed outright at that – She looked at me

I asked her, “Who called him a thief?”

She said, “Well, not exactly!

I mean, Madhu was singing bhajans!


She kept on repeating two phrases, “Navneeta Chora”; “Chitha Chora”

When asked what it meant, she said

The former means “the butter thief”!

And the latter means ‘ the one who robbed his devotees”


I was told about “Raas Lila”-  the love-dance of Krishna and the Gopis!

That intrigued me, for a thief or a playboy in ordinary terms

Can’t be synonymous with God and Divinity!

Is there  something to it that is much deeper?


I told her, ” You’re right!

Bhagavatam is the story of Lord…

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Oh ! Cobwebs!Cobwebs! Cobwebs everywhere!

As I went about cleaning the cobwebs

The Mighty Vac I used , sucked in the cobwebs mercilessly!

In went the cobwebs! In went the spiders!


I wondered what business the spider had

Yah! What business the spider had

In making cobwebs all about my house!

What right it had to invade my kingdom!


But then, the big Mind tutored me to realize

Yes, to realize that the spider lives as God has made it

And doesn’t go against Nature by building cobwebs

Be it my house, be it elsewhere!


The next drop from the Ocean of Knowledge

Was that this human body is like a house

This little mind is a spider

And it weaves cobwebs of thought, word, action, and reaction!


Cobwebs that can’t be cleaned by the Mighty Vac I own

But can only be cleaned…

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O Lord ! What a masterpiece you have made of this image of yours!
An original cartoon made by the greatest of cartoonists ever heard of!
If I had the eyes of a cartoonist and the talent to sketch it out
I would make a caricature of myself as would do justice to Your Masterpiece that I am!

I would draw a face as round as the Full Moon, no doubt
But with greater width of the forehead
One and a half times as wide as a person’s palm
Wide enough for a small tea cup and a saucer to rest on it!

My ears are neither pulled backwards
As if inert and disinterested to hear anything
Nor are they drawn out like those of an elephant
And looking like a sieve used to clean paddy , in villages

But they are half-cocked up and look eager
Yes! They appear…

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Demand not  ; Be prayerful

Complain not ;  Be grateful

Fear not ;  Be careful

Betray not;  Be faithful

Despair not ; Be hopeful

Cry not; Be joyful

Brood not ; Be mirthful

Flatter not ; Be truthful

Blurt not ; Be tactful

Punish not ; Be merciful

Gullible be not   – of being  exploited ; Be mindful!

Remember not all that gives you pain… of past hurts; Be forgetful!

Hold not any grudge or thoughts of revenge against any; Be Forgiving and Compassion-full!

Hate not for hate begets hate   and restlessness ;so Be loving and peaceful

Give up not your love for life ; ; Always be zestful

Doubt not ever of the Divine Justice,come what may in life ; Be FAITH-FULL

Think not to change for others; you deserve to change for yourself, for, YOU’RE UNIQUE & WONDERFUL!

Doubt not ; Be trust-full