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On Mothers’ Day




“Amma! Amma! Amma!”My little ones held their hands in their tiny ones and called me the first time they started speaking!That was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.I relived those moments when I saw my granddaughter speaking her first few words calling her mother!

What can be a more unconditional relationship of this world that that of the mother?If in any relationship of this world, unconditional love is possible, it can be only that of the mother for her child….not even the other way around (unless it is a story of Divine Love)

Generally speaking no one in this world can take the place of the mother….not even God himself.

But , it may happen in a seeker’s life that every relationship becomes a bondage . Then he or she looks for, thirsts for, yearns for, longs for, cries for, pines for such unconditional love as it is of the mother for the child, but with a difference … that…it will not become a bondage but be a bond of eternal Love, Peace, Bliss and Faith. And such seekers are very fortunate who are able to experience such a bond with the Divine…in the Formless and/or in the Form he or she believes in and may have experienced as Divinity Incarnate! And the seeker-infant experiences the unconditional love of the Divine Mother in every situation in his or her life…every day, every moment! The seeker feels that the Mother is with him or her unconditionally….when he or she falls, She picks her up and comforts her; when he or she errs, She chides and punishes , if required, but to reform and not to condemn! When he or she is joyful and wants to talk to Her and play with Her, She becomes his or her companion . When he or she is in sorrow, She comforts her at times, and lets her be… to come out of it stronger and wiser .
The ultimate relationship, though , it is generally said and experienced by the wise, is that of the Radhe-Krishna experience or the Beloved experience, I feel it is only the third last one! For, the second last experience is that of the seeker experiencing the mother in the Divine. And, the ultimate experience, according to me, is that of the seeker experiencing God as his or her Divine Child…whom he or she had conceived and borne in the womb of the consciousness for lifetimes and yugas, in the cycle or cycles of all the eighty lakh species that he or she may have embodied himself or herself in…. in the quest for this God-experience.Even in the experience of the Divine as the mother, there are expectations, disappointments, anger, doubt, rebellion and all that experience that the child must have gone through with his or her biological mother.

But, When the seeker feels like mothering the Divine, he or she becomes truly unconditional….no expectations, no disappointments, no disillusionment, no heartbreak, no loss of trust, no doubts, no anger, no retaliation…..even if all these crop up, they don’t stay for ever… just as they never do even in a biological mother’s heart! It is the WONDER OF WONDERS!

Prostrations to the Divine Mother,who took human form, as Maa Vishalakshi to give birth to my Guru. She is the Shakthi Incarnate, the Power Supreme, who mothers not only my Master, but all flora and fauna and all Creation. One can’t understand Her but One can experience or at least imagine what such Love must be that flows in the Mother’s Heart for All as Her children , being a witness to all that each of us think, speak and do, on our path of evolution ….to reach our known or unknown destination…to rest for Ever in Her All-Embracing Lap!She gives us her message to man to grow from one relationship to another ….to finally be a mother at heart, to one and all…just like Her!On Mothers’ Day, as a tribute to all mothers, biological and otherwise, I have this to say…that…God has created man in His Own Image, but in giving man the ultimate experience of His Infinite Love, He has assumed the mother’s image!

Hail to all Mothers! ( Note: This is not addressed exclusively to biological mothers, but to all human beings, man or woman, girl or boy, who have a mother’s heart! }

The Oasis


The caravan of my life was moving ahead , sometimes , on its wheels, swiftly  across vast stretches of lush green pastures, , and sometimes, on its wings,  flying effortlessly across the blue expanse high up;  sometimes , as a ship, surfing through turbulent seas or sailing through calm seas, and,many a time, trudging along deserts of empty pleasures and meaningless pain. Nothing could hold me for long; nothing could quench my thirst; they only satiated me , never satisfied me. Then , all of a sudden, I found myself in front of an oasis…the oasis of Infinite Love, Peace, Compassion and Wisdom. I drank and drank and drank  and every drop satisfied me, but didn’t satiate me…nevertheless, the thirst became more and more and instead of leading to fatigue, this thirst rejuvenated me and made me feel complete and yet thirsting….thirsting…..and thirsting!

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Many a time in life, we are trapped in our own little minds
But are not aware of our pathetic state
It’s unfortunate to know when you are trapped
But it’s even more unfortunate when you don’t know that you are!

So, in those times, all the thoughts, words and actions of people infiltrate into the ‘fortress of our Self’
And then the floodgates are opened and all hell is let loose!
When man’s reason is clouded by his ego
And all that is past and has become ‘history’ gets embedded in his memory

These get into auto-replay mode
And his mind plays it all again and again and again, at the slightest ‘trigger’
Slowly ,but surely ,his faith, his joy, his trust in himself and others
Metamorphose into doubt, anger, disgruntlement and depression

In that state, he can neither forgive others nor forget all those grudges he still holds…

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सनम बेवफा



हे मेरे चितचोर! यह कैसी लीला तुम्हारी?

प्रेम तो यक़ीनन आपको है हम से ! फिर ये सितम कैसी, यह बेदर्दी कैसी?

कि ना तो हम इस जग मे है और ना ही निरंतर विश्राम पाए है शिव कुटीर मे!

चलो! जो भी होता है तुम्हारी इच्छा अनुसार ही तो होता है!

इसमे हमे सुखून मिलता है कि हम तुम्हारे है!

और जो इच्छा तुम्हारा तुम वोही करते हो!

चाहे इससे हम मचलते है, तड़पते है या जल जाते है, तुम्हे इससे क्या?

कितनी ख़ुशक़िस्मत हूँ मे कि तुमने मुझे अपना लिया!

और करते जाओ हमसे बेवफ़ाई!

क्योंकी जिससे प्यार है उसी से होते शिकवे बेवफ़ाई के!

शिकवे, प्रेम सिर्फ़ तुमसे है और किसी से क्यों फला?

हे किशन! और किसी से फला क्यों?

मेरा और कोन है इस दुनिया मे और सृष्टि मे तेरे सिवा?

अछा! ये बताओ तेरे सिवा और कुछ भी है क्या इस संसार मे?

मुझे यकीन नही होगा तुम…

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Unconditional Love

As long as there are expectations in a relationship, unconditional love is not possible.

This realization strikes a chord in my mind . A voice inside me says that it’s impossible for man to have no expectations at all in a relationship, whichever it is..be it siblings, be it parent-child ,be it husband and wife, be it friends, or be it any other.

The degree of expectation may differ from more to less and least when it comes to such relationship as the parents’ is, with their children, the most unconditional of all earthly relationships,

Thus unconditional love remains impossible but only as long as one is in one of the lower states of consciousness.

When, by a touch of Grace,a human being experiences the bondage that makes relationships so conditional, a strong intention to be free of it rises in him.But he can’t break free from it by his efforts. He acknowledges the play of the Divine in binding him to worldly ties. The more he wants to break free, the more and more the bondage.

The journey of man from bondage in every relationship to a strong bond with one and all culminates in his being free from all bondage. Thereafter , he starts living  all relationships of this world in bliss, peace and a sense of fulfillment . Strong bonds of love gradually but surely take roots in relationships that had almost been dead or had been just a way of existing in life and not living it, actually.

Any human being in whose life such a transformation happens is one of those most fortunate ones , for, this miracle can happen only by His Grace.

Only when man starts to love all those around whom God has gifted him with, can he be said to have taken the first step towards God. For, it is easy to believe that one loves God or Guru or any form that one believes in, unconditionally ,for, it is not a human-to-human relationship albeit the form may be a living Guru or spiritual guide. It is the most difficult but not impossible to love unconditionally with those one lives with and moves with in life…one’s parents,children, siblings, kith and kin and friends. The man-god equation is the final step and the easiest…the steps leading to it are all these relationships which are tools given to man to evolve and go higher and beyond, to his Eternal Self.

To meet God, we need to be human first in every way. We need to go through the uneven terrain of relationships, love, expectations and desires, passion , bondage, dissatisfaction followed by the quest for the Ultimate Reality slowly paving the way for knowledge of the Self and the wisdom to understand and live life and relationships to the full…..enjoying it all but still untouched by it all….that is man’s path to unconditional love as paved by God!




Unconditional love is a term most read about nowadays, fo,r that is the guideline given by all spiritual guides.
But unconditional love…….how far is it possible in day-to-day life, with close kith and kin living under the same roof? It’s but human tendency to expect from those close to you and to get disappointed if the expectations are not met……that almost always happens and hence our love is so conditional!

Well! There’s an exception to it! The love of parents for their child is the closest to unconditional love. We may not realize it , for, we expect even our parents to behave and manifest their love for us in a certain way that is acceptable to us…and hence can’t see behind what is apparent, at the surface level of their words and actions! Only when we mature in our understanding of relationships do we understand that unconditional love is possible in earthly relationships, nay, it is needed , only here, on Earth, ….at home…with family, with friends, with relatives, with our brethren.

The beginning point is when we recognize the love of our parents, and, may be, our spouse, may be, our children, may be some of our close kith and kin, who love us so much that they they just love us the way we are…we realize then that they all love us unconditionally! It’s at that moment when we recognize and acknowledge the unconditional love of others that the same dawns in us and our relationships take a major shift…a change for the better. Each relationship becomes complete in itself, a blessing, a gift from the Divine. This first experience will lead us naturally to living the unconditional love for one and all as preached by our spiritual Masters or Guides or Messengers of Love and Truth as have come to Earth from time to time.Then life takes a new dimension….we are born again….with so much love blossoming every moment within us, so much respect and gratitude for all the gifts given to us in this lifetime….parents, relatives, life-transforming situations and the constant and consistent guidance and support of the Divine in making your life worth it!

To sum it up, I would say,it is when we stop seeing conditions, and hence, imperfection, behind others’ love for us that we start loving unconditionally!


O Lord! May we be blessed to love and be loved unconditionally
Just like the way You love each of us
For we were born and created in your image
May we learn to live together , flowing in unconditional love for one another
To make our homes, this society, this world, an abode of the Divine!
Amen! Amen! Amen!